Recap of Day 1 of the 2014 NJPW G-1 Climax (Okada/Styles)

New Japan Pro Wrestling G-1 Climax 2014 Day 1 iPPV
July 21, 2014
Sapporo, Japan (Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center)
Recap by: Jason Namako of

A Block: “The Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii vs. IWGP Intercontinental Champion “The Underboss” Bad Luck Fale

Staredown early. Ishii with chops, but they have no effect on Fale, who knocks Ishii down with a big forearms. Ishii with forearms, but Fale with another big one that knocks Ishii down. Ishii with more forearms, then avoids one by Fale and hits a running forearm. Ishii off the ropes, but Fale mows him down with a shoulder tackle. Fale stomps away at Ishii, then stands on his throat. Ishii with headbutts to the ribs, but Fale with back clubs. Fale walks over Ishii’s back and taunts the crowd. Fale runs into a boot, then Ishii fires out with another forearm. Fale blocks the Brainbuster and hits a slam for a nearfall. Elbow drop by Fale for a nearfall. Ishii fights back, but Fale with another back club. Ishii fights out of the Samoan Drop, then counters a spinebuster with a DDT. Big clothesline by Ishii, but Fale does not go down. Fale misses a clothesline and Ishii with another big clothesline that drops Fale to a knee. SUPLEX BY ISHII ON FALE!!

Ishii gains a nearfall. Ishii treats Fale to a Violence Party, then talks trash. Fale fires out of the corner with another shoulder tackle. Series of gut shots by Fale, but Ishii with a series of chops to the throat. Fale with a big right hand that knocks down Ishii. Ishii with a slap, but Fale double goozles Ishii and THROWS HIM INTO THE CORNER!! Fale with an avalanche in the corner, followed by a big splash to Ishii’s back for a nearfall. Ishii slips out of a suplex and hits a Northern Lariat, but Fale does not go down! Big clothesline by Ishii for a nearfall. Fale blocks a German, but Ishii with rapid-fire forearms. Fale catches Ishii off the ropes and hits another slam. Fale with another big splash for a nearfall. Fale calls for the Grenade, but Ishii gets free and hits an enziguri. Fale drives Ishii into the corner and hits a Spear for a nearfall. Fale tries to pick up Ishii, but Ishii is dead-weight. Fale goes for the Bad Luck Fall, but Ishii slips out. Ishii avoids a charge, RELEASE GERMAN TO FALE!! SLIDING LARIAT!! 1-2……FALE KICKS OUT!!

Ishii goes again for the Brainbuster, but Fale blocks it and snake eyes Ishii across the top turnbuckle. Fale goes for a clothesline, but Ishii blocks it with a headbutt, then hits another headbutt. More headbutts, but Fale with a clothesline, ISHII KICKS OUT AT ONE!!! Forearm exchange, with Ishii hitting more rapid-fire forearms. Fale comes back with crossface shots to the neck, but Ishii with another headbutt to the neck. Fale catches Ishii, GRENADE, BUT ISHII KICKS OUT AGAIN!!

BAD LUCK FALL!!! 1-2-3!

Winner: IWGP Intercontinental Champion “The Underboss” Bad Luck Fale by pinfall (Bad Luck Fall)

Ishii crawls to the back selling the effects of the Bad Luck Fall afterwards while Fale celebrates his win.

A Block: Shelton “X” Benjamin w/TAKA vs. IWGP Tag Team Champion Doc Gallows

Gallows misses right hands early and Benjamin with a right hand. Gallows throws Benjamin into the corner, but misses another right hand and Benjamin with a right hand. Series of forearms by Benjamin, but Gallows with a right hand. Benjamin avoids a short-arm clothesline, but Gallows gets out of a German. Throat thrust by Gallows, followed by a reverse avalanche in the corner and a flying shoulder tackle that sends Benjamin to the outside. Gallows with another throat thrust, but Benjamin avoids a charge and Gallows goes into the ringpost. Benjamin drives Gallows’s shoulder into the ringpost, but Gallows avoids a charge, sending Benjamin into the barricade. Gallows moves the barricade around and sends Benjamin into it again. Another throat thrust by Gallows, then he grabs a chair and nails Benjamin in the ribs & back with it. Gallows slams the chair down across Benjamin multiple times, then stomps away at him as the ref begins his 20 count. Gallows gets back in and tells the ref to count faster. Benjamin just gets back in by the ref’s 20 count.

