Wrestle Kingdom 9 early PPV buyrate, Global Force update

The 1/4 New Japan Pro Wrestling Wrestle Kingdom 9 PPV presented by Global Force Wrestling drew an estimated 12,000 to 15,000 buys in North America per a new report by Dave Meltzer. The annual Tokyo Dome show, which drew 36,000 fans, was presented for the first time on Pay Per View in North America by Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling and reportedly needed less than 10,000 buys to break-even.

Jarrett has stated publicly that Global Force Wrestling is looking at promoting more big Pay Per View events like this by one partnering up with other promotions like AAA. He is continuing to get things rolling in the U.S. for the new promotion to base events out of Las Vegas (something he confirmed in a video distributed by GFW weeks ago), although this same report indicated Jarrett has been unable to secure a television deal.

Jarrett has reportedly proposed to at least one station and others a test live television special presented by Global Force Wrestling featuring talent from New Japan, AAA and other independent wrestling talent. The belief is that Jarrett was close to making some sort of an announcement regarding the promotion going forward in 2015. He first announced Global Force Wrestling the day after WrestleMania 30 last year.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter