7/27 NJPW G-1 Climax Day 4 recap (Tanahashi/Shibata)

New Japan Pro Wrestling G-1 Climax 2014 Day 4 iPPV
July 27, 2014
Akita, Japan (Akita Prefectural Gymnasium)
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

A Block: IWGP Intercontinental Champion “The Underboss” Bad Luck Fale vs. NWA Tag Team Champion Satoshi Kojima

Crowd chants for Kojima as the bell sounds. Fale throws Kojima down early. Side headlock and a shoulder tackle by Fale. Kojima with a series of chops and forearms, then applies a side headlock, but Fale with another shoulder tackle. Fale stands on Kojima’s throat, then shoves the ref. They go outside and Fale with a gut shot, then sends Kojima into the barricade and the ringpost. Back in, Fale gets a 1 count. Nerve hold applied by Fale, Kojima gets to the ropes. Another gut shot and a right hand by Fale, then chokes Kojima with his boot in the corner. Kojima avoids a corner charge and hits the rapid-fire chops. Running elbow in the corner by Kojima, but Fale comes right back with an avalanche. Fale with a series of gut shots and crossface shots in the corner, then hits another avalanche. Big splash by Fale for a nearfall. Kojima blocks a clothesline and clotheslines Fale to the outside! Ref begins his 20 count, but Kojima brings Fale back in and heads up top. Top Rope Elbow Drop by Kojima for a nearfall. Kojima with a series of forearms, followed by a rolling elbow. Fale blocks a suplex and hits a slam. Kojima slips out of the Samoan Drop and hits more forearms, but Fale catches him off the ropes with a Spear! Fale this time hits the Samoan Drop for a nearfall. Fale calls for the Bad Luck Fall, but Kojima slips out, hits a kick to Fale’s leg, followed by a basement DDT for a nearfall. Northern Lariat by Kojima, then off comes the elbow pad! Kojima goes for the Lariat, but Fale goozles him. Fale goes for the Grenade, but Kojima fights out and hits a left-arm lariat.


Winner: NWA Tag Team Champion Satoshi Kojima by pinfall (Lariat)

A Block: “The Canadian Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Shelton “X” Benjamin (TAKA at ringside representing both his Suzuki-Gun compadres)

The Suzuki-Gun compadres shake hands as the bell sounds, but then Benjamin with a Uranagi for a nearfall. Dragon Whip by Benjamin for a nearfall. Benjamin goes for Paydirt, but Smith blocks it and hits a T-Bone! Smith stomps away at Benjamin, then stands on his throat. They head outside, but Benjamin sends Smith into the barricade. Benjamin grabs a chair, but TAKA stops him from using it. Smith then nails Benjamin in the ribs and the back with another chair! Smith then chokes Benjamin with the chair as TAKA is asking him to stop. Smith sends Benjamin off the ringside table, then pulls at his face. Back in, Smith gains a nearfall. Nerve hold applied, then Smith switches to a chinlock. Smith with a leg drop for a nearfall. Camel Clutch applied, then Smith transitions into a Sleeper. Smith feigns that Benjamin tapped, but Benjamin fights back. Smith with a knee to the ribs, but Benjamin counters a delayed suplex with a neckbreaker. Strike exchange, Benjamin gains advantage with forearms in the corner. Stinger Splash in the corner by Benjamin, but Smith catches a superkick and hits a clothesline for a nearfall. Knee to the ribs by Smith, followed by a Butterfly for a nearfall. Another knee to the ribs by Smith, then he calls for the Bulldog Bomb. Smith goes for it, but Benjamin takes him down and locks in the Ankle Lock. Smith is close to the ropes, but Benjamin pulls him back to the center and grapevines the leg. Smith thinks about tapping, but gets to his feet and counters out into the Sharpshooter! Benjamin crawls and is able to reach the ropes. Benjamin sidesteps a back body drop attempt, but Smith hits a flying knee. Smith again goes for the Bulldog Bomb, but Benjamin counters out with a back body drop, followed by a superkick. Smith avoids Paydirt again, but Benjamin avoids a big boot.

Benjamin this time hits Paydirt for the win.

Winner: Shelton “X” Benjamin by pinfall (Paydirt)

Both men shake hands again afterwards.

