Pat Laprade talks his book on history of Montreal wrestling

Pat Laprade (@PatLaprade) talks about his book on the history of Montreal wrestling “Mad Dogs, Midgets & Screwjobs”, the original Montreal screwjob in 1931, the long process it took to make the book, why at some points wrestling in Montreal was just as big as hockey, the importance of promoters Jack Ganson & Eddie Quinn, the infamous NWA Title controversy in 1957, the promotional war between All-Star and Grand Prix, importance of the Vachon & Rougeau families, how important was the Jacques Rougeau/Hulk Hogan match in 1997, the Montreal Screwjob in 1997, Montreal’s independent scene over the last decade, why NCW Femme Fatales has done a lot for women’s wrestling, the success of Kevin Steen & Sami Zayn, the importance of LuFisto to current-day women’s wrestling, response to a recent article done by Pat on inter-gender wrestling, future plans and so much more!

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