Recap of Day 2 of the 2014 NJPW G-1 Climax (Okada/Tenzan)

New Japan Pro Wrestling G-1 Climax 2014 Day 2 iPPV
July 23, 2014
Aomori, Japan (Prefectural Budokan)
Recap by: Jason Namako of

A Block: “The Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii vs. NWA Tag Team Champion Satoshi Kojima

Ishii with a side headlock, but no one goes down off a shoulder tackle. Kojima then knocks down Ishii with a shoulder tackle. Strike exchange, Kojima gains advantage. Ishii catches Kojima off the ropes with a powerslam, sending Kojima to the outside. Ishii sends Kojima into the barricade multiple times. Ishii goes to get back in, but Kojima sweeps his leg out on the apron. Kojima goes on the apron with Ishii and HITS A DDT!!

Back in, Kojima stomps away at Ishii and hits a series of chops. Front facelock applied, then Kojima with an elbow to the back of the head. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on Ishii. Kojima with an elbow to the face, followed by a neckbreaker across the knee. More stomps & chops by Kojima, but Ishii fires up out of the corner when Kojima goes for the rapid-fire chops. Ishii treats Kojima to the Violence Party, but then Kojima hits the rapid-fire chops. Running elbow in the corner by Kojima, then heads up top and hits the top rope elbow drop for a nearfall. Chop exchange, then Kojima with a series of forearms. Kojima goes for a rolling forearm, but Ishii hits a chop to the throat.

Ishii with a series of chops, then hits a clothesline in the corner. Ishii places Kojima up top and goes up with him. Ishii hits the delayed superplex on Kojima for a nearfall. Kojima slips out of the Brainbuster and hits an Ace Crusher. Ishii sent into the turnbuckles and Kojima with a chop. Kojima goes up top with Ishii and hits a SUPER ACE CRUSHER, but Ishii kicks out! Off comes the elbow pad, but Ishii avoids the Lariat and hits a release German! Powerbomb by Ishii for a nearfall. Ishii with a clothesline, but Kojima blocks a second with his boot, then hits another Ace Crusher. Ishii blocks another Lariat attempt, then hits rapid-fire forearms, but Kojima hits a rolling forearm. Ishii with more forearms, then they exchange forearms, with Kojima gaining advantage, but Ishii with a headbutt. Ishii with a clothesline, but Kojima does not go down and hits a DDT. Suplex by Kojima for a nearfall. Ishii avoids another Lariat attempt, then hits an headbutt, an enziguri and a big clothesline, but Kojima kicks out!

Brainbuster by Ishii for the win.

Winner: “The Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii by pinfall (Brainbuster)

A Block: Shelton “X” Benjamin w/TAKA vs. IWGP Intercontinental Champion “The Underboss” Bad Luck Fale

The two go nose-to-nose as the bell sounds. Strike exchange, Benjamin gains advantage with big right hands, rocking Fale back into the corner. Fale with a gut kick, then hits a series of gut shots to Benjamin in the corner. Fale with crossface shots to Benjamin, knocking him down. Fale shoves the ref, then stands on Benjamin’s back. Fale again stands on Benjamin’s back and grabs the ref by the throat. Benjamin slips out of a Samoan Drop and hits a savate kick to the leg of Fale. Basement DDT by Benjamin for a nearfall. Ankle Lock applied by Benjamin with the leg grapevined, but Fale gets to the ropes. Benjamin with right hands from the mount, followed by a forearm. Fale comes back with an avalanche in the corner, followed by this time hitting the Samoan Drop. Big splash by Fale for a nearfall. Fale sets for the Grenade, but Benjamin slips out and hits a Urnangi. Both clothesline each other at the same time multiple times, but neither goes down. On the fourth attempt, Fale goes down to a knee, but slips out of a Paydirt attempt by Benjamin and hits a big clothesline for a nearfall. Fale goes for the Bad Luck Fall, but Benjamin slips out and hits the Dragon Whip.

Superkick, followed by Paydirt by Benjamin for the win.

Winner: Shelton “X” Benjamin by pinfall (Paydirt)

Benjamin & TAKA celebrate his win afterwards.

