IWA Mid-South Wrestling promoter Ian Rotten made headlines among the wrestling media on Monday over an alleged incident with Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett. Rotten stated that he shorted Jarrett half of his pay over an issue with PayPal that he described as embarrassing. Various versions of the story claim Jarrett got upset and “cursed” out Rotten in the back and that Karen took a microphone expressing her displeasure with Rotten in front of the live audience. Another version also claimed that Jarrett was drunk.

Rotten had stated he was going to file a complaint, but a new statement released on the official IWA Mid-South Facebook page would indicate that isn’t taking place.

“Sh*t happens and life goes on, and so does the business of IWA Mid South wrestling. Though some unfortunate events took place last night, they are in the past, done, and over with and I will not be commenting on them in a public forum anymore.”

Source: PWInsider.com, Facebook