Jeff Norwood sent this in:

On Friday September 25, Bret Hart stopped by Boston’s 98.5 The Sports Hub to promote his appearance at ROH (results of that match here) show this weekend. He was a guest on the Toucher and Rick show, speaking for about 15 minutes..

He talked about:

* Chipping Vader’s tooth.

* His career-ending injury by Goldberg.
Said how he doesn’t blame Goldberg, but the uppers of WCW pushed him along so fast to keep up with the Steve Austin era of the WWE.

* His story (told at the Hall of Fame speech) of when Vince McMahon was in a strip club, involving Hulk Hogan, LOD, Owen Hart, etc.
There’s a portion of this interview edited because Hart said something lewd about Hogan, but I do not know what was said.

* The Montreal Screwjob, which apparently happened on National Remembrance Day in Canada.

* His relationship with Vince McMahon, including his post Montreal-Screwjob fight with Vince McMahon in detail.

* He speaks about Tito Santana’s book.

It can be downloaded here … September 25, Hour 4. There’s also a brief recap of the Montreal Screwjob, by the hosts, in Hour 2.

Also there is an interview with Sgt Slaughter from September 23, Hour 3.

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