Road schedules for WWE, TNA and ROH from September 27 to October 3, 2013.

* House show in Denver, Colorado tonight, September 27.
* House show in Huntsville, Alabama on Saturday, September 28.
* House show in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, September 28.
* NXT event in Winter Haven, Florida on Saturday, September 28.
* Supershow in New Orleans, Louisiana on Sunday, September 29.
* RAW live in Biloxi, Mississippi on Monday, September 30.
* Smackdown/Main Event tapings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Tuesday, October 1.
* NXT event in Tampa, Florida on Thursday, October 3.

* TNA is off the road until 10/10.

* Event in Hopkins, Minnesota on Saturday, September 28.

Attending any of these events live?

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