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Update on Superstar Billy Graham’s Hospital Status

Hannibal Pro Wrestling has received word that Superstar Billy Graham is getting stronger, is no longer on continuous oxygen and will likely be taken off of is intravenous antibiotics and diuretics (to help remove the fluid from around his heart cavity) in the next 24-48 hours. If he is released from the hospital and sent home at that point he will remain on oral medications and ordered to rest.

HPW would like to remind the Superstar’s fans that although he appears to have fought through his latest health scare he is currently 69 years old with a weakened immune system due to Hepatitis C, blood sugar issues, an electrical problem with his heart and liver cirrhosis (the normal liver cells are irreversibly replaced by scar tissue). His remaining time on this earth will likely not be great and should be appreciated.

Graham had a liver transplant more than 10 years ago due to his first liver being in the cirrhosis stage. His second liver is now at that stage and he is not getting a second transplant. Hepatitis C can lead to cirrhosis of the liver. The loss of normal liver tissue increasingly slows the processing of nutrients, hormones, drugs, and toxins by the liver, as well as the production of proteins and other substances made by the liver. The scar tissue that forms in cirrhosis damages the structure of the liver, progressively making the flow of blood through the liver more difficult.

Devon Nicholson has 86% chance of being cured of Hepatitis C 6 months post treatment

Net News Ledger is reporting that Devon Nicholson received his second Hepatitis C negative virus test January 17th. Doctors have advised him that if he is able to fight through the next 9 weeks of side effects and complete the full 24 weeks of his treatment he will have an 86% chance of being declared permanently cured of the disease in September 2013.

The story is at this link: http://www.netnewsledger.com/2013/01/19/devon-nicholson-has-an-86-chance-of-beating-hepatitis-c/