Jesse Neal on comments about TNA/working at Walmart

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Jesse Neal did an interview with PWR Slam. Brief recap.

-Jesse says he’s not doing the interview for money or publicity or to further himself in wrestling. He just wants to see the record straight.

-Confirms he’s working at Walmart, mentioned being spotted by a fan when he was working there. A few hours later it hit the web.

-He’s not ashamed of working the nightshift at Wal Mart and confirms it pays better than TNA. He also does landscaping during the day. So he’s working two full-time jobs right now and barely has time to sleep. He wants to do whatever he can to provide for his wife and new daughter.

-Doesn’t get why people make fun of wrestlers for working real jobs.

-Says he barely made money in TNA and the idea they pay big bucks is ridiculous. Says he turned down going to OVW because it was for more work for far less money. Didn’t want to be stuck in Kentucky sleeping on someone’s couch with five or six other wrestlers when he supposedly had a TV deal for a big time promotion.

-Complains about Bruce Prichard and calls him a piece of “s***.” Says him and Shannon Moore were getting over big as a team (as Ink Inc), the office liked them, the fans liked them, but it was Prichard who had a hand in demanding they split and that Jesse go back to OVW for more training.

-Said he had good personal interactions with Dixie, but he did hear stories of her being two-faced and false with wrestlers. Says he doesn’t personally see her as a bad person, but thinks if she understood the business better she would treat wrestlers more compassionately.

-Says he would work for Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion in a heartbeat. Thinks anything Jarrett does will be money.

-Says WWE has a great medical team, pays for the best surgeons and takes care of wrestlers because they know the wrestlers are the show and value them. TNA doesn’t, and Jesse calls them the s***s when he had his medical issues.

-On a TNA pay-per-view he says he broke his neck badly with torn ligaments. He could barely move for days after and was in complete agony. The TNA doctor just told him to go home and rest and didn’t offer much help beyond that.

-Jesse doesn’t know if wrestlers need a union or not. Thinks they need some protection, but he also likes the “fight for your own” mentality than comes with not having one and thinks it encourages people to work harder.

-Says TNA should be like WWE and 100% take care of in-ring injuries. Says if he gets hurt working at Wal-Mart they would pay for it too. So he sees it as ridiculous that TNA refuses to.

-He didn’t have a second job in TNA, although he knew of people who did. He thinks if TNA wants its wrestlers to be stars it has to pay them decently and treat them like stars.

-Says he doesn’t think his history with concussions would be a problem getting into WWE. Said he went through their medical tests with flying colors.