B Block: Hirooki Goto vs. NEVER Champion “Mr. Rated R” Yujiro Takahashi

Yujiro avoids Goto, hits a gut kick, then pulls at his hair before applying a side headlock. Goto reverses out, but Yujiro bites Goto’s hand to get free. Yujiro stomps away at Goto, then stands on his neck. Series of chops by Yujiro, followed by a gut kick and a forearm. Yujiro slaps at Goto, but Goto counters a hiptoss with one of his own, followed by a clothesline. Goto stomps away at Yujiro, followed by a forearm. Yujiro ducks out to the outside and goes to leave, but catches Goto coming outside with a gut kick. Goto sends Yujiro into the barricade, but Yujiro catches him and hot-shots Goto across the barricade!

Yujiro sends Goto into the barricade, then into the ringpost. Yujiro gets back in at the ref’s count of 13 and Goto gets back in at the ref’s count of 19. Goto sent into the corner and Yujiro with a series of stomps, then chokes Goto with his boot. Yujiro with a slam, then locks in a chinlock. Yujiro with a sliding kick for a nearfall. Yujiro paintbrushes Goto, then slaps at him, but it fires Goto up. Goto with a series of forearms, but Yujiro with a gut kick. Goto catches a boot and hits a clothesline.

Goto with a spinning heel kick in the corner, followed by a Backdrop Driver for a nearfall. Yujiro rakes the eyes and hits a running boot in the corner. Yujiro with another big boot, followed by a Fisherman’s Buster for a nearfall. Both go for clotheslines multiple times and no one goes down. Yujiro avoids a clothesline and blocks a discus clothesline, but Goto catches him with the Ushikoroshi! Yujiro slips out of Shoten Kai, then Goto runs into a boot. Yujiro hot-shots Goto across the top rope, then hits a clothesline for a nearfall. Olympic Slam by Yujiro for a nearfall. Yujiro goes for the Buckle Bomb, but Goto blocks it and counters out with a back body drop. Strike exchange, Yujiro gains advantage with a big forearm. German by Yujiro for a nearfall. Yujiro goes for Miami Shine, but Goto slips out and hits a headbutt, then turns Yujiro inside out with a clothesline, but Yujiro kicks out!

SHOTEN KAI!! 1-2-3!

Winner: Hirooki Goto by pinfall (Shoten Kai)

B Block: “The Stardust Genius” Tetsuya Naito vs. “The American Psycho” Lance Archer w/TAKA

Naito avoids Archer early. Naito with a series of forearms, but Archer with a knee to the ribs. Back club by Archer, but he misses a clothesline and Naito with a dropkick, but Archer does not go down. Archer catches Naito off a crossbody and throws him into the corner. Archer runs into a boot, then Naito goes to the middle rope, but Archer sweeps his leg out, sending Naito crashing to the mat.

Short-arm clothesline by Archer for a 1 count. Archer has words with the ref. Naito fights back, but Archer catches him and hits a gorilla press slam for a nearfall. Head & arm lock applied, crowd wills on Naito. Archer with a series of chest clubs, followed by a slam. Archer chokes Naito with his boot, then whips him hard into the corner. Series of forearms and a big right hand by Archer. Archer with an avalanche in the corner for a nearfall. Archer pulls at Naito’s face, then hits a suplex, but Naito avoids a big splash.

Naito fights back, but Archer with a knee to the face. Archer runs into a back elbow, then Naito with a sliding dropkick, a snapmare and a running senton. Running dropkick in the corner, then Naito goes to the apron and hits a slingshot dropkick. Naito heads up top and hits a missile dropkick for a nearfall. Archer comes back with a knee to the ribs, then goozles Naito, but Naito slips out of a chokeslam and hits a Koppo Kick, followed by a flying forearm. Archer sweeps out Naito’s leg and drives him down to the mat. Archer goes for Dark Days, but Naito counters out with a reverse DDT. Naito heads up top, but Archer avoids the Stardust Press! Archer again goes for Dark Days, but Naito slips out and hits an enziguri. Archer catches Naito off another flying forearm attempt, then blocks a wheelbarrow victory roll attempt to counter a chokeslam and hits a release German. Archer again goozles Naito and hits a Chokeslam, but Naito kicks out!