B Block: Minoru Suzuki w/TAKA vs. NWA Tag Team Champion Hiroyoshi Tenzan

Suzuki with a gut kick and backs Tenzan into the ropes early. Overhand chop exchange, then Tenzan with a series of Mongolian Chops. Suzuki with a gut kick, but Tenzan catches another one and hits a shoulder tackle. Tenzan stomps away at Suzuki on the apron, then hits a double sledge and a headbutt. Suzuki then locks Tenzan in a cross armbreaker in the ropes. They head outside and Suzuki sends Tenzan into the barricade multiple times. Suzuki grabs the ring bell and nails Tenzan in the head and the back of the neck with it! Suzuki snapmares Tenzan on the rampway, then hits a PK! Suzuki grabs a chair as the ref begins his count. Tenzan tells the ref about it, forcing Suzuki to drop the chair. Tenzan gets back in, but Suzuki chokes him. Back club and a knee strike by Suzuki. Series of chest kicks by Suzuki, followed by a kick to the back. Suzuki gains a nearfall. Keylock applied, crowd wills on Tenzan. Suzuki switches to a Kimura, but Tenzan gets to the ropes. Tenzan fights back, but Suzuki with a big forearm. Side headlock applied, then Suzuki grabs Tenzan’s hair, but Tenzan with a headbutt. More Mongolian chops by Tenzan, followed by a clothesline in the corner. Tenzan heads up top and hits Calf Branding for a nearfall. Suplex by Tenzan for a nearfall. Suzuki with a series of gut shots and the rapid-fire open hand slaps. Suzuki blocks another Mongolian Chop by Tenzan sends him into the corner. Forearms by Suzuki, followed by a running boot in the corner. Tenzan fights back, but Suzuki with another slap. Tenzan fights back, but Suzuki with another slap and yells at Tenzan to bring it. Tenzan with another Mongolian Chop, but Suzuki with another slap and locks in the Sleeper. Suzuki transitions and goes for the Gotch Piledriver, but Tenzan blocks it. Suzuki with a knee to the face, but Tenzan catches him with the Mountain Bomb for a nearfall. Tenzan goes for the Anaconda Vice, but Suzuki quickly gets to the ropes. Suzuki goes off Tenzan’s blind side and re-applies the Sleeper. Suzuki goes again for the Gotch Piledriver, but Tenzan counters out with a back body drop! Tenzan knocks TAKA off the apron, then hits a spinning heel kick on Suzuki for a nearfall. Tenzan heads up top, but Suzuki avoids the diving headbutt!

Suzuki with a running boot, then locks in Saka Otoshi and Tenzan taps.

Winner: Minoru Suzuki by submission (Saka Otoshi)

B Block: Toru Yano vs. Hirooki Goto

Yano throws his water at Goto, then Goto with a clothesline to Yano as the bell sounds. Yano blocks a German, but Goto avoids a low kick and hits a series of forearms. Yano then takes Goto down by the hair. Goto goes off Yano’s blind side and hits a clothesline. Goto with a series of forearms in the corner, followed by a spinning heel kick and a Backdrop Driver for a nearfall. Goto hits the Ushikoroshi, then goes for Shouten Kai, but Yano sends him into the ref.

Goto avoids it, but Yano with a low blow and hooks Goto in Akakari for the win.

Winner: Toru Yano by pinfall (Akakari)

A Block: “The Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii vs. Tomoaki Honma

Ishii with a side headlock, but no one goes down off a shoulder tackle. Ishii with a shoulder tackle, then they exchange forearms, with Ishii gaining advantage. Honma then with a shoulder tackle, but Ishii avoids the falling headbutt. Ishii with a series of chops, then kicks at Honma. Honma fights back, but it has no effect on Ishii. Ishii with a big chop that knocks down Honma. Ishii with a series of headbutts, then both block each other’s suplex attempts until Honma hits one. Honma with a series of chops in the corner, followed by a running elbow and a bulldog, but Ishii again avoids the falling headbutt. Long chop exchange ensues, Honma gains advantage and knocks down Ishii, then hits the falling headbutt! Crowd chants for Honma. Honma with a series of forearms, but Ishii fires up and gets in Honma’s face! Ishii with a big forearm that knocks Honma down. Backdrop Driver by Ishii for a nearfall. Ishii with a clothesline in the corner, but Honma fires out with a clothesline of his own. Piledriver by Honma for a nearfall. Honma runs into a boot twice in the corner by Ishii, but comes back with a back elbow. Honma blocks a German, then spikes Ishii with a DDT. Both clothesline each other at the same time multiple times, with Honma getting the better of Ishii on the third attempt. Slam, then Honma heads up top, but Ishii avoids Kokeshi! They head up top and Ishii hits the delayed superplex for a nearfall. Honma blocks a powerbomb, but Ishii with a headbutt. Ishii this time hits the powerbomb for a nearfall. Honma slips out of the Brainbuster, HONMA CLUTCH, but Ishii kicks out! Honma then hits Ishii with a release German. Honma with another clothesline and a Brainbuster of his own, but Ishii kicks out AGAIN! Ishii slips out of the Pillar Crash, then blocks a clothesline and hits the rapid-fire forearms. Honma fights back with rapid-fire slaps, then Ishii with an enziguri, but HONMA SHRUGS IT OFF!! Ishii then nails Honma with a big clothesline, but HONMA KICKS OUT!!

