Dreamer on House of Hardcore, Jericho talks “insider” terms

Brian Soscia passed this along.

Here’s an excellent 30 minute Tommy Dreamer interview where we talk about his show on Sat in Philly, get his comments on Roman Reigns getting the “Tommy Dreamer” treatment on RAW, ECW, WWE, and the fact that he is king of the crane arcade game. http://bit.ly/1oXhvPW

Also here is a 25 minute Jericho interview where we talk Fozzy,horrible wrestling names, the unconventional way Jericho got one of his first names in wrestling, Chris’s thoughts on fans and writers using “insider” wrestling terminology, if he stole Bryan Danielson’s (Daniel Bryan) “Best in the World” tagline and hos thoughts on Punk then stealing the name from him. http://youtu.be/seNbz4XK29k

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