Archer goes for a Full Nelson Bomb, but Naito counters it with an inside cradle for the win.

Winner: “The Stardust Genius” Tetsuya Naito by pinfall (Inside Cradle)

A Block: “Blue Justice” Yuji Nagata vs. Tomoaki Honma

Chain wrestling early, then we have a stalemate. Nagata with a side headlock takeover. Honma counters out with a top wristlock and takes Nagata down. Nagata gets free and we have another stalemate. Nagata with a slap, then they trade forearms and slaps in the corner. Honma gains advantage, raining down forearms in the corner, then hits a back elbow. Honma with a slam, then calls for the falling headbutt, but Nagata moves out of the way. Honma with a shoulder tackle, but Nagata again avoids the falling headbutt.

Nagata stomps away at Honma, then drives Honma’s arm across his own shoulder. Series of chest kicks by Nagata, then goes for a Kimura, Honma gets to the ropes. Honma with a series of overhand chops, but Nagata with a knee to the ribs and a kitchen sink. Nagata makes a cover, but Honma gets his foot on the bottom rope. Nagata with a series of gut shots, but Honma fights back with chops. Nagata with another knee to the ribs and another kitchen sink for a nearfall. Elbow to the head, followed by more chest kicks, but Honma fires up. Boot to the face, but Honma fires up again! Honma blocks a suplex and hits Nagata with one of his own.

Honma with more chops in the corner, followed by a running forearm, a bulldog and this time hits the falling headbutt. Half crab applied, along with kicks to the head by Honma, but Nagata gets to the ropes. Nagata slips out of a slam, then hits a big boot, but Honma with a big clothesline. Nagata blocks a suplex and locks in the Fujiwara armbar that features Nagata rolling his eyes back into his head! Honma is able to reach the ropes to force a break. Nagata goes for the Backdrop Hold, but Honma counters it with a crossbody. Nagata with a boot, but Honma catches a running knee in the corner and brings Nagata out of the corner with a sit-out powerbomb! Another suplex by Honma for a nearfall. Honma calls for the Kokeshi and heads up top, but Nagata moves out of the way! Honma runs into a big boot by Nagata, but fires up again! Strike exchange, Honma gains advantage, but Nagata with a big slap. Another strike exchange, Nagata gains advantage, but Honma catches him with the Honma Clutch for a nearfall. Nagata with a release German, but Honma POPS RIGHT UP! Brainbuster by Nagata, but HONMA KICKS OUT!! Knee to the ribs, Nagata calls for the end.

Backdrop Hold by Nagata for the win.

Winner: “Blue Justice” Yuji Nagata by pinfall (Backdrop Hold)

A Block: “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura vs. “The Canadian Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith Jr. w/TAKA

Crowd chants for Nakamura as the bell sounds. Smith backs Nakamura into the ropes and shoves him. Exchange of kicks, with Smith’s one packing a punch on Nakamura. Smith takes down Nakamura and applies a keylock. Smith bites Nakamura’s hand, but Nakamura uses the ropes to reverse out. Knee to the ribs, snapmare and a kneedrop, then Nakamura poses for the crowd. Front facelock applied by Nakamura, Smith gets to the ropes, then Nakamura rubs his face against Smith’s stomach. Knees to the ribs, then a knee to the face, but Smith comes back with a clothesline. Nakamura goes to the apron, but Smith with another clothesline that sends Nakamura to the outside.

Smith sends Nakamura into the barricade. Big forearm, then Nakamura sent face-first off the apron. Back in, Smith gains a nearfall. Nerve hold applied by Smith, followed by a crossface shot. Smith taunts the crowd, then hits a stomp to the ribs of Nakamura. Belly-to-Belly by Smith for a nearfall. Chinlock applied, then Smith feigns that Nakamura tapped out. Nakamura comes back with a knee to the ribs and a back heel kick.