Ishii this time hits the Brainbuster for the win.

Winner: “The Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii by pinfall (Brainbuster)

B Block: “The American Psycho” Lance Archer w/TAKA vs. “The Unchained Gorilla” Togi Makabe

Archer backs Makabe into the corner and piefaces him. Archer with a side headlock, but no one goes down off a shoulder tackle. Archer then with a shoulder tackle, but misses a clothesline and Makabe clotheslines Archer to the outside. Makabe sends Archer into the barricade and the ringpost. Back in, Archer kicks at Makabe’s leg, then sends him off the top turnbuckle from the apron. Archer sends Makabe into the barricade multiple times. Soccer kick to the ribs by Archer, then he goes into the crowd to menace the fans. Makabe sent off the apron, then again into the barricade. Back in, Archer with a shoulder tackle for a nearfall. Archer shoves the ref, then hits a short-arm clothesline on Makabe. Archer with right hands from the mount for a nearfall. Archer pulls at Makabe’s face, then applies a head and arm lock. Makabe fights back with forearms, but then Archer hits the F’N Slam for a nearfall. Archer with right hands, but Makabe yells at him to hit him harder. Archer with a headbutt, followed by a slam and a big splash for a nearfall. Makabe pops right up and gets in Archer’s face! Makabe with right hands and 2 corner clotheslines, followed by the 10 punches in the corner. Archer blocks the Northern Lights, then both avoid each other’s clotheslines until Makabe with a left-arm lariat for a nearfall. Archer with a facebuster across the knee, followed by a clothesline for a nearfall. Makabe avoids a charge and hits another corner clothesline, then this time hits the Northern Lights, but Archer KICKS OUT AT ONE!! Makabe heads up top, but Archer avoids the King Kong Knee Drop! Makabe fights out of a Chokeslam, but Archer hits the Texas Tornado for a nearfall. They head up top and Archer goes for the Blackout, but Makabe slips out. Archer with a big boot, then hits Dark Days. Makabe’s eyes roll back in his head and the ref keeps Archer back, seeing if Makabe can continue. Archer goes to the middle rope to taunt the crowd, but then Makabe pops up and crotches Archer on the ropes. Makabe goes up with Archer and hits the Spider German!

Makabe this time hits the King Kong Knee Drop for the win.

Winner: “The Unchained Gorilla” Togi Makabe by pinfall (King Kong Knee Drop)

A Block: “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura vs. “Blue Justice” Yuji Nagata

