Wrestleview readers,

In the past few days we asked for your feedback on our new site design. After reviewing all of your feedback, here is a series of commonly asked questions that we would like to address going forward.

Changing for the sake of change

Many people thought we changed the site just because it had been a few years since our last layout change. This isn’t the case at all. We changed for a variety of important reasons including SEO and categorizing the news (fans of WWE had complained to us that our newsboard was mixed with too much independent wrestling coverage that they would never read). We made our new design SEO friendly and better categorized for all of our daily news content.

Mobile viewing

Effective immediately (January 18), the mobile version of Wrestleview.com is now active. By visiting Wrestleview on your smartphone or tablet, it will automatically adjust to your screen and news headlines will appear at the top right away. For those who have bookmarked mobile.wrestleview.com or m.wrestleview.com, those URLs are no longer active. Simply visit Wrestleview.com and it will automatically adjust to your screen resolution.


We received concerns about navigating the new site and reading old news archives. This is very simple and made much easier. If you want only WWE news related content, all you have to do is click WWE Wrestling News at the top under Wrestling News. We have over 50 pages of archives found in this section. The same applies for TNA news, ROH and Indy news and Misc wrestling news. The same thing applies to results. If you want only WWE results, simply click the WWE Wrestling Results link under the Wrestling Results section and you will find archives of RAW and Smackdown going back to 2002. Our old layout would force you to sift through results by one year instead of having the option to view resutls from any year of your choosing.


Wrestleview.com now has a grade speed of A. In comparison, our old layout was receiving a grade of C. We have worked very hard to increase the speed so you can navigate the website for news, results, information, etc much faster. Our new server now boasts 16 CPUs. Many had the impression that this was a slow design. This is not the case. On the first day we launched the new design, we noticed a bug in one of our scripts that caused a lag in the database queries. It was fixed that day and we are now operating at a very fast speed.

RSS Feed

We are working to make this option functional by next week.


We have made the link color on the newsboard slightly darker as some feedback said the new font combined with the white color was hard on the eyes. This is something we plan to apply to other areas of the website as well.

VIP area

Web Developer Tom Van Stone is still working through some of the issues with PayPal and has informed us that regular podcast updates will resume this weekend. We fully intend to reimburse all of our loyal VIP members with free days of service due to the downtime. Expect another statement when the VIP website is back online.

We encourage everyone to reply in the Facebook comment box below if we didn’t address any of your questions or concerns. Thank you for continuing to visit Wrestleview.com during our transition to this new design.

Paul Nemer
Owner, Webmaster of Wrestleview.com