Former WCW and WWE star Bill Goldberg was interviewed recently by about his wrestling career. When asked about resentment by fans and other wrestlers about his quick success in WCW, Goldberg said the following:

“I still think there is. No doubt about it. I will never forget driving with Kevin Nash and Raven riding with us and Raven jumped in the front seat and he said “Man you have to pay your dues” I was like dude I paid my dues in the NFL man. I worked my ass off and it’s not about tenure of being on the road. It’s not my fault that you came up the way you did. We all have positions and I felt bad about mine from time to time but it didn’t mean I didn’t work less or any harder then the next guy. I believe my dues were already paid before I got there. The fact that I wasn’t on my high horse or calling my own shots made me a little different from others. From the beginning all the way to the end, 99% of the time I would do anything anybody had asked of me within the wrestling business. The reason for that is they knew more about it then I did.

I’m just a guy who was given the opportunity to try and compete to do better then the next guy. I’m not a creative guy. As long as things are logical and I protect my character then I would do it. That’s truly the most important thing. If I could put asses in a seat and help put money in peoples pocket then I don’t think it matters if it was on the road for 15 years. I think it is towards me for that. Look at Brock right now with WWE. He is in and out and the reality of it is he has a great agent that got him a great deal. There is resentment towards him for it because of the deal they cut. I don’t blame the talent because of the deal that they made because at the end of the day it’s a business and there is money to be made. Who are a bigger draw right now then Brock Lesnar? Obviously there is John Cena but he is been there for a long time already. Hulk Hogan taught me that sometimes less is more. You may not be around as much but that would add to your drawing power.” Goldberg speaks with Back Sports Page