Chain wrestling early until we have a stalemate. More chain wrestling, then Nakamura rubs his face against Nagata’s stomach. Exchange of back heel trips, but both avoid each other’s head kicks. Test of Strength, then they exchange forearms. Nagata gains advantage, hitting a knee to the ribs and a chest kick that knocks down Nakamura. Nakamura sweeps out Nagata’s leg, then hits a sliding knee to the face. Nakamura places Nagata across the apron and hits a running knee to the ribs. Back in, Nakamura with a snapmare into a chinlock. Leaping knee drop by Nakamura for a nearfall. Nakamura kicks at Nagata, then hits a big knee to the ribs. Nakamura with another knee to the ribs of Nagata, then does the shaky boot dealy-a-bob. Nakamura charges in, but Nagata catches him with a kitchen sink. Series of chest kicks by Nagata in the corner, then hits a running boot in the corner. Nakamura blocks the Exploder of Justice, but Nagata with another knee to the ribs. Nagata avoids a clothesline, then feigns a leg sweep and hits a dropkick to the knees of Nakamura. Exploder of Justice by Nagata for a nearfall. Nakamura blocks a suplex, but Nagata with another knee to the ribs. Nagata avoids a head kick, but Nakamura with a back heel kick. Nakamura kicks and paintbrushes Nagata, then the two go nose-to-nose. Nakamura with a gut kick, then kicks at Nagata some more. Nagata with a series of HUGE slaps and knees to the ribs in the corner, followed by knees to the face when Nakamura is slumped down. Nagata charges in, but Nakamura catches him with a flying kick. Nakamura with a series of kicks and forearms and knees in the corner. More kicks and knees by Nakamura, followed by an enziguri. Nakamura places Nagata across the top turnbuckle and hits a running knee to the ribs, followed by a reverse suplex. Nakamura goes for the Boma-Ye, but Nagata avoids it and locks in Nagata Lock III! Nakamura spins out and locks in a cross armbreaker, then switches to a Triangle. Nagata gets out and locks in the Fujiwara armbar with the eyes rolling back in his head! Nakamura gets to the ropes. Nagata with kicks to the arm, followed by a running boot and the Justice Knee in the corner. They head up top, but Nakamura with forearms. Nagata fires back, but Nakamura headbutts him off. Nagata gets back on the ropes, but Nakamura drops down to the apron and hits an enziguri. Nakamura goes to the middle rope, 2ND ROPE BOMA-YE!! Another strike exchange, Nakamura gains advantage with the Superman forearm. Nagata with a big slap, but Nakamura with a knee to the ribs. Nagata then avoids 2 head kicks and hits a spinning heel kick. Release German by Nagata, followed by a big boot. Nakamura slips out of the Backdrop Hold, but Nagata with a Justice Knee to the back of Nakamura’s head in the corner. BACKDROP HOLD!! 1-2….NAKAMURA KICKS OUT!! Nagata goes for another Backdrop Hold, but Nakamura blocks it. Nagata goes for a Wrist-Clutch Exploder of Justice, but Nakamura blocks that also. Nagata with a headbutt, but Nakamura fights out of another Wrist-Clutch Exploder of Justice attempt with a knee to the head! Sliding Kick by Nakamura, BOMA-YE!!! 1-2……….NAGATA KICKS OUT!!


Winner: “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura by pinfall (Boma-Ye)

B Block: IWGP Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “The Stardust Genius” Tetsuya Naito

Naito has a bandage above his right eye from being busted open in Day 3 in his match with Toru Yano. Crowd chants for Naito as the bell sounds. Naito blocks Styles into the ropes and shoves him. Styles sends Naito to the outside. Back in, Styles works over Naito’s arm. Naito reverses out, but Styles regains control. Naito tries to again reverse out, but Styles takes him down in a side headlock. Naito tries to Irish whip out, but Styles maintains the hold. Naito fights out and hits a back suplex, but Styles re-applies the hold. Styles slips of another back suplex and hits a chop, but Naito catches him with a dropkick and mocks Styles’s pose. Naito with a side headlock takeover. Styles tries to Irish whip out, but now its Naito who maintains the hold. Styles gets out and hits the Phenomenal Dropkick. Naito’s cut has been re-opened and Styles goes right after the open wound with elbows. Styles with a slam and a leaping knee drop, then RIPS OFF THE BANDAGE!! Styles taunts the crowd as Naito is bleeding again. Naito fights back, but Styles with an eye poke. Naito sends Styles to the apron, but Styles hits the springboard forearm. Backbreaker by Styles for a nearfall. Chinlock applied, then Styles with another elbow to the open wound. Styles taunts the crowd again, then re-applies the chinlock, Naito gets to the ropes. Styles with a stomp to the open wound, then shows off the blood of Naito on his glove. Naito blocks a suplex and hits a series of forearms, but Styles with a big forearm. Naito sidesteps a back body drop attempt, but Styles with a back elbow. Styles charges in, but Naito back body drops him over the ropes and to the outside. Naito goes to the apron, but Styles sweeps out his leg, sending Naito face-first off the apron! Both men then clothesline each other on the outside. Ref begins his 20 count and both men get in just BARELY before the count of 20! Naito avoids a back elbow by Styles and hits a hiptoss, followed by a sliding dropkick. Snapmare by Naito, followed by a running senton. Naito heads up top and hits a missile dropkick. They head up top, but Styles slips out of a superplex and sweeps out Naito’s leg, sending him crashing to the mat! Styles then SNAP SUPLEXES NAITO INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!! Styles goes for the Styles Clash, but Naito blocks it, then slips out, but Styles nails him with the Pele Kick! BLOODY SUNDAY, then Styles makes his kill shot. Styles goes again for the Styles Clash, but Naito again blocks it and drives Styles into the corner. Naito with a running dropkick in the corner, then goes to the apron and hits a slingshot dropkick to Styles in the corner. They head back up top, but Styles blocks a Super Rana. Styles goes for a Super Styles Clash, but Naito fights out. Naito catches Styles leaping off the top with a dropkick, then hits a German for a nearfall. Styles with a series of strikes, but Naito avoids a discus clothesline and hits an enziguri, followed by a flying forearm. Naito hits Gloria, then heads up top.


