has a new article where they interview Matt Hardy about his career in WWE, TNA and ROH. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On possible return to WWE: 

“I know there’s guys I talk to here and there with WWE and sometimes I hear about the stresses or the pressures or I even think about when (CM) Punk left or the deal when (Alberto) Del Rio left. I was like, ‘man, it can be such a pressure cooker there, so stressful.’ Trust me, I know there’s no power like their TV and it’s great to perform in front of those audiences and just be a part of that WWE machine but there’s just such a stress and there’s such a pressure that comes with it and there’s so much politics. Now, I do some really cool stuff. It’s not as glamorous as being in the WWE, but the fact of the matter is I’m having fun and I’m still being able to do what was my dream as a child and that’s be a professional wrestler. And I’m still making fantastic money. I have no complaints on that end.”

On wanting to work behind-the-scenes in the future with TNA:

“To have the canvas of something like an Impact Wrestling, something that had TV and be able to be a creative input guy and come up with stuff, I would love to and I would be up for that challenge.” Matt Hardy finding success and fun in his post-WWE career