Strike exchange, Smith gains advantage. Nakamura with more knees to the ribs, followed by an enziguri. Knee strike in the corner, then Nakamura does the shaky boot dealy-a-bob. Smith placed across the top turnbuckle, then Nakamura with the running knee to the ribs for a nearfall. Smith blocks a reverse suplex, then catches Nakamura with a powerslam. Another strike exchange, then Smith with a gut kick. Nakamura with a series of strikes, followed by a Superman forearm. Smith with a knee to the ribs and a Butterfly for a nearfall. Suplex, but Nakamura with a knee strike to counter a delayed suplex. Nakamura with a flying kick and a reverse suplex. Nakamura sets for the Boma-Ye, but Smith avoids it and turns Nakamura inside out with a clothesline for a nearfall. Saito by Smith for a nearfall. Nakamura blocks the Tiger and hits a backstabber into a sleeper. Nakamura switches to a cross armbreaker, but Smith grasps his hands to block it. Nakamura then switches to a Triangle, but Smith powers out with a powerbomb! Tiger by Smith, but Nakamura kicks out! Smith goes for the Bulldog Bomb, but Nakamura fights out with an elbow. Smith runs into a boot, then a big forearm. Nakamura goes to the middle rope, 2ND ROPE BOMA-YE!! BOMA-YE, SMITH KICKS OUT!!!

ANOTHER BOMA-YE!!! 1-2-3!!

Winner: “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura by pinfall (Boma-Ye)

B Block: IWGP Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. Toru Yano

Yano wants a handshake, but Styles shoos him off. Styles unloads with strikes and stomps on Yano, then does a handshake. Series of forearms, but Yano pulls him down by the hair. Yano does his taunt, but Styles with a series of rapid-fire strikes, ending with a discus clothesline. Yano rakes the eyes, but then Styles hits the Phenomenal Dropkick, sending Yano to the outside. Styles with a head of steam and hits a dropkick through the ropes on Yano. Back in, Styles with a slingshot back senton for a nearfall. Styles locks Yano in the bridging Indian Deathlock, then switches to an elevated variation, but Yano gets to the ropes. Yano sent off the turnbcuckles multiple times, but then he removes the padding around the turnbuckles while Styles taunts the crowd. Styles charges, but Yano avoids him and Styles hits the exposed turnbuckles! Yano grabs a chair, but Styles avoids a chairshot and drop toe holds Yano onto the chair! Styles gets rid of the chair, but Yano drop toe holds him into the exposed middle turnbuckle for a nearfall. Styles then SNAP SUPLEXES YANO INTO THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLES!! Styles asks the ref if he is bleeding, but Yano avoids another baseball slide and nails Styles in the head with the chair! Yano does his taunt as the ref begins his 20 count. Styles gets in at 14, then blocks a suplex back in by Yano and hot-shots him across the top rope. Styles hits the springboard forearm for a nearfall. Northern Lights by Styles for a nearfall. Styles calls for the Styles Clash, but Yano blocks it. Styles with back clubs, but Yano catches him with an inverted atomic drop, then catapults Styles into the exposed turnbuckles! Powerbomb by Yano for a nearfall. Yano places Styles up top and goes up with him. Styles blocks a superplex and knocks Yano off, but Yano avoids a clothesline. Styles avoids being sent into the ref, but Yano with a low blow and a roll-up for a nearfall.

Styles slips out of another powerbomb attempt, then rolls through and lifts up Yano and hits the Styles Clash for the win.

Winner: IWGP Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles by pinfall (Styles Clash)

B Block: “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada w/Gedo vs. NWA Tag Team Champion Hiroyoshi Tenzan

Dueling chants for both men as the bell sounds. Tenzan backs Okada into the ropes, but Okada feigns a Mongolian Chop and does his pose. Tenzan with a side headlock, then holds on when Okada tries an Irish whip. Tenzan with a shoulder tackle, then mocks Okada’s pose. Series of Mongolian Chops by Tenzan, but Okada rolls outside to avoid another one. Tenzan goes out after him and hits a headbutt and a series of chops. Okada sends Tenzan into the barricade, then DDTs HIM ON THE FLOOR!!

