In an interview with, Roddy Piper discusses this year’s Hall of Fame, his appearance on the next episode of “Cold Case” and more. When asked about this year’s Hall of Fame, Piper had this to say:

“Yes, I’m inducting Wendi Richter. Yeah, from back in the Cyndi Lauper days. I’m the only one left around that knows anything about her. I said to Vince McMahon, “What am I inducting Richter for?” and he said, “You’re the only one alive.” (laughs) Thank you, Vince. But she’s a really cool gal. You know the guy from the first Super Bowl, Fred Williamson, talks about how great it was to be a part of the first Super Bowl. And that’s great because he was a wonderful player. But I was in the first Wrestlemania and I’m at Wrestlemania XXVI. And all the ones in between. Holy Cow, man. Wrestlers are the best.”

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