Ross on rumors of being linked to new wrestling promotion

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross wrote a lengthy blog on Monday addressing rumors about his name being linked to a new wrestling promotion with Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith. Ross admitted to meeting with Keith recently, but denies involvement with any new project.

“FYI…I have not had any conversations with anyone about starting a ‘new’ pro wrestling promotion. I have not spoken to Jeff Jarrett since he left WWE on a day that doesn’t rank too high on my list of fun days at work.

Some websites are irresponsibly running with the story that just because Toby Keith and I are friends and fellow Okies who both follow the Sooners that I’m about to do business with Toby and Jeff Jarrett which isn’t true. Toby and I had dinner at the Sugar Bowl, he’s a wrestling fan from the old days and, a helluva entrepreneur with deep pockets. Nonetheless the reason that we were there was to support our Sooners vs. Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and not talk about pro wrestling.

We did talk the wrestling biz some but that’s not unusual for me in any conversation after a 40 year career within the genre. We also talked country music, business investments, OU football and we spent the afternoon together with ESPN’s Brad Nessler who’s another wrestling fan. Yes, TNA came up a time or two but that was really a non issue in our conversations.

I am not motivated to re-engage in the wrestling business on a daily basis and it would take a mighty healthy offer to consider such. The politics and paranoia that go along with today’s rasslin business isn’t healthy for me to be around on a full time basis especially at this stage of my life.

Plus, I have a specific philosophy regarding how the business should be presented that doesn’t seem to be in fashion these days.

My name has been linked to doing some voice overs for a couple of international Wresting promotions who air their product, including PPV’s and DVD’s’ in North America, but that ‘s not something that we’ve pursued just yet. We’ll see what the future holds on that one. Sounds interesting though.”

The rumor about a new wrestling promotion being in the works involving Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith stems from a statement made by Konnan on a recent “MLW Podcast” podcast per a recent conversation that Konnan had with Jarrett. He did make it clear on the podcast that Jarrett wouldn’t discuss anything specific, but that it was under his belief that he plans to announce the start of a new wrestling promotion following his departure from TNA. As reported earlier, Keith was named as a potential buyer of TNA back in late 2013.

To check out the full blog by Ross, click here.