Evan Prout passed along this recap.

Gene Snitsky stopped by Under the Mat Radio to discuss his feelings on a few topics such as Royal Rumble memories, beards, Buffalo wings, what he’s doing now and so much more! You can listen to the full interview below; here are some of the highlights:

Gene on Royal Rumble memories:

“Well the Rumble is an exciting time, you know you got 30 guys going out there. It’s a lot you have to run through your mind depending on where you got out, you can do a lot of stuff or little bit of stuff.”

Gene on him eliminating Paul London with the clothesline off the apron from the Royal Rumble in 2005:

“I think it should be the number 1 Royal Rumble elimination ever, I’m a little bias but I think it should be number one nothing in my mind tops that. That bump that he (London) took was sick, that clothesline almost tore his head off nobody can compare to that and that’s my opinion.”

 Gene on this #dudefood meaning:

“I’m quite honored to be involved with Fusion Life Band…they contacted me to do the infomercial for the Power Presser Cooker XL so we filmed a series of them and they became very popular. #Dudefood is food that a man can make, it’s easy and to do not take a lot of effort you can still hang with the guys drink a few beers …!”

 Gene also discusses working with Undertaker, his thoughts on Deflategate, most touching moment he had with a fan and much more in this exclusive interview on Under the Mat Radio.