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Wake Up To A Diva Everyday!

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As Alexandra York in WCW, and Marlena in the WWF, former WWE Diva Terri Runnel’s brings to mind visions of beauty and unbridled spirit as grappler, and most notably, as a manager for the likes of the Hardy Boyz, Goldust, Brian Pillman, and many more. The former WWE Hardcore Champion has also graced the world beyond the squared circle with many philanthropic ventures. Courtesy of a donation given to Wrestlers Rescue from MGM Collectibles, you have a chance to follow in Terri’s footsteps as a pillar in assisting the wrestling community.

This very limited edition hand signed 16×12 print is only one of 30 made and is printed on Premium Quality Heavy Stock Paper. This beautiful collage displays Terri at various poses throughout her career. Bidding will start with a price of $ 24.95 (USD), on Friday September 16, 2009, at 5:00pm EST. The funds raised for this will be used to aid ?Dr. Death? Steve Williams in his health care costs as he fights cancer cells in his stoma.

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