Lucha Underground Results – 12/17/14 (Fenix vs. Muertes)

Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
December 17, 2014
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We see video highlighting last week’s main event.

We go inside the Temple where 10 men are already in the ring for a match. Dario Cueto comes out and says that these wrestlers would be part of an epic event where the winner would be eligible for a very unique opportunity.

Ten-Way Qualifying Match: “The Future of Flight” Prince Puma vs. Fenix vs. Mascarita Sagrada vs. Drago vs. Super Fly vs. El Mariachi Loco vs. King Cuerno vs. Son of Havoc vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Big Ryck

Everyone went after Ryck early, but he did the “ROAR” spot, tossing them all aside. Everyone begins brawling with one another in and out of the ring. Superkick by Pentagon to Sagarada. Orihara Moonsault by Super Fly wipes out Pentagon on the outside! Puma sends Havoc to the outside with a rana, then wipes out everyone with a plancha! Ryck takes control on everyone, showcasing his power. Fenix sends Ryck to the outside, then sends Puma to the outside with a superkick. Cuerno & Drago go back-and-forth, with Cuerno taking advantage with a superkick. Pentagon breaks up the pin. Code Red by Sagrada to Pentagon for a nearfall. Ryck sends Sagrada to the outside. Series of dives by everyone, then Sagrada hits a big rana. Back in, Puma heads up top, 630 TO RYCK!!!

Fenix grabs Puma, piledriver variation for the win.

Winner and advancing on: Fenix by pinfall (Piledriver)


Another vignette on Cage.

We go backstage where Konnan is berating Puma for losing, saying if he doesn’t get it together, his opportunities and Konnan will be gone.

Boyle Heights Battle Royal: “The Wednesday Night Delight” Johnny Mundo vs. Sexy Star vs. Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Ricky Mandell vs. Famous B vs. “The Man of a Thousand Deaths” Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs. “The Mexican Warrior” Chavo Guerrero vs. Cortez Castro vs. Mr. Cisco vs. Bael

Order of Elimination: Famous B, Ricky Mandell, Pimpinela, Sexy Star, Bael, Cortez, Cisco, Chavo.

Down to Muertes and Mundo. Both guys wound up on the apron. Mundo slides back in and hits Muertes with a kick. Mundo goes for Fin de Mundo, but Muertes gets his knees up!

Muertes eliminates Mundo to win the battle royal.

Winner of the Boyle Heights Battle Royal and advancing on: “The Man of a Thousand Deaths” Mil Muertes


Back from commercial, Fenix & Muertes are in the ring. Cueto comes out holding a title belt. Cueto announces the Aztec Warfare and says the winner of that will be the first Lucha Underground Champion. Cueto says that the winner of Fenix and Muertes will enter last in Aztec Warfare and the loser enters first. The winner of Aztec Warfare will have to run through a Gauntlet in order to become the first Lucha Underground Champion.

Main Event, winner enters last in Aztec Warfare: Fenix vs. “The Man of a Thousand Deaths” Mil Muertes w/Catrina

Fenix showcased his agility early. Muertes takes control with his power, but then Fenix sends Muertes to the outside and wipes him out with a twisting plancha! Back in, Muertes comes back with a Spear and a running powerslam for a nearfall. Fenix comes back with a back handspring Cutter. Fenix leaps off the top, but Muertes catches him in mid-air with an uppercut.

Muertes then takes Fenix straight to hell for the win.

Winner and entering last in Aztec Warfare: “The Man of a Thousand Deaths” Mil Muertes by pinfall (Straight to Hell)

Catrina gives Fenix the lick of death afterwards.

We go to a prison where Cueto tells an unknown person that its not his time yet, but he knows he likes to destroy pretty things. Cueto leaves, holding the Lucha Underground Title belt as the show closes.

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