Current New Japan star Alex Koslov, one half of the Forever Hooligans tag-team with Rocky Romero, announced today via Twitter that he would be taking an indefinite sabbatical from wrestling and has given his three-month notice with New Japan. Koslov didn’t want to say that he is officially retiring from the ring, choosing to use the “indefinite sabbatical” label instead. Koslov wrote the following:

“I am hesitant to say I’m retiring from pro wrestling, but I am taking a much needed indefinite sabbatical to focus on my life. At the same time I am not going anywhere thanks to social media! I will be continuing to entertain all of you in different ways! I wanna thank @njpw1972 for the opportunity to work for the best company in the world. I wanna thank my partner @azucarRoc for being the best tag team partner and just someone I shared my career with for the best decade. I wanna thank all of the fans in Japan, USA, Mexico, and all around the world for their support. Arrigato, Gracias!”