Jeff Jarrett on Global Force in 2015 and WrestleKingdom 9

Darragh O’Connor of The Sun in the UK and host of the Wrestleview International Desk podcast recently spoke with Jeff Jarrett about Global Force Wrestling in 2015, the business model of the promotion and the current parntership with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

On Global Force Wrestling in 2015 and the business model behind it:

“Back on April 7th, we at GFW made the announcement of the formation of the company and the name. And then step by step, we’ve been rolling stuff out. We wanna go everywhere! In 2015, GFW will roll out more things like its roster, sponsorship, venues etc. All of the things that go with a wrestling promotion. I have nothing to do with the booking or anything like that…GFW are the PPV promoters.”

If Global Force Wrestling will be getting a television deal:

“We’re looking at several different unique types of distribution models. But honestly, a weekly TV format isn’t enough brand exposure. We’re looking at cable TV networks as well as online distribution. I want a mixture of both so I can create true global brand awareness. You have to have touch points on a daily basis, if not an hourly basis. As you can see from the New Japan promotion, we have daily updates online. The whole world is heading online; which you can see from the WWE Network and New Japan World.”

On partnering with New Japan to present WrestleKingdom 9 on PPV:

“Literally it’ll be the most widely distributed wrestling PPV in the history of our business with addition of the Flipps app…if you have a smartphone you can download the app and you can watch the show.”

You can listen to the full interview with Jarrett at the link below.

International Desk Podcast: Jeff Jarrett Interview (Podcast #216)