Gallows stomps away at Benjamin some more and stands on his throat. Snap suplex by Gallows, followed by a trifecta of elbow drops for a nearfall. Elbows to the chest and crossface shots by Gallows, then locks in a chinlock. Benjamin fights out and hits a back club. Gallows blocks a German again and hits a head kick. Gallows with a series of gut shots in the corner. Benjamin fights back, but Gallows with more gut shots and right hands. Benjamin avoids a charge in the corner and this time hits the release German, both men down. Benjamin with a series of forearms, but Gallows blocks a Butterfly and drives Benjamin into the corner. Benjamin takes down a charging Gallows and locks in the Ankle Lock, but Gallows kicks him off. Gallows catches Benjamin with a side slam for a nearfall. Big right hand by Gallows, but Benjamin with a forearm. Strike exchange, with Benjamin flipping off Gallows and gaining advantage. Gallows with another throat thrust, followed by a fallaway slam for a nearfall. Gallows with an avalanche in the corner, but Benjamin catches Gallows off another charge with a superkick for a nearfall. Benjamin heads up top, but Gallows catches him in a goozle on the way down.

Benjamin fights out with a knee strike, then hits Pay-Dirt for the win.

Winner: Shelton “X” Benjamin by pinfall (Pay-Dirt)

Benjamin & TAKA celebrate his win afterwards.

B Block: NWA Tag Team Champion Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. IWGP Tag Team Champion “The Machine Gun” Karl Anderson

Crowd chants for Tenzan as the bell sounds. Tenzan backs Anderson into the ropes and breaks clean. Anderson backs Tenzan into the ropes and hits a series of gut kicks and right hands. Anderson mocks the crowd’s chants, then does Tenzan’s own Mongolian Chops. Anderson off the ropes, but Tenzan catches him with a spinning heel kick. Headbutts by Tenzan, then he uncorks the Mongolian Chops on Anderson, knocking him down. Falling headbutt by Tenzan for a nearfall. Chinlock applied by Tenzan, Anderson gets to the ropes. Anderson comes back with a dropkick to the knees of Tenzan. Anderson stomps away at Tenzan’s leg, then sends him to the outside. Anderson pulls at Tenzan’s leg against the barricade, then traps it against the barricade and nails Tenzan’s leg with a pump kick! Tenzan gets back in, but Anderson goes right to work on the injured leg. Leaping knee drop to the injured leg by Anderson. Tenzan fights back with more headbutts, but Anderson avoids a charge and hits a flying kick in the corner. Tenzan blocks a piledriver and counters out with a back body drop.

More Mongolian Chops by Tenzan, followed by a clothesline in the corner. Tenzan heads up top and hits the falling knee drop to the back of Anderson’s head for a nearfall. Suplex by Tenzan for a nearfall. Anderson rakes the eyes, but Tenzan with a headbutt to the ribs. Anderson with a big uppercut, but Tenzan hits the Mountain Bomb for a nearfall. Tenzan with a front slam, then heads up top. Tenzan goes for the Moonsault, but Anderson moves out of the way! Anderson with a flying kick and a TKO on Tenzan for a nearfall. Anderson sets for the Gun-Stun, but Tenzan blocks it and hits a big headbutt. Tenzan heads up top and hits a diving headbutt for a nearfall. Anaconda Vice applied, but Anderson fights out! Tenzan with another big headbutt, then hits a Uranagi.

Anaconda Vise re-applied, ANDERSON TAPS!!

