Gabe Sapolsky has a new blog up on his official MySpace page talking about the debut of former ROH star Nigel McGuinness in TNA this past week as Desmond Wolfe.

“I have to say that I?m really looking forward to this Thursday’s editon of TNA’s Impact. You can attribute this excitement to one thing- the first match of Nigel McGuinness, errrr I mean Desmond Wolf. I have to admit that I?m a lot more excited about Nigel’s first match in TNA than I was for his first match while I was booking Ring Of Honor. Looking back, it’s kind of funny that Nigel’s TNA debut was much more memorable than his ROH one. In fact, Nigel’s immediate push in TNA is the opposite of his path in ROH.

I was really happy to read the spoilers and see that TNA has decided to let Nigel, um, Desmond Wof, explode on the national scene. I found myself switching channels away from The Office, 30 Rock and the playoffs last Thursday to make sure I caught his debut. I?ll be sure to set the DVR for Impact this week so I don?t miss Wolf vs. Angle (hey I have to DVR it, the Phillies vs. Yankees will be an epic World Series). TNA has done what the wrestling world desperately needs now.

They have created a buzz for a hot, new face. They have chosen a talent with charisma, promo ability and tremendous wrestling skill, who brings no ego and a great attitude to the locker room, and let him run with the ball. Most importantly, they have given this to a guy that has EARNED everything he has accomplished and has risen to every stage he has been put on. Knowing the quality person Nigel is, they have picked the right guy. This is very exciting and I?m looking forward to seeing what happens next.”

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