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Recap of Sean Oliver on In Your Head Wrestling Radio, 04/30/2014
by Vic Schiavone

Hosts Jack E. Jones and One Inch Biceps welcomed Sean Oliver of Kayfabe Commentaries to IYH Wrestling Radio for a record-breaking sixth appearance.

Highlights included the following:

* While doing the ‘Timeline 1984’ with Roddy Piper, you seemed to be extremely happy to be talking to him. Why was this particular interview so important to you?

“I was happy to have Piper on because that era, the 80’s WWE stuff, that’s really what I grew up on…So yes, I was thrilled to have the man there that was a part of a lot of it…I know how much Piper was responsible for in the 80’s. Just those few years, ’84 I’d say to ’86, which was really the hammering of the foundation for what was to come. Piper was responsible for a lot of what was going on; he was the counter, he was the opposite to Hogan and all things good and mighty. He was always behind the villainous activities. So naturally unless you have a strong heel you don’t have a strong face; us marks are intelligent enough to know that by now. So yes, I was happy on many counts to be talking to Roddy Piper.”

* A lot of guys came in at this time; who was the most responsible for starting to build the foundation for what became the WWF?

“You had Dr. D (David Schultz), Paul Orndorff, Hulk Hogan, Mean Gene Okerlund on the stick, Bobby Heenan, Piper; that core group…Here are your wrestlers in ’84, who are the guys that are going to be able to go through this year and make that first event (WrestleMania I) happen?… It was Piper and Hogan…The money that was drawn by Piper and Hogan wasn’t just the times they wrestled each other, it was the whole Cyndi Lauper thing which was the whole Moolah thing. Tell me the last time that many people tuned in to watch a ladies’ match; I think the rating was a 9…The
backbone of that? Piper and Hogan. Piper and Hogan was the foundation for what happened in the 80’s.”

* What are some of the most uncomfortable moments you’ve had on film?

“I think when Tony Atlas unveiled a life-size cutout of Chyna that he was walking around with, and he had that, had that stuff you don’t see coming; when he goes into a bag and says “Hey, look what I got here!” and there it is, and then some glossy 8 by 10’s of her…I think what I said at that point was did he hit a Chyna store on the way here, because this stuff was so accessible to Tony Atlas; he was very excited about it. That was interesting. I think ANYTHING during the Jamie Dundee show could qualify as uncomfortable. I was kissed by him about ten times, we could start there. I think he
was twerking me at one point; grinding into my chair for some reason. I’m not sure why; auditioning for ‘Legend’s House’ perhaps, I don’t know. Anything from that show was pretty uncomfortable.”

Other topics discussed included:
* Is there any wrestler alive and not in prison that he would refuse to work with no matter how many videos he could sell?
* Why was Marty Jannetty so furious about the YouShoot he did with him?
* Has he had any more thoughts about doing a series about enhancement wrestlers?
* Does he believe TNA is going to be dead in a year?

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