Winner: Hiroyoshi Tenzan by submission (Anaconda Vise)

Tenzan celebrates his win afterward.

A Block: NWA Tag Team Champion Satoshi Kojima vs. “Blue Justice” Yuji Nagata

Chain wrestling early until we have a stalemate. Side headlock and a shoulder tackle by Kojima. Nagata with a big boot. Strike exchange ensues, Nagata gains advantage with a series of kicks. Kojima catches one and hits a running forearm that sends Nagata to the outside. Nagata sent into the barricade. Back in, Kojima with stomps and right hands in the corner. Big chop, but Nagata with a kitchen sink. Nagata with a kick to the back and a knee strikes. Draping spinning neckbreaker by Nagata. Nagata with stomps to the leg of Kojima, then applies a toe hold, Kojima gets to the ropes. Nagata with a series of leg kicks, then pulls at Kojima’s leg in the ropes. Back heel trip, then Nagata locks in the Figure Four in the center of the ring. Kojima tries to crawl and reach the ropes, but Nagata puts on more pressure to keep him in the center. Kojima finally gets to the ropes. Nagata with more shots to the leg, but Kojima fights back. Nagata with more leg kicks that knock Kojima down. Series of chest kicks by Nagata, with the third knocking Kojima down. Nagata goes for a running boot in the corner, but Kojima blocks it and hits a series of forearms.

Kojima with the rapid-fire chops in the corner, followed by a big chop. Running elbow in the corner, then Kojima heads up top and hits the top rope elbow drop for a nearfall. Another strike exchange, Kojima gains advantage. Nagata with another knee strike, but Kojima catches a kick and hits a Dragon Screw. DDT by Kojima, followed by an Ace Crusher. Nagata blocks a suplex and hits a dropkick to the knees of Kojima. Exploder by Nagata, then locks Kojima in the Nagata Lock. Kojima is just barely able to reach the ropes to force a break. Nagata with more leg kicks, but Kojima blocks an enziguri. Nagata blocks the Lariat, but Kojima hits a left-arm Lariat. Off comes the elbow pad, but Nagata avoids the Lariat and hits a release German. Big boot, followed by the Backdrop Hold, BUT KOJIMA KICKS OUT!!! Kojima blocks another Backdrop Hold, then counters a suplex with a Brainbuster!! Another strike exchange, Kojima gains advantage. Rolling elbow, but Nagata with a big boot and a spinning heel kick. Kojima fires back with a big forearm.

Nagata gets a boot up to block another Lariat, then charges in, LARIAT-OOOOOO BY KOJIMA!!!! 1-2-3!!

Winner: Satoshi Kojima by pinfall (Lariat)

Kojima celebrates his win afterward.

B Block: Toru Yano vs. Minoru Suzuki w/TAKA

Suzuki attacks Yano before the bell. Series of knees by Suzuki, then sends Yano into the barricade. Yano again sent into the barricade. Third time, Yano sent into the barricade. Suzuki grabs a chair and nails Yano in the back with it. Back in, Suzuki takes a page out of Yano’s playbook by removing the turnbuckle padding from one of the corners. Yano fights back, but Suzuki with more knees, then sends Yano into the exposed corner! Yano again sent into the exposed corner. Third time, Yano sent into the exposed corner. Suzuki charges in, but Yano counters with a drop toe hold, sending Suzuki face-first off the exposed turnbuckle! Suzuki rolls through a pin attempt and hits a boot to the face. TAKA distracts the ref as Suzuki brings a chair into the ring. Yano avoids a chairshot by Suzuki and nails him with a low blow! Yano sends Suzuki into TAKA, knocking him off the apron.

Roll-Up by Yano gets him the win.

Winner: Toru Yano by pinfall (Roll-Up)

Yano celebrates his win afterwards, while Suzuki, fuming mad, takes it out on one of the young boys, laying waste to him.

