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Former WWE, WCW & TNA writer Ed Ferrara on his pick for best & worst storyline of 2013: “I thought that the best thing of the past year was the ascention of Daniel Bryan into the main event scene. The build up to Summerslam to his eventual win over John Cena at Summerslam, I thought that for the first time in years it was exciting, it felt like the entire main event picture was being reinvigorated, there was purpose, there was hope, there was excitement about the whole thing… and conversely I felt that the worst thing about it was everything they did afterwards. The way that they handled it, the way that they clearly didn’t have faith in him as a main event player…”

Former WWE Superstar and Head Trainer Dr. Tom Prichard on who he felt was the best in-ring performer of 2013: “… I like thinking about the newcomers, I like thinking about the guys who come from developmental, so I really have to say that for me personally, I’m gonna go with a Dean Ambrose vote just for the fact that I’m partial and I’m prejudice and all those things combined, so as far as seeing what he can do as a team, yes, but standing out on his own and having him win the United States Championship out of that team, or out of that crew, The Shield first was a major accomplishment for him and I think there’s more to come, definitely from Dean Ambrose”

Dr Tom Prichard on who to watch out for in 2014: “I have my eye on Big E. Langston. Again, for personal and biased reasons. I had the advantage of seeing Big E. from the very beginning, his first tryout and watched him progress from there. I think we’ve only seen the tip of the ice burg. “

Former WWE Creative Team Member Chris DeJoseph (Big Dick Johnson) on his pick for best fued of the year: “For me, I would definitely say that the best of feud of the year is CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman. To me that is the top feud of the year for me. … I definitely think it was the most entertaining… it’s a story that had been building for a long time, and I’m always a fan of something like that… something that’s got some meat to it as opposed to something that was thrown together”

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