Back in, Okada with the slingshot senton for a nearfall. Neckbreaker by Okada for a nearfall. Chinlock applied, then Okada with a knee to the ribs and a sliding dropkick for a nearfall. Snapmare into a neck vise by Okada. Tenzan fights back, but Okada with a knee to the ribs. Okada off the ropes, but Tenzan catches him with a spinning heel kick.

More Mongolian Chops by Tenzan, followed by a series of headbutts, Clothesline in the corner, then Tenzan heads up top and hits the falling knee drop to the back of Okada’s head for a nearfall. Suplex by Tenzan for a nearfall. Strike exchange, Okada gains advantage, but Tenzan catches him with the Mountain Bomb. Okada then catches Tenzan off a charge and hits the Emerald Frosion across the knee! Okada with a slam, then heads up top and hits the top rope elbow drop. Okada calls for the Rainmaker, but Tenzan counters it with a headbutt to the ribs, then one to the neck. Scoop Tombstone by Tenzan for a nearfall. Anaconda Vise applied, Okada gets to his feet. Tenzan drives Okada back down and gains a nearfall. Tenzan heads up top and hits the diving headbutt, but Okada kicks out! Tenzan with a front slam, then heads up top, but Okada avoids the moonsault! Okada with a big boot, but Tenzan blocks a Tombstone. Okada hits the Picture-Perfect Dropkick, but Tenzan avoids another Rainmaker attempt and hits a left-arm lariat! Okada blocks a Urnangi, but Tenzan with more Mongolian Chops. Okada comes back with a big uppercut, then the Picture-Perfect Dropkick to the back of Tenzan’s head! Okada lifts up Tenzan and this time hits the Tombstone, then Okada fires up!

RAINMAKER!!!! 1-2-3!

Winner: “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada by pinfall (The Rainmaker)

B Block: IWGP Tag Team Champion “The Machine Gun” Karl Anderson vs. “The Unchained Gorilla” Togi Makabe

Anderson with a gut kick and right hands early. Big uppercut, then Anderson applies a side headlock. Anderson grabs Makabe’s hair and re-applies the side headlock. Makabe backs Anderson into the corner and breaks clean, but Anderson with a shot to Makabe’s injured jaw. Anderson re-applies the side headlock, but Makabe with a shoulder tackle. Makabe sends Anderson to the outside, then sends him into the barricade. Anderson then sends Makabe into the barricade. Anderson with another shot to Makabe’s jaw, then sends him jaw-first against the barricade. Anderson chokes Makabe against the barricade, then gets back in. Makabe gets back in by the ref’s count of 17.

Anderson stands on Makabe’s throat, then mocks the crowd chants for Makabe. Another shot to the jaw of Makabe by Anderson, then Anderson unloads with right hands from the mount. Series of uppercuts by Anderson, then he rakes his boot against Makabe’s jaw. Chinlock applied, but Makabe fights out. Anderson with a chop, but that wakes Makabe up. Anderson with another shot to Makabe’s jaw, knocking Makabe back down. Makabe misses a clothesline, but then hits a left-arm lariat.

Makabe with 2 clotheslines in the corner, followed by the 10 punches. Northern Lights by Makabe for a nearfall. Anderson blocks a German, but runs into a clothesline by Makabe for a nearfall. Anderson comes back with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Makabe slips out of the TKO, but Anderson avoids a corner charge and hits a flying kick. Anderson this time hits the TKO, but Makabe kicks out! Anderson sets for the Gun Stun, but Makabe slips out and hits another clothesline. Powerbomb by Makabe for a nearfall. Makabe heads up top, but Anderson stops him with another flying kick. Anderson heads up top with Makabe and hits a SUPER TKO, but MAKABE KICKS OUT AGAIN!! Makabe slips out of the Bernard Driver and hits a Northern Lariat in the corner. Makabe places Anderson up top, facing the crowd, but Anderson blocks the Spider German. Makabe with a big shot and HITS THE SPIDER GERMAN!!