B Block: “The Stardust Genius” Tetsuya Naito vs. NEVER Champion “Mr. Rated R” Yujiro Takahashi

Yujiro with a gut kick and a side headlock. Naito counters out with a hammerlock, Yujiro gets to the ropes. Yujiro with a gut kick, a right hand, then sends Naito to the outside. Naito quickly gets back in. Naito with a gut kick and a side headlock, but Yujiro bites his hand. Yujiro works over Naito’s arm, but Naito quickly reverses out. Yujiro rakes the eyes, then hits a series of stomps. Yujiro slaps Naito, but Naito with an armdrag and a dropkick. Naito with elbows to Yujiro’s arm, then wrings it out multiple times. Yujiro catches Naito off the ropes and hot-shots him across the top rope. Yujiro goes to gourdbuster Naito across the top rope, but he accidentally drops Naito head-first into the mat! Naito goes to the apron, but Yujiro with a running boot that knocks Naito off the apron and sends him crashing into the barricade! Yujiro hot-shots Naito across the barricade, then taunts the crowd. Ref begins his 20 count, Naito gets back in at 16.

Yujiro stomps away at Naito in the corner. Naito fights back, but Yujiro with another running boot. Neckbreaker by Yujiro for a nearfall. Chinlock applied. Sliding kick by Yujiro for a nearfall. Yujiro playfully slaps Naito, but Naito responds with a hard slap. Yujiro with a big slap, but Naito avoids a charge, then hits a draping neckbreaker. Naito with a hiptoss and a sliding dropkick. Snapmare, followed by a running senton. Naito heads up top and hits a missile dropkick that sends Yujiro into the corner. Naito sent onto the apron, then off the turnbuckles by Yujiro. Yujiro places Naito up top and goes up with him. Super Belly-to-Belly by Yujiro for a nearfall. Naito blocks a Fisherman’s Buster, but Yujiro avoids an enziguri. Deadlift Fisherman’s Buster by Yujiro for a nearfall. Olympic Slam by Yujiro for a nearfall. Yujiro misses a clothesline, but slips out of a Victory Roll. Yujiro with a Northern Lariat, but Naito catches him off the ropes with a wheelbarrow victory roll for a nearfall.

Backlund Bridge by Naito for a nearfall. Yujiro again rakes the eyes, but Naito slips out of Tokyo Pimps and hits a Koppo Kick. Flying forearm and a German by Naito for a nearfall. Naito hits Gloria on Yujiro and heads up top. Naito goes for the Stardust Press, but Yujiro moves out of the way! Naito runs into a boot, then Yujiro with a series of chops. Strike exchange ensues, Naito gains advantage. Yujiro with a big boot, but Naito slips out of Miami Shine and hits an enziguri. Yujiro avoids another flying forearm, then catches Naito off the ropes and hits a Wheelbarrow German for a nearfall.

Yujiro with a Buckle Bomb, followed by Miami Shine for the win.

Winner: NEVER Champion “Mr. Rated R” Yujiro Takahashi by pinfall (Miami Shine)

Yujiro celebrates his win afterwards.

B Block: Hirooki Goto vs. “The Unchained Gorilla” Togi Makabe

Makabe goes right after Goto as the bell sounds. Strike exchange, then Makabe with a snapmare and unloads with right hands from the mount. They exchange strikes on the mount, then more strikes once they get back to their feet. Goto with a shoulder tackle, but Makabe does not go down. Makabe clotheslines Goto to the outside. Makabe sends Goto into the barricade multiple times. Back in, Makabe stomps away at Goto. Another strike exchange, Goto gains advantage and goes after Makabe’s injured jaw. Goto sends Makabe to the outside. Goto sends Makabe into the barricade, then into the ringpost. Back in, Goto stomps away at Makabe. Makabe sent off the turnbuckles, then Goto with a series of forearms. Suplex by Goto for a nearfall. Chinlock applied, followed by an elbow to the face by Goto. Goto with chest kicks, but Makabe yells at him to bring it on. More chest kicks, but Makabe continues to ask for more. Makabe catches a kick and hits a big clothesline.

Makabe with a series of clotheslines in the corner, followed by the 10 punches. Northern Lights by Makabe for a nearfall. Goto blocks a German with elbows, but runs right into another clothesline by Makabe for a nearfall. Goto goes off Makabe’s blind side and hits a clothesline. Goto with a spinning heel kick in the corner, followed by a Backdrop Driver for a nearfall. Makabe slips out of a slam and they exchange strikes again. Makabe avoids a blind side clothesline, but Goto catches him and hits the Ushikoroshi, but Makabe kicks out! Makabe catches Goto off the ropes, but Goto slips out. Makabe then with a powerbomb for a nearfall. Death Valley Driver by Makabe, then he heads up top, but Goto avoids the King Kong Knee Drop! Sliding Northern Lariat by Goto, followed by an inverted Ushikoroshi, but MAKABE KICKS OUT AGAIN!! Makabe slips out of a suplex and they clothesline each other at the same time twice. On the third attempt, Makabe gets the better half of a clothesline, but Goto kicks out! More clothesline shots by Makabe, but Goto with a headbutt to the injured jaw!

SHOTEN KAI!! 1-2-3!!

Winner: Hirooki Goto by pinfall (Shoten Kai)

A Block: Tomoaki Honma vs. “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi

Chain wrestling early. Tanahashi takes down Honma, then gets out of a headscissors. Tanahashi again gets out of a headscissors by Honma and we have a stalemate. Honma backs Tanahashi into the ropes, then avoids a right hand and hits a series of chops. Honma stomps away at Tanahashi in the corner, followed by a big chop. Honma runs into a back elbow, then Tanahashi with a springboard crossbody and mocks Honma. Honma with a back elbow and a slam, but Tanahashi avoids the falling headbutt. Honma avoids a dropkick, but Tanahashi again avoids the falling headbutt. Cravate applied. Snapmare and a kneedrop by Tanahashi for a 1 count. Honma sent into the corner. Tanahashi with a gut shot and a slam. Tanahashi goes to the middle rope and hits a senton bomb for a nearfall. Tanahashi again mocks Honma, but Honma fights back with overhand chops. Tanahashi with an uppercut, then sidesteps a back body drop and hits a dropkick that sends Honma to the outside. Tanahashi wipes out Honma with a slingshot plancha! Honma gets onto the apron and hits a series of back clubs. Both block each other’s suplex attempts, then Tanahashi brings Honma back in, but Honma connects with a suplex.

Honma with a series of chops, followed by a running forearm in the corner, a bulldog and this time hitting the falling headbutt. DDT spikes Tanahashi on his head, then Honma with a basement Blockbuster for a nearfall. Tanahashi slips out of a slam, but Honma blocks a German. Strike exchange, with Tanahashi hitting a slap. Honma with a back elbow, but misses a clothesline. Honma blocks a clothesline, Tanahashi with a dropkick, but Honma POPS RIGHT UP and hits a clothesline! Honma with another clothesline, followed by a Brainbuster, but Tanahashi kicks out! Honma calls for the diving headbutt and heads up top. Honma goes for it, but Tanahashi moves out of the way! Another strike exchange, Tanahashi gains advantage, but Honma FIRES UP with forearms. Tanahashi with the Strait-Jacket German, but Honma kicks out! Honma avoids a clothesline, roll-up for a nearfall. Honma with a Dragon Screw, but Tanahashi counters a clothesline with a Dragon. HONMA POPS RIGHT UP!!! Tanahashi charges and hits the Slingblade.

Tanahashi heads up top, HIGH FLY FLOW!!! 1-2-3!!

Winner: “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi by pinfall (High Fly Flow)

Tanahashi celebrates his win afterwards.

