Frankie Kazarian on leaving TNA, ROH roster and Adam Cole

Steve Gerweck passed this along.

Frankie Kazarian talks Russo, Carter, Jarrett, Bischoff, Styles, Hogan, and more


In this special edition of the Gerweck Report podcast, Steve Gerweck and Frank Dee welcome former TNA X-division and tag team champion <a href=””>Frank Kazarian</a> for an exclusive interview.


– On why he is no longer with TNA, “still to this day, I have no idea .. other than being told they were going in a different direction”
– The state of tag team wrestling in the business
– On AJ Styles leaving TNA, “I was astonished TNA didn’t do everything to keep him .. I’m astonished Chris Sabin left to”
– On ROH: “Best roster in wrestling right now!”
– On Adam Cole: “light years ahead of where he should be at this age”
– The transition from TNA to WWE, and went went wrong with his WWE stint
– Training with John Cena, Samoa Joe, and Christoper Daniels in UPW
– Four sided ring vs. six sided ring
– Wrestling needing to be more edgy
– Political correctness
– On Vince Russo: “I don’t think his emphasis is on wrestling enough”
– On TNA not acknowledging Russo was working for the company: “have the balls to say Vince Russo is writing your show”
– On Russo and Spike TV taking jabs at each other: “It’s like we are children again”
– What was Russo watching backstage at a TNA PPV?
– On his relationship with Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan
– His opinion of Dixie Carter, personally and professionally
– How the creative process has changed over the years in TNA
– Thoughts on the Aces and Eights faction
– Thoughts on Jeff Jarrett starting a new wrestling promotion
– Why WWE doesn’t hire more former TNA talent
– Would Frankie be interested in signing a WWE developmental deal?
– On poor TNA attendance figures: “A lot of people didn’t even know we were in town!”
– Frankie’s opinion of the WWE Network
– TNA’s future
– Update on Traci Brooks
– Frankie’s opinion of Sons of Anarchy and Star Wars!
– And much more!

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