Winner: “The Unchained Gorilla” Togi Makabe by pinfall (King Kong Knee Drop)

Main Event in A Block: IWGP Tag Team Champion Doc Gallows vs. “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi

Crowd chants for Tanahashi as the bell sounds. Gallows backs Tanahashi into the ropes and goozles him, then shoves Tanahashi down. Tanahashi with a side headlock, but Gallows gets out by pulling Tanahashi’s hair. Tanahashi with a side headlock takeover, but again Gallows pulls at Tanahashi’s hair to get free. Gallows mocks the height differential between he & Tanahashi when going for a knucklelock. Then, Tanahashi goes to the middle rope to get even with Gallows. Tanahashi avoids a charge, but Gallows catches a crossbody and hits a fallaway slam, sending Tanahashi to the outside.

Gallows sends Tanahashi into the barricade, then grabs a chair and opens it up. Gallows with a throat thrust that seats Tanahashi on the chair, then Gallows with a running boot that sends Tanahashi into the crowd! Gallows grabs the chair and nails Tanahashi in the back with it. Gallows chokes Tanahashi with the chair, then headlocks him and hits a series of right hands. Tanahashi again sent into the barricade, then Gallows chokes him with his boot. Gallows taunts the crowd as the ref reaches the count of 17. Tanahashi pulls Gallows off the apron and gets back in at 19, but Gallows BARELY gets back in before the count of 20. Gallows places Tanahashi in the Tree of Woe and hits a running dropkick. Gallows with elbows and crossface shots to Tanahashi, followed by a series of elbow drops for a nearfall. Chinlock applied. Tanahashi fights out, but Gallows with a gut shot. Gut shot exchange ensues until Gallows hits another throat thrust. Tanahashi sent sternum-first into the corner, but gets the knees up when Gallows tries a Vader Bomb.

Tanahashi with a flying forearm, but Gallows does not go down. Dropkick to the knees, followed by the Slingblade. Gallows blocks a slam and a German, then hits more throat thrust. Gallows hits the Gallows Pole, both men down. Gallows catches boots in the corner, then hits another throat thrust. Gallows hits a shoulderbreaker for a nearfall. Gallows with a pump kick and a head kick for a nearfall. Gallows goes again for the Gallows Pole, but Tanahashi slips out. Tanahashi skins the cat back in, avoids a clothesline and hits another Slingblade, but GALLOWS KICKS OUT AT ONE!! Gallows blocks a Dragon, but Tanahashi hits ANOTHER SLINGBLADE!!

Tanahashi heads up top, HIGH FLY FLOW to Gallows’s back, then a second HIGH FLY FLOW for the win.

Winner: “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi by pinfall (High Fly Flow)

Tanahashi does his air guitar routine to close the show and celebrate his win.

Check back Friday for a recap of Day 3 of the 2014 New Japan G-1 Climax right here on Til then, remember, PURORESU ICHIBAN!!!


Current Standings

A Block

* Hiroshi Tanahashi (2-0) 4 points
* Shelton “X” Benjamin (2-0) 4 points
* Katsuyori Shibata (1-0) 2 points
* Satoshi Kojima (1-1) 2 points
* Yuji Nagata (1-1) 2 points
* Shinsuke Nakamura (1-1) 2 points
* Tomohiro Ishii (1-1) 2 points
* Bad Luck Fale (1-1) 2 points
* Davey Boy Smith Jr. (0-1) 0 points
* Doc Gallows (0-2) 0 points
* Tomoaki Honma (0-2) 0 points

B Block

* Hirooki Goto (2-0) 4 points
* Kazuchika Okada (2-0) 4 points
* Togi Makabe (1-1) 2 points
* Tetsuya Naito (1-1) 2 points
* Hiroyoshi Tenzan (1-1) 2 points
* Toru Yano (1-1) 2 points
* AJ Styles (1-1) 2 points
* Yujiro Takahashi (1-1) 2 points
* Minoru Suzuki (0-1) 0 points
* Lance Archer (0-1) 0 points
* Karl Anderson (0-2) 0 points

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