Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
February 4, 2015
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We see video highlighting Johnny Mundo’s issues with Dario Cueto, the unknown woman asking Cueto about the whereabouts of Mantzana and Cage’s attack on Prince Puma and Konnan last week, including ripping up the Lucha Underground Title belt.

We go inside the Temple as Son of Havoc & Ivelisse are in the ring for our opening match. Before the match, Ivelisse cuts a promo, saying she has been hearing people say Son of Havoc sucks and that she doesn’t date people who are losers. If people have a problem with him, they have a problem with her, the baddest b***h in the building.

Angelico def. Son of Havoc w/Ivelisse with a roll-up after Son of Havoc accidentally knocked Ivelisse off the apron.

Afterwards, Ivelisse leaves ringside without Havoc.

Backstage in Dario Cueto’s office, he talks with Johnny Mundo. Cueto asks to let bygones be bygones with their past issues and that Mundo will face Cage in the main event. Mundo accepts and leaves.

We see a vignette on Pentagon Jr. before the next match about his martial arts training. Pentagon says he respects the most brutal, lethal, purest form of hand-to-hand combat, but their teachings are ancient. By combining martial arts and lucha libre, my mission will be complete. My way of fighting brings about the dark sides of the imagination, all fear disappears and you are free to fight without limitations. Look into my eyes, I am Pentagon Jr, zero fear!

Pentagon Jr. def. Famous B by submission with a Seated Armbar.

Afterwards, Pentagon keeps a hold of the submission and falls back on B’s arm, seemingly breaking it. Pentagon then cuts a promo, saying he pledges loyalty to his master and he is ready because he is Pentagon Jr. and he has zero fear!

Dario Cueto is at the prison, talking to Mantzana off-camera. Cueto says that news of his Temple is spreading, but its a shame Mantzana cannot share the success with me. I want you to know that she came looking for you, she calls herself the Black Loudes and I know she was a little girl back then, but you should see her now. I could give her this key and get revenge, but I’m not a fool. I have to protect the Temple from Mantzana.

Drago def. Aerostar by pinfall with a Blockbuster DDT.

Afterwards, Drago helps Aerostar up and they shake hands.

Backstage, Catrina walks up to Fenix, who is training. Catrina asks about Fenix’s tattoo, then asks what could possibly scare a man who cannot die. Catrina says she has a message for Fenix, but not from Mil Muertes, but from her. Catrina kisses Fenix, then says to keep that between us, because if Mil finds out, he will bury both of us alive and walks off.

Main Event: Cage def. Johnny Mundo by pinfall with Weapon X.

Prior to the match, Cage comes out with the ripped-up Lucha Underground Title over his shoulder.

Mundo had originally won the match via DQ after King Cuerno came out and attacked Mundo, then injuring Mundo’s leg by driving it repeatedly into the ringpost, followed by a series of chairshots to the leg. Dario Cueto then came out and restarted the match.

Backstage in Cueto’s office, he is on the phone with someone, talking about the unknown woman when a figure walks in. Cueto tries to shoo the figure away, saying the show is over, but the figure says that we are just getting started. Cueto gets off the phone as we see that the figure is ALBERTO EL PATRON!!! Alberto introduces himself to Cueto, then says Cueto already knew who he is as the show closes.