Wrestleview readers,

We are pleased to present an all new website design for 2013. This is by far the most aggressive relaunch in the 15 year history of Wrestleview.com. The new layout now features functional upgrades to make the reader experience faster, user friendly and easier to navigate.


Expect frequent top story updates throughout the day to bring you the most important wrestling headlines at that moment. An additional two items will be featured next to the top story as well if readers were unable to view the website earlier in the day. Daily wrestling related videos are also located in this same area.

The front page newsboard will now only focus on WWE and TNA news, results and information. Specific categories for WWE and TNA have been created to better organize our daily content. These links can be accessed at WWE Wrestling News and TNA Wrestling News. Going forward, all Ring of Honor and independent wrestling news items will be featured exclusively in ROH and Indy Wrestling News area. A section has also been setup for independent wrestling news on the front page on the right side as well. News that doesn’t fall under a specific category will be located under Misc. Wrestling News.


A big task we took on in the last few months was to better organize our results for WWE RAW, WWE Smackdown and TNA Impact Wrestling. Result archives for RAW and Smackdown have been created going all the way back to 2002, while archives for Impact Wrestling have been created going back to 2004. In the coming weeks we will be building out similar sections for WWE and TNA PPV events going back to 2002 as well.


Column writers have been a big part of Wrestleview.com since the beginning in 1997. In keeping with that same idea, we have decided to move forward with a different style of opinion writing in the form of featured articles focusing on current events in pro wrestling. The only previous columns that will remain going forward will include Bob Magee’s “As I See It” and Josh Boutwell’s “Viva la Raza! Lucha Weekly.”

Our goal with these new featured articles is to promote more discussion and debate among our daily readers. We fully intend to put the “view” in Wrestleview to hard work in 2013 with our staff of feature writers.


Another task recently completed was updated and creating new sections for our Wrestling Information Archive and Title Histories. With help from David Stephens and Mike Tedesco, all currently active WWE title history sections are up to date along with additions to our information page highlighting wrestlers on social media, masked wrestlers and more.


We plan to focus on a variety of new upgrades in 2013.

* Discussion Forums – a new domain and board upgrades are scheduled.

* Ask Wrestleview – a feature where readers can ask questions they have always wanted answering returns in 2013.

* Wrestleview VIP – a new design and better organization for our weekly podcast schedules is scheduled in 2013. 


I’d like to thank JC for the great web design and SEO work. Tom Van Stone, without his database expertise we would have never finished this on time or anytime this year. Last but not least, Adam Martin who worked with me night and day to accomplish this.

We would like to thank the loyal readers of Wrestleview.com for the years and years of support.  2013 is going to be a big year for us!


All questions and comments are welcome.  I will try to answer each and every one of them.  If you notice an error or broken link, please report it to us.

Paul Nemer
Owner, Webmaster of Wrestleview.com