Jeff Hardy is scheduled for a probable cause hearing this morning in Carthage, North Carolina. Following Hardy’s arrest in September on drug charges, the hearing will determine if a crime was committed and if Jeff committed it.

If it is ruled that Jeff did commit the crime, the case will then be passed on to a Grand Jury where they would review the evidence. Once reviewed, the Grand Jury would then make a decision on whether or not to criminally indict Hardy on the following charges.

-Felony possession of cocaine.
-Felony drug trafficking of upium.
-Felony possession with intent to redistribute a Schedule III drug(two counts).
-Maintaining a dwelling for drug use and/or distribution.
-Possession of drug paraphernalia.

If Hardy is indicted, he would then go to a Superior Court to be tried, unless he decides to make a plea bargain with the prosecution somewhere in the process.

Credit: Mike Johnson @ PWInsider

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