Winner: “The Stardust Genius” Tetsuya Naito by pinfall (Stardust Press)

B Block: “The Machine Gun” Karl Anderson vs. “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada w/Gedo

Anderson attacks Okada before the bell as Okada is posing on the turnbuckles. Anderson then Okada’s pose. Okada comes back with a big boot. Snapmare, followed by a sliding kick by Okada that sends Anderson to the outside. Okada goes out after him and puts Anderson’s head in one of the bars of the barricade and pulls back on his head with a chinlock. Anderson sent off the apron. Back in, Anderson with a shoulder to the ribs from the apron, but Okada blocks a suplex to the outside and goes to the apron with Anderson. Okada with a boot, but Anderson with a flying kick that knocks Okada off the apron and into the barricade! Ref begins his 20 count, but Anderson goes outside and hot-shots Okada across the barricade multiple times. Ref begins the count again and Okada just BARELY gets back in. Anderson with a backbreaker, then applies a chinlock with his knee driven into Okada’s back, crowd wills on Okada. Anderson with a back elbow for a nearfall. Anderson rakes his boot and his elbow against Okada’s face, then re-applies the chinlock. Okada fights back, but Anderson with a back club and an uppercut. Anderson avoids the Picture-Perfect Dropkick, but Okada avoids a back senton. Okada avoids a clothesline by Anderson and hits a DDT. Okada with a back elbow and a big boot, followed by a one-man flapjack and a kip-up. Anderson runs into a back elbow, then Okada avoids a charge, places Anderson up top and hits the Picture-Perfect Dropkick, knocking Anderson off the ropes and to the outside. Okada sends Anderson into the barricade, then hits a running boot that sends Anderson into the crowd. Okada then hits a draping DDT to Anderson on the outside! Back in, Okada with a slam, then heads up top and hits the top rope elbow drop. Okada calls for the Rainmaker, but Anderson blocks it. Anderson charges in, but Okada catches him. Anderson slips out of the Emerald Frosion across the knee, then hits a running sit-out powerbomb on Okada for a nearfall. Anderson heads up top and hits a leaping neckbreaker for a nearfall. Okada slips out of the Bernard Driver, but Anderson fights out of a German and this time hits the Bernard Driver for a nearfall. Anderson goes for the Gun-Stun, but Okada slips out and hits the Picture-Perfect Dropkick! Strike exchange from their knees, then when they get to their feet, then they exchange uppercuts. Anderson goes off Okada’s blind side, but Okada slips out of another Gun-Stun attempt and hits the Picture-Perfect Dropkick to the back of Anderson’s head! Okada lifts Anderson up and hits the Tombstone! Okada goes for the Rainmaker, then blocks another Gun-Stun attempt when Anderson tries to counter with that. Anderson avoids another Rainmaker, then Okada slips out of another Gun-Stun attempt.

They go to a backslide position, but Anderson strikes first with the Gun-Stun for the win.

