Brian Logan sent this in:

Brian Logan has just finished his new autobiography, Worker: Last of A Dying Breed, that follows his life from growing up in a small West Virginia town to the ring at Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and the bright lights of WCW & WWF. Brian speaks candidly about Fayette county WV politics, Child hood issues, being shot by his father, and also winning major championships in pro wrestling. Follow his travels through all of the great remaining territories in the 90’s and he also covers the complete history of pro wrestling in the state of WV. Worker also compiles many dates and facts about Brian Logan’s legal trials. This book Worker is a must read for wrestling fans and West Virginian alike. Forward by Jim Cornette. Logan has also launched a new website . Logan’s World Online is the new home for everything about Brian Logan. Worker: Last of a Dying Breed can be purchased on , and available on in December.

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