A Block: “The Mad Dog” Katsuyori Shibata vs. “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura

Long feeling out process early, then Nakamura rubs his face against Shibata’s abs. Shibata with 2 spinning back kicks, a snapmare, then both avoid each other’s head kicks and we have a stalemate. Back and forth working the clinch and guard on the mat until Shibata with a big slap. Strike exchange, Shibata gains advantage and unloads with forearms in the corner. Shibata charges in, but Nakamura catches him with a flying kick. Nakamura places Shibata across the top turnbuckle, but Shibata avoids the running knee and locks in a Sleeper from the apron. Shibata then takes Nakamura all the way over to the outside! Shibata sends Nakamura into the barricade, then hits a running boot that sends Nakamura into the crowd! Shibata sends Nakamura into the ringpost, followed by a snap suplex on the floor!

Back in, Shibata locks in a Figure Four. Nakamura turns over to his stomach, but Shibata stays on his back and turns it back over. Nakamura is finally able to reach the ropes to force a break. Shibata kicks at Nakamura and paintbrushes him in the back of the head. Another strike exchange, then they go nose-to-nose. Nakamura with the Superman forearm that rocks Shibata back into the corner, then Nakamura goes for the shaky boot dealy-a-bob, but Shibata gets to his feet! Nakamura with an enziguri, but Shibata avoids a running knee in the corner. Nakamura again places Shibata across the top rope and this time hits the running knee to the ribs for a nearfall. Nakamura places Shibata across the apron and hits a running knee to the face! Back in, Nakamura applies a front facelock. Nakamura switches to a Sleeper, but Shibata fights out with elbows. Nakamura with a knee to the ribs, but Shibata with a kitchen sink. Shibata locks in a Sleeper, but as Nakamura quickly gets to the ropes, Shibata hits a Backdrop Driver! Shibata with a chest kick that rocks Nakamura back into the corner, then Shibata unloads with a series of forearms. Shibata with a head of steam and DRILLS Nakamura with the hesitation dropkick! Butterfly by Shibata for a nearfall. Nakamura with a release German, but SHIBATA POPS UP AND HITS HIS OWN RELEASE GERMAN!

NAKAMURA POPS RIGHT UP and hits a big boot and a backstabber right back into the Sleeper. They reverse each other’s Sleeper attempts until Nakamura hits a Reverse Suplex. Nakamura sets for the Boma-Ye, but Shibata counters it with a dropkick! Another strike exchange, then they go nose-to-nose. Shibata gains advantage and hits a chest kick. Another exchange of Sleeper reversals until Shibata takes Nakamura down. Shibata with a kick to the back, but Nakamura avoids the PK! Shibata fights out of a German attempt, but Nakamura kicks him off! Nakamura goes to the middle rope, 2ND ROPE BOMA-YE!! Nakamura off the ropes, BOMA-YE!!!!! 1-2…….SHIBATA KICKS OUT!! Nakamura goes for another Boma-Ye, but Shibata counters it again with a dropkick! Shibata with a spinning backfist, then lifts Nakamura up.

GO 2 SLEEP, PK!!! 1-2-3!!

Winner: “The Mad Dog” Katsuyori Shibata by pinfall (PK)

Main Event in A Block: IWGP Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada w/Gedo

Crowd chants for Okada as the bell sounds. Styles taunts the crowd. Styles backs Okada into the corner and shoves him. Okada avoids a right hand and taunts Styles. Styles works over Okada’s arm, but Okada reverses out. Styles regains control and takes Okada down. Okada reverses out again, but Styles gets to the ropes. Styles has words with the ref, then trash talks the crowd. Side headlock by Styles, then he goes for the Styles Clash, but Okada slips out. Okada with a roll-up for a 1 count. Styles slips out of a Rainmaker attempt and we have a stalemate. The two exchange words, then exchange strikes, with Okada gaining advantage. Styles slides under Okada’s legs and hits a big chop, but Okada with a back body drop. Okada stomps away at Styles in the corner, then hits a front slam. Okada goes to the apron and hits a slingshot senton. Stranglehold applied by Okada, Styles gets to the ropes. Styles with a shot to the throat, followed by a chop. Okada sidesteps a back body drop attempt, but Styles hits the Phenomenal Dropkick, sending Okada to the outside.

