Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
November 12, 2014
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We see video highlighting what took place on the first 2 episodes of Lucha Underground, with the Crenshaw Crew, Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo, Blue Demon Jr., Chavo Guerrero, Mil Muertes and Sexy Star.

We go backstage with Konnan in Dario Cueto’s office. Konnan says that this place as everybody coming out of the woodworks. Wait til you see the guys that I’m bringing you from Mexico. These are some of the best the country has to offer. There’s Fenix, Pentagon Jr. and Drago. These luchadores, they are on point like a decimal.

Cueto asks Konnan if the rumors of visa problems with those guys are not true.

Konnan says he had a couple of issues at the border, but its been handled. You know Dario, you talk about wanting the best fighters in the world, but in all actuality, without these boys, you don’t have much of a league.

Cueto asks if they are ready to fight tonight.

Konnan says yes, they stay ready so they don’t have to get ready.

Cueto says he will put them all in a match against each other, may the best man win.

Konnan says that sounds real good.

We go into the Temple, with Vampiro saying on commentary that after last week’s attack by Chavo Guerrero, Blue Demon is in stable condition in the hospital and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Ring announcer Melissa Santos introduces Dario Cueto, who makes his way to the ring. Cueto says welcome to my temple. Cueto is in the ring with a tall, masked unknown luchadore. Cueto says he has been hearing people say that there isn’t enough lucha in Lucha Underground. Cueto mocks those people, then says that if there is one thing he does, its giving people what they want. You want lucha? I got lucha for you. “Lucha” chants by the crowd. Cueto introduces the masked luchador, who is known as El Mariachi Loco. Cueto says that not only does he play a mean trumpet, but he is crazy. I discovered him on the street myself at my favorite Mexican resturant. And after he wins his match, maybe he’ll play a nice song for you all. “Play a song” chants by the crowd. Cueto says he will impress you all with his luchadore skills because there is no challenge too big for El Mariachi Loco. Cueto leaves as we go to our opening match.

El Mariachi Loco vs. Mascarita Sagrada

Sagrada is a famed mini wrestler from the AAA promotion. Loco laughs at having to face Sagrada as the bell sounds. Loco makes fun of Sagrada’s height by wanting a Test of Strength. Loco goes to his knees and puts his hands behind his back, giving Sagrada a free shot, which Sagrada takes by nailing Loco with a windmill kick. Sagrada with a stomp, Loco misses a clothesline and Sagrada with a satelitte headscissors. Sagrada uses the ropes to his advantage, hitting a lucha armdrag. Wheelbarrow into another lucha armdrag by Sagrada sends Loco to the outside. Sagrada with a head of steam and he wipes out Loco with a tope con hijo! Back in, Loco with a big boot to Sagrada. Loco taunts the crowd as Sagrada rolls out onto the apron. Sagrada with a shoulder to the ribs, then heads up top and hits Loco with a rana. Wheelbarrow victory roll by Sagrada for a nearfall. Loco with another boot that knocks down Sagrada. Loco ragdolls Sagrada, then locks him in a chinlock. Crowd wills on Sagrada. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Loco, but he pulls up Sagrada on the pin attempt. Loco with a jab, then does some dancing before hitting Sagrada with a superkick. More dancing by Loco, then hits Sagrada with a one-man flapjack. Loco stands on Sagrada’s chest for a nearfall. Loco heads up top, but takes too much time as Sagrada moves out of the way off a senton bomb. Tilt-a-whirl DDT by Sagrada for a nearfall.

Sagrada with a front gulliotine choke applied, then switches to an inside cradle on Loco for the win.

Winner: Mascarita Sagrada by pinfall (Inside Cradle)

Sagrada celebrates his win afterwards, but then Chavo Guerrero runs in and lays out Sagrada with a big boot. Chavo throws Sagrada into the corner and nails Sagrada with a clothesline, then chokes him. Chavo stands tall as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we see video of Chavo Guerrero’s attacks on Blue Demon Jr. & Sexy Star last week, and now Mascarita Sagrada earlier on this week’s show.

We go backstage to a sit-down interview conducted earlier today with Vampiro interviewing Chavo Guerrero.

Vampiro brings up his belief that Chavo has been riding on the coattails of the Guerrero name and hasn’t really done anything himself. Who is Chavo Guerrero today and what are you gonna do here in Lucha Underground?

Chavo says that my father was a legend, my uncle was a legend, my grandfather, Gory Guerrero, practically invented Lucha Libre. I’ve been representing the family, La Familia Guerrero, I’ve been doing it their way out of respect. But now, I’m doing things my way.

Vampiro brings up Chavo losing to Blue Demon Jr. on the debut episode, then attacking him last week with a chair.

Chavo says that the only reason Blue Demon Jr. is a legend isn’t because of what he did, hell no it wasn’t, it was because of what his daddy did. His daddy was the one that passed on his mask to Blue Demon Jr.

