Bob Holly talks new book, comments by Heidenreich

Gary Cantrell passed along this recap.

“Hardcore” Bob Holly was a guest on The Shoot radio show on Sunday June 9th, 2013 to promote his new book “The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story”. The interview starts around the 30 min mark and can be streamed/downloaded here:

Here are some highlights:

Initial hesitation about writing a book:

“It’s funny because I really didn’t think about putting out a book until I started thinking about it and sharing road stories, and reflecting back. You know? I was just a midcard guy, who wants to read what Bob Holly’s got to say.” Bob went on to say, when he decided to do the book he knew that he should get in touch with ECW Press because they put out a lot of wrestling books.

On becoming famous and trying to find the balance of still being a regular guy:

“What a lot of people don’t know about me until they read my book is, I’m a welder by trade, I’ve worked regular jobs, I’ve worked hard. I did what I had to do and I’ve sacrificed to make ends meet. So I’ve been there where a lot of people are now. I appreciate those people because I know what they are going through, same thing I did. I didn’t give up, I worked my ass off on very little sleep, worked a regular job while trying to make it in wrestling, Traveling up and down the road. People can relate to that.”

Life on the road & not being home with your family:

“It’s hard no matter what. It’s nice to having Twitter, Cell Phones & Skype but it’s not the same as being home. Your family wants you home. When you’re gone it’s just not fun.” Bob was also asked about what it’s like to be away from his children specifically. “I was gone 30-40 days on one tour, I’d come home for 1-2 days and I’d be gone again. You miss all the good years, I missed all the years of her going to school and doing certain things in grade school and high school. When she graduated I was able to fly home just in time to get to the ceremony to see her graduate and then I was right back on a plane to go back to work”

Response to Heidenreich’s comments about him in 2007:

“The reason he lost his job was because of him, the biggest downfall was he was supposed to be at TV at 1pm and he shows up at 7pm. They had big plans for him and Animal. He shows up at 7pm and then threatens to beat up Johnny (Ace) then threatens to beat up Vince so they got rid of him.” Then Bob was asked about Heidenreich’s criticism of him working stiff with Rene Dupree and Heidenreich saying he was going to bash Bob’s head in. “He’s had the opportunity so many times to bash my head in. When that thing happened with me and Rene Dupree he was nowhere to be found, he had nothing to say about it. He was there at the time that stuff went down, he never said anything to me. He’s just talking tough from a million miles away.”

In this 30 minute interview he also covers whats missing in wrestling today, which guys from TNA he really enjoys & a whole lot more! For more details on The Shoot, please visit or follow Gary on twitter @GaryCantrell

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