TNA founder and CEO of Global Force Wrestling Jeff Jarrett took part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Tuesday. Here are some highlights:

If Global Force Wrestling will be a company or distributor for New Japan:

“In short, both… We will have our own productions/shows/promotions as well as partner with promotions from around the world…”

What he thinks about Kurt Angle:

“Top 5 in ring performers of all time…Great husband and dad…”

On being tag team champions with Owen Hart:

“Best partner I ever had in wrestling…. And, the best friend that I ever had in wrestling…”

On the recent controversy of wrestlers getting injured by the Styles Clash:

“I’ve seen him do it for over 12 years.. We all take risks every time we step into the ring… We all have to know how to protect ourself…”

His relationship with Vince McMahon and thoughts on WWE:

“Always had a good business relationship with him… His father and my father go way, way back…Leader in the marketplace by far… Can’t argue with that … But the owner himself is not happy with his shows and that says a lot…”

If he plans to sign former WWE talent for GFW:

“Not necessarily… I’m much more excited about all the “undiscovered talent” that is available…”

If GFW plans to have a weekly television show with a network:

“Stay tuned.. Lots and lots of things come in to play–talent, sponsors, venues, distribution, finances, legal…”

His favorite memories from WWE, WCW and TNA:

“Matches with Michaels.. World Title runs… Loved the early days and my series of matches with Angle…”

His thoughts on CM Punk signing with the UFC:

“Great for UFC… Respect Punk for pursuing his dream… Win or lose, Punk wins bc he followed his heart and passion…”

You can check out the full AMA at the link below.

Reddit: I’m Jeff Jarrett, ask me about New Japan’s WrestleKingdom9! @RealJeffJarrett @GFWWrestling