Winner: “The Machine Gun” Karl Anderson by pinfall (Gun-Stun)

Main Event in A Block: “The Mad Dog” Katsuyori Shibata vs. “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi

Big fight feel for this one between two real-life rivals. Feeling out process early. Shibata backs Tanahashi into the ropes and shoves him. Shibata then with a big slap. Tanahashi responds with one of his own. They go nose-to-nose and exchange forearms, Shibata gains advantage. Shibata avoids a dropkick, but Tanahashi avoids the PK and a dropkick in the corner by Shibata, rolling out to the outside. Tanahashi plays cat & mouse with Shibata, dropkicking Shibata off the apron, then wiping him out with a slingshot plancha! Back in, Tanahashi with kicks to Shibata’s leg, followed by an elbow drop to the leg. More kicks to the leg by Tanahashi, followed by a forearm and a dropkick to the knees of Shibata. Tanahashi charges in, but Shibata avoids it, causing Tanahashi to go across the top turnbuckle. Shibata then with a soccer kick to the ribs of Tanahashi, sending him to the outside! Shibata sends Tanahashi into the barricade, then hits a running boot that sends Tanahashi and himself into the crowd! Shibata then SUPLEXES TANAHASHI ON THE FLOOR!! Back in, Shibata with a kick to the back of Tanahashi and a chest kick. Tanahashi fights back with gut shots, but Shibata with a spinning back kick. Shibata runs into double boots, then Tanahashi avoids a running boot in the corner. Tanahashi with a flying forearm and a slam, then goes to the middle rope and hits a senton bomb for a nearfall. Tanahashi off the ropes, but Shibata catches him with a kitchen sink. Shibata unloads with forearms and uppercuts to Tanahashi in the corner, but Tanahashi with a running dropkick in the corner! Shibata shrugs it off and unloads with more forearms in the corner. Shibata charges in and hits the hesitation dropkick in the corner! Butterfly by Shibata for a nearfall. Shibata avoids a right hand and hooks in a Sleeper, but Tanahashi counters out with a release German. Shibata POPS RIGHT UP and hits his own release German! Shibata goes for the PK, but Tanahashi catches it and hits 2 Dragon Screws! Cloverleaf applied by Tanahashi, then pulls Shibata back to the center when Shibata gets close to the ropes. Shibata crawls again and is able to reach the ropes to force a break. Another Dragon Screw by Tanahashi, but Shibata avoids the Slingblade and re-applies the Sleeper, Tanahashi gets to the ropes, but Shibata with a chest kick. Tanahashi avoids another PK attempt and hits the Slingblade. Tanahashi turns Shibata onto his belly, then heads up top, HIGH FLY FLOW!! Tanahashi turns Shibata onto his back and heads back up top for another High Fly Flow, but SHIBATA GETS THE KNEES UP!! Strike exchange from their knees, then when they get to their feet, Shibata gains advantage, but Tanahashi with a big slap and a series of uppercuts. SPINNING BACK CHOP TO THE FACE by SHIBATA!! Tanahashi counters a Go 2 Sleep attempt with an inside cradle, the same way he beat Shibata last year in their Decision Match in G-1, but SHIBATA KICKS OUT! Shibata blocks a Dragon, then hits the Go 2 Sleep!

PK!! 1-2-3!

Winner: “The Mad Dog” Katsuyori Shibata by pinfall (PK)

Check back Monday for a recap of Day 5 of the 2014 New Japan G-1 Climax right here on Wrestleview.com. Til then, remember, PURORESU ICHIBAN!!!


Current Standings

A Block

* Shelton “X” Benjamin (4-0) 8 points
* Hiroshi Tanahashi (3-1) 6 points
* Katsuyori Shibata (2-1) 4 points
* Shinsuke Nakamura (2-1) 4 points
* Bad Luck Fale (2-2) 4 points
* Satoshi Kojima (2-2) 4 points
* Tomohiro Ishii (2-2) 4 points
* Doc Gallows (1-2) 2 points
* Davey Boy Smith Jr. (1-2) 2 points
* Yuji Nagata (1-3) 2 points
* Tomoaki Honma (0-4) 0 points

B Block

* Hirooki Goto (3-1) 6 points
* Kazuchika Okada (3-1) 6 points
* Tetsuya Naito (3-1) 6 points
* Hiroyoshi Tenzan (2-2) 4 points
* Togi Makabe (2-2) 4 points
* Toru Yano (2-2) 4 points
* AJ Styles (1-2) 4 points
* Lance Archer (1-2) 2 points
* Yujiro Takahashi (1-2) 2 points
* Minoru Suzuki (1-2) 2 points
* Karl Anderson (1-3) 2 points

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