Styles then slams Okada on the floor! Back in, Styles mocks the crowd’s chants for Okada, then hits a backbreaker for a nearfall. Okada fights back with forearms, but Styles with a eye poke. Styles with a slam and a leaping kneedrop. Chinlock applied as Gedo leads the crowd in willing on Okada. Okada fights back, but Styles switches to a front facelock. Okada fights back again, but Styles switches this time to a cravate. Styles with back clubs, but Okada comes back with a back elbow.

Big boot and a one-man flapjack by Okada, followed by a kip-up. Snapmare, followed by a sliding dropkick by Okada. Both avoid each other’s corner charges, then Okada places Styles up top and hits the Picture-Perfect Dropkick, sending Styles to the outside! Okada goes to send Styles to the barricade, but Styles leaps over it and into the crowd! Styles taunts the crowd, thinking he was one step ahead of Okada, but Okada then charges and LEAPS OVER THE BARRICADE, WIPING OUT STYLES WITH A CROSSBODY AND SENDING STYLES CRASHING INTO ANOTHER BARRICADE!! Okada gets back in as the ref begins his 20 count. Styles gets back in by the count of 18. Okada greets Styles with an uppercut and a DDT. Red Ink applied by Okada, but Styles is somehow able to reach the ropes to force a break. Okada with a slam, then heads up top. Okada leaps over Styles, but runs into a savate kick to the ribs. Styles then SNAP SUPLEXES OKADA INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!! Styles places Okada up top, facing the crowd. Styles lifts up Okada out of the corner in Torture Rack position and hits a Swinging Argentine Bomb for a nearfall. Styles heads to the apron and springboards, but Okada avoids the Springboard 450!! Another strike exchange, with Styles getting the advantage with a series of rapid-fire strikes, but Okada hits another big uppercut. Styles then with an enziguri and goes again for the Styles Clash, but Okada counters out with a kick to the head. Styles avoids another Picture-Perfect Dropkick and goes for a Tornado DDT, but Okada slips out, sending Styles into the referee, knocking him down!

Okada grabs Styles from out of the corner and hits the Emerald Frosion across the knee. Okada with a slam, then heads up top and hits the top rope elbow drop. Okada calls for the Rainmaker, but Yujiro Takahashi runs in and attacks Okada from behind! Yujiro with a clothesline, then goes for Tokyo Pimps, but Okada blocks it. Yujiro rakes the eyes, but Okada nails him with the Picture-Perfect Dropkick! Distraction, though, allows Styles to hit Okada with the springboard forearm! Styles goes for Bloody Sunday, but Okada slips out. Styles avoids another Rainmaker attempt and hits a release German. OKADA POPS RIGHT UP!! Styles avoids a clothesline and hits the Pele Kick! Styles goes again for the Styles Clash, but Okada counters out and transitions Styles into hitting a Tombstone! High-Angle German by Okada, but Styles kicks out!!

RAINMAKER!!!!! 1-2-3!!

Winner: “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada by pinfall (The Rainmaker)

Okada grabs the mic and says the following, credit to @puro_yottsume on Twitter for the English translation: “It’s Okada-‘san’, by the way. There are three things I need to say. First, AJ Styles, next time we meet in the ring, I’m taking that belt. Secondly, I’ll win all matches in G1 Climax. And finally, I have nothing to say in particular. I’ll leave the rest to Gedo.”

Gedo then says the following: “The summer you’ve never seen before is coming! Rainmaker just beat the IWGP champion. And I know the rest of the roster is tough, but you know why he’s going to beat them all? Cuz he’s on an entirely different level! He’s coming back to Hokkaido as the champion!”

Check back tomorrow for a recap of Day 2 of the 2014 New Japan G-1 Climax right here on Til then, remember, PURORESU ICHIBAN!!!

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