Vampiro says Chavo almost killed Demon.

Chavo says that have you not seen what the Guerrero family is actually about? What we actually do? If we don’t like you, we put you out and that’s what I did to Blue Demon. Blue Demon came in, living off his dad’s legacy, you’ve seen him in the ring. Even in his prime, even when he was the best that he ever was, he still sucked. You know, everybody at the El Rey Network thinks that Blue Demon is this pot of gold, cash cow. They thought he was a huge marketing piece when they brought him in. And they thought “Oh, Chavo Guerrero, people know him, they’ll watch, he’ll get some viewers.” You know what? I’m tired of that, I’m tired of anybody who actually thinks that they can just bring me in to be the opponent, they can kiss my ass. The reason I came to Lucha Underground was to make myself a star. Dario Cueto, he says that he wants violence. Well Dario, I’m your man.

Vampiro says Chavo has been a champion everywhere he has gone, what are you talking about?

Chavo says that yeah, I’ve been a champion, but I haven’t been a champion here in Lucha Underground and if I got to put a legend in the hospital to do that, then I will.

Vampiro asks Chavo what he would say & do if Blue Demon was sitting here right now.

Chavo says that he doesn’t hate Blue Demon, but I hate that for one second, I thought that you better than me. But now Blue Demon, you know who’s better, me, I’m better than you. Chavo Guerrero is here in Lucha Underground to stay and to dominate.


Back from commercial, we go backstage where Konnan walks up to Chavo Guerrero. Konnan says that he & Chavo go back a long time and to me, you’ve always been like familia. So, I’m gonna put you up on game. La Raza and Mexico, they found out about what you did to Blue Demon and its only a matter of time before they find out what you did to Mascarita. The streets, they’re talking, so, I’m gonna give you some advice. If I were you, I’d dip, become extinct, like a comprehsive immigration bill or more like a ghost, poof. They’re coming.

Konnan walks off, then we see the lights flicker and Mil Muertes stand in front of Chavo.

Muertes walks off, then the lights flicker and we see Catrina.

Catrina says that Chavo took something that doesn’t belong to him, just know, that he never forgets and one day, someday, you too will belong to Mil Muertes. Catrina gives Chavo the taste of a thousand deaths on his neck and walks off.

Chavo wipes off his neck and walks off.

Before the next match, we see another vignette on Mil Muertes. Death is a debt we must all pay, Mil Muertes knows this better than anyone. Catrina says that on September 19, 1985, a 8.1 magnitude earthquake shocked Mexico City. Thousands of lives lost on that day, including Mil’s entire family. Mil was buried alive in the rubble. A 7-year old child, alone in the darkness for days, thinking death was coming, but he didn’t feel fear, he felt comfort. Being at the brink of death is where he belonged and when he finally emerged, he brought all that death with him because the coldness in death is where he found warmth, found strength. Before the earthquake, his name was Pasqual Mendoza, but after rising from the ruins, he became Mil Muertes. A thousand deaths are coming. We see in the vignette, a 7-year old Mil Muertes pick up a diamond, the same diamond he has Catrina now carry to the ring. Mil & Catrina walk off in the vignette to end it.

Ricky Mandel vs. “The Man of a Thousand Deaths” Mil Muertes w/Catrina

Mandel avoids Muertes early. Muertes with a back elbow and throws down Mandel. Muertes with a back club, but Mandel slips out of a slam. Mandel with a series of right hands and a clothesline, but Muertes does not go down. Mandel off the ropes, but Muertes drills him with a Spear. Mandel sent off the turnbuckles multiple times and Muertes with a series of chops and right hands. Muertes distracts the ref, allowing Catrina to rake the eyes of Mandel. Mandel fights back with gut shots, but Muertes with another back club. Another chop by Muertes, but Mandel avoids a corner charge and hits a dropkick. Mandel sent onto the apron, but hits a series of right hands. Mandel heads up top and leaps off, but Muertes nails him on the way down with a big right hand.

Muertes then takes Mandel straight to hell for the win.

Winner: “The Man of a Thousand Deaths” Mil Muertes by pinfall (Straight to Hell)

Afterwards, Catrina licks the face of the fallen Mandel, then she & Muertes celebrate his win with a kiss.

Backstage, we see the Crenshaw Crew outside Dario Cueto’s office. All of a sudden, Johnny Mundo walks in and tells them he is here to see Cueto. Crenshaw Crew says Cueto is busy, then asks Mundo if he’s got the password. Mundo nails Cisco with a superkick, then drives Castro into the wall. Mundo lays out the Crenshaw Crew with right hands, then comes in Cueto’s office. Cueto backs off, then Mundo says for him to relax. The past is the past, I’m here to work with you. Now, I hear you want violence. Give me a match with Big Rick next week and I’ll give you violence. Cueto says Mundo has his match in the main event next week. Mundo thanks Cueto, then goes to leave, but stops and says that when he is done with Big Rick, Cueto is next. Mundo leaves as Cueto ponders what to do.


Back from commercial, we see Cueto in his office again, this time handing money over to Big Rick. Rick says he told Cueto that he doesn’t fight for free, so its gonna cost him more. Cueto hands Rick more money and says if that is not enough, I’ll write you a check. I don’t care how much it costs, next week, Johnny Mundo goes to the hospital. Rick is happy about the amount of money he was given and leaves.

We see another vignette on Prince Puma.


Main Event in a Triple Threat Match: Fenix vs. Drago vs. Pentagon Jr.

All three of these luchadores are from the AAA promotion in Mexico. Drago wears blue ring attire and mask with a black, Gene Simmons-style tongue. Pentagon is dressed in black & white gear and mask. Fenix is dressed in red & white ring attire and mask.

“This is Lucha” chants by the crowd before the bell. Pentagon goes for a boot on Fenix as the bell sounds, but Fenix blocks it, then nails Drago with a superkick, sending Drago to the outside. Pentagon then with a superkick to Fenix, turning him inside out and sending Fenix to the outside. Pentagon with a head of steam and wipes out both Fenix & Drago with a flip dive! Pentagon with another head of steam, but Fenix catches him coming in with an enziguri! Drago with a boot to Pentagon, sending him to the outside. Back in, Drago with a superkick to Fenix. Drago with a head of steam and wipes out Pentagon with a Tornillo! Fenix heads up top and wipes out both Drago & Pentagon with a Hector Garza-style twisting corkscrew plancha! Back in, Drago & Fenix avoid kicks from one another. Fenix with a gut kick, but Drago sweeps out his leg. Drago with a Tiger flip over Fenix, then hits a satelitte DDT. Pentagon in, Drago misses a clothesline and Pentagon nails him with a Slingblade. Drago avoids a basement head kick by Pentagon, but Pentagon hits him with a basement superkick, sending Drago to the outside. Pentagon misses a clothesline on Fenix and Fenix hits an overhand chop, then applies a knucklelock. Fenix springs off the ropes multiple times and takes down Pentagon with a lucha armdrag. Drago grabs at Fenix’s leg from the outside, but Fenix kicks him off. Fenix off the ropes and as Pentagon throws him up high for a Pop-Up Powerbomb, Fenix does a full rotation and takes over Pentagon with a rana! WOW!

Fenix misses a clothesline on Drago and Drago with a series of savate kicks to the ribs, then goes off the ropes and hits a Blockbuster-style flipping DDT on Fenix! Pentagon grabs Drago and hits a half-nelson Michinoku Driver for a nearfall! Pentagon misses a clothesline on Fenix and Fenix with a savate kick to the ribs. Fenix off the ropes, back handspring cutter to Pentagon! All 3 men down, referee Rick Knox begins his 10 count. They get up by the count of 8. Pentagon sent onto the apron, then Fenix crotches Drago on the turnbuckles. Drago is placed in the Tree of Woe as Pentagon heads up top. Fenix goes to the apron, but Pentagon nails him with a slap. Fenix springboards, gets his footing and takes down Pentagon with a Super Rana! Drago gets out of the Tree of Woe, then hits a wheelbarrow victory roll on Fenix, but Fenix rolls through it, however, he rolls through right into the waiting arms of Pentagon, who nails Fenix with a backstabber, sending Fenix to the outside. Fenix climbs up the steps of the temple as Drago & Pentagon exchange strikes in the ring. Pentagon with a big overhand chop to Drago. Another big chop by Pentagon. Pentagon misses a clothesline and Drago with a lucha armdrag that sends Pentagon to the outside. Drago with a head of steam and wipes out Pentagon with a corkscrew plancha! We see Fenix all the way on top of the balcony in the Temple. Drago & Pentagon get to their feet and Fenix DIVES OFF THE TOP OF THE BALCONY, WIPING THEM OUT WITH A CROSSBODY!!

“This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Back in, Drago avoids a corner charge by Fenix, sending Fenix shoulder-first into the ringpost. Pentagon with a spinning back kick to the ribs of Drago, then lifts him up and DRILLS him with a running Package Piledriver! Fenix then grabs Drago, lifts him up and DRILLS him with a Curtain Call Michinoku Driver!

Reverse Rana by Fenix to Pentagon for the win.

Winner: Fenix by pinfall (Reverse Rana)

Fenix celebrates his win afterward.

We go backstage to Dario Cueto’s office where he is pacing back and forth. Cueto says to himself that Johnny Mundo thinks he can threaten me, Dario Cueto, and get away with it? I will not be intimidated by anyone, not even you. We see a shadowy figure walk in as Cueto is holding a key to something as the show closes.