Vince Russo attempts to start online angle with Jim Cornette

Vince Russo recently made an attempt to reach out to Jim Cornette through an intermediary with the idea that they could work together to do an internet feud to make money off of. According to a report by Dave Meltzer, Cornette said that the intermediary representing Russo (who he described as a “non-paid stooge) reached out to Alice Radley (who co-hosts a podcast with Cornette) to say that “big money” could be made in working a feud online.

No one directly approached Cornette about the idea. At one point Rob Feinstein reportedly offered both Russo and Cornette $5,000 to do a video together and Cornette turned the offer down. Cornette has publicly stated there wasn’t enough money to get him to turn their differences into an angle and added, “I would turn to crime before I helped him make another dime off the wrestling business.”

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter