Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
April 1, 2015
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We see video highlighting the series between Aerostar & Drago and the rivalry between Big Ryck and the Crenshaw Crew.

We go to Dario Cueto’s office where Big Ryck walks in with two unknown people.

Cueto: “Big Ryck? So happy to see you. Who are these fine gentleman?

Ryck: “That’s my boy, Killshot (the masked man). That’s my cousin, the Mack.”

Cueto: “What can I help you with, guys?” (Killshot & Mack surround Cueto.)

Ryck: (puffs cigar) “Word on the street is that you ordered the hit on me. (We see flashback video of the Crew burning Ryck’s eye with a lit cigar.)

Cueto: “That’s a lie, Ryck. Why would I want my big-money player getting hurt? Listen, Ryck. I have a new title that I’m introducing, the Trios Tag Team Titles. And tonight, I am starting the tournament to crown the very first-ever champions. So, what if I let you and Killshot and what was it, Daddy Mack?”

Mack: “No, just the Mack.”

Cueto: “OK well, if you want it, you guys are in the tournament.”

Ryck: “We’re in.”

Ryck extends his hand to Cueto, but then slaps Cueto’s hand away.

Ryck: “You know what I want.”

Cueto gives Ryck a wad of money, then 2 more wads to Killshot and the Mack. They all leave.

THOUGHTS: Fun opening segment to introduce Ryck’s new crew. Interaction with Cueto was very entertaining.

We go inside the Temple for the opening match.

Angelico vs. “The Wednesday Night Delight” Johnny Mundo

Mundo takes Angelico down early, but Angelico quickly backs up to the ropes. Angelico with a chest kick that angers Mundo. Angelico avoids a corner charge, then runs and backflips off Mundo’s chest. Mundo with a front kick, but Angelico avoids another charge. Mundo blocks a leaping knee, but Angelico evades a series of strikes and hits a leg sweep. Mundo avoids a stomp, kips up, then catches Angelico springing in with a forearm. Angelico follows Mundo in with a back elbow. Angelico then avoids a Mundo blind-side clothesline and a right hand and hits a leg kick. Mundo catches a spinning back kick, but Angelico flips onto his feet. Angelico avoids the Flying Chuck, sending Mundo crashing to the mat. Mundo kips up again and we have a stalemate.

Mundo blocks a leg kick and hits a forearm. Angelico slides outside, then avoids a Mundo twisting plancha and hits another kick. Mundo runs up the steps, then leaps onto the barricade. Angelico leaps to him with a leaping knee, but Mundo leaps into the crowd to avoid it, sending Angelico crashing into the barricade. Angelico avoids Mundo again, but Mundo saw him moving, hitting Angelico with a flying roundhouse kick off the barricade! Back in, Mundo gets 2. Angelico slips out of the Moonlight Drive and hits more leg kicks, but Mundo avoids a head kick and hits a back heel kick to the back of Angelico’s head. Mundo with a leg lariat, followed by a running basement knee for a close 2. Mundo sets up for Fin de Mundo, but Angelico rolls out of harm’s way. Mundo runs into a boot, then Angelico with a Sunset Flip for 2. Angelico avoids a basement head kick, roll-up gets another 2. Jackknife Pin by Mundo gets 2. Angelico bridges back up, backslide gets another 2. Angelico blocks a Sunset Flip, hits a double stomp for a close 2.

They get back up at the referee’s count of 8. Strike exchange, Mundo gains advantage with a series of gut shots. Angelico comes back with a series of chest kicks, followed by a leaping knee. Angelico tiger flips over Mundo, Mundo avoids a leg sweep, but Angelico catches Mundo with a kick from underneath for another close 2. Mundo blocks a piledriver, avoids a clothesline and this time hits the Flying Chuck for another close 2. Mundo again sets up for Fin de Mundo, but Angelico avoids him. Running leaping knee by Angelico in the corner, then he calls for the end. Angelico hits the Fall of the Angels (Running Crucifix Buckle Bomb), but Mundo gets his foot on the bottom rope before the count of 3! Angelico goes for another Fall of the Angels, but Mundo gets himself on the turnbuckles to slip out. Angelico charges in, but Mundo catches him with a big kick. Mundo heads up top, but Angelico stops him with an enziguri. Angelico heads up top with Mundo and goes for a Springboard Rana, but Mundo shoos him off, sending Angelico crashing down to the mat!

FIN DE MUNDO!! 1-2-3!

Winner: “The Wednesday Night Delight” Johnny Mundo by pinfall (Fin de Mundo)

Mundo celebrates his win afterward as we go to commercial.

THOUGHTS: Very unique athletic match here. Opening half of the match was very enjoyable, as both guys used their athleticism and kicking prowess to make their exchanges straight out of a kung-fu movie. Angelico looked good in defeat against the veteran Mundo and shows a lot of potential. Good stuff.


Back from commercial, we go to a vignette on the Black Lotus.

“Its been one month since I saw him. I could barely see his face in the darkness. I wanted to kill him. But luckily, someone stopped me before I made a deadly mistake. (We see flashback of Lotus visiting Rotunazo in his jail cell, then kidnapped by an unknown masked luchador.)The man who took me is called El Dragon Azteca. He claims to be a descedant of one of the original Aztec tribes. But more importantly, he was there the day my parents were slaughtered by that monster. He’s promised to teach me the art of Mexican Lucha Libre. He says it will be essential if I ever want to avenge my parents’ death. That day will come when my training is complete, that day when I destroy the monster behind the bars.”

We go to the locker room, where Johnny Mundo runs into Alberto El Patron.

Alberto: “Bravo, Johnny. Hey, I saw your match tonight. That was a great victory, well deserved.”

They shake hands.

Mundo: “Thanks, bro. Hey, what’s your deal? Are you only gonna face guys you’ve already beaten, or did you actually come here to compete?”

They have a staredown.

Mundo: “Relax, I’m just messing with you.” (laughs)

Alberto: “Oh, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, I totally forgot about your great sense of humor. In fact, I forget about you altogether. For a moment, I thought you were doing something different. I thought you had given up on wrestling. “

Mundo: “You mean until you saw me killing it here. And don’t forget, I’m the face of Lucha Underground, the place where you work now.”

Alberto: “Exactly.”

Alberto leaves, while Mundo has an angry scowl on his face.

We go back to Dario Cueto’s office where Sexy Star is in there.

Cueto: “Tonight, I want you to be part of the main event because my Temple is an equal opportunity employer. But the problem is, your last partners, Pimpenla and Mascarita, well……they’re still on the shelf. But not to fear, Dario has got you taken care of. I’m giving you two partners tonight, luchadores who you have worked with in Mexico. First, Superfly, isn’t bad, huh? A solid partner. But, your next partner has been dominating for weeks, literally breaking his opponents in two, Pentagon Jr. So tonight, you will face your pal, Big Ryck and his boys in the main event. Just think, Sexy, with a partner as a killer like Pentagon Jr., this could be your big break.”

Sexy Star leaves as we go to commercial.

THOUGHTS: Black Lotus vignette was very well done from a cinematography standpoint, this storyline has been a “blink and you miss it” part of the show so far in its run, but everything they have done with it has been very intriguing. Alberto & Mundo back-and-forth sets up the next big feud in Lucha Underground and did a good job at planting seeds for the eventual Mundo heel turn, however, his acting left a LOT to be desired and is another exhibit of why Mundo is no longer in WWE. Cueto segment with Sexy Star was fine in showing Cueto messing with Star by putting her on the same team with the dangerous Pentagon Jr. Main event will be very interesting.


Match #4 in the Best of 5 Series for Dario Cueto’s “Unique Opportunity”: Drago vs. Aerostar

Aerostar is currently leading the series 2-1 and will win the series with a win in this match. Drago with a tiger flip early, but Aerostar with a running headscissors for 2. Drago avoids a corner charge and hits a superkick. Forearms and kicks by Drago in the corner. Aerostar runs up the ropes, then walks the middle rope before finally hitting a missile dropkick. They go onto the apron, with Aerostar knocking Drago off with a big forearm. DOUBLE SPRINGBOARD SOMERSAULT PLANCHA BY AEROSTAR WIPES OUT DRAGO!!

Back in, Aerostar with a Springboard Sunset Flip for 2. Aerostar hits the Springboard Splash, but Drago kicks out! Aerostar is getting frustrated. La Magistral & a Crucifix get Aerostar two more nearfalls. Drago avoids Aerostar charging in, sending him outside, but Drago lets Aerostar come back in. Aerostar with a fake move, but Drago didn’t bite. Aerostar leaps onto Drago’s shoulders, but Drago slams his down face-first. Grounded Octopus Stretch applied, Aerostar gets to the ropes.

Aerostar goes onto the apron, but Drago with a dropkick to the back that sends him to the outside. Drago with a kick to Aerostar as he gets back in. Aerostar avoids a springboard and hits a big stomp to Drago. Drago fights back with forearms and fires up. Drago hits a Standing Full Throttle, then goes onto the apron. Springboard Twisting Crossbody by Drago wipes out Aerostar!

Back body drop, followed by a lucha roll-up ties up the series for Drago.

Winner: Drago by pinfall (Lucha Roll-up, Series is tied at 2 apiece)

They shake hands afterward, then go nose-to-nose as they will have one more deciding match to determine who will get Dario Cueto’s “Unique Opportunity” as we go to commercial.

THOUGHTS: These two have been automatic against one other in their series of matches and this was no different. Aerostar is a very good high-flyer, but its easy to see that Drago is the more complete performer with his very unique look and persona. Drago will be a big star for Lucha Underground down the line and these two continue to showcase what Lucha Libre is all about, great stuff.


Back from commercial, we go back to Dario Cueto’s office where he is with Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico.

Cueto: “I’m going to be honest, I had high hopes for all of you, but you have yet to really impress me. Angelico, you had a very big match tonight and you came up short. Havoc, sure you had a win last week, but that was after months and months of losing. And YOU, well you got dumped by him, which frankly, is pretty embarassing.”


Cueto: “The point is, none of you have great singles careers, which is why I’m making you a trios team.

All three question & argue Cueto’s decision.

Cueto: “Enough, enough! You better find a way to work together because next week, you will be in a tournament match for the Trios Title and I promise, the three men you will be facing have been anything but embarassing in the ring.”

All three leave, but then Havoc says…..

Havoc: “For the record, I dumped her.”

THOUGHTS: Very fun segment, with the digs by Cueto at everyone, especially on Ivelisse for being dumped by Havoc. Classic odd-couple pairing for next week, with the only difference being the Trios format, but this being a first-time thing in Lucha Underground will make it unique, so interested to see how their Trios team pans out.

Before the main event, Pentagon Jr. has the mic and speaks to his unknown master.

Pentagon Jr.: “My boss, my master, even though tonight, they gave me these weak partners, its not a problem. Because for you, I, myself, will win the Trios Titles. Because I am Pentagon Jr., NO FEAR!”

Main Event in a First Round Trios Title Tournament Match: Sexy Star, Superfly & Pentagon Jr. vs. The Fam (Big Ryck, Killshot & The Mack)

Star & Superfly extend their hands to Pentagon Jr. before the bell, but he refuses. Pentagon & Mack start. Mack works over Pentagon’s arm early. Pentagon gets out with an armbreaker across his knee. Series of evasions, Mack with a springboard lucha armdrag and a kip-up. Crowd chants for Mack. Big right hand by Mack, followed by a big chop in the corner. Pentagon avoids a corner charge and hits a running dropkick. Big overhand chop by Pentagon to Mack in the corner! Crowd wants another and Pentagon obliges. Leg kick by Pentagon to the back of Mack’s leg. Mack sends Pentagon off the ropes, POUNNNNNNNNCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Mack gets a close 2. Series of forearms by Mack to Pentagon in the corner. Pentagon goes up & over Mack, then catches him on the way down with a backstabber for 2. Pentagon goes for the Leg-Trap Wristlock Armbreaker, but Mack slips out and backs up into the corner. Killshot tags in, then Superfly tags himself in on Pentagon Jr.

Killshot takes down Superfly, then does a handstand into a headscissors takeover. Superfly uses his head to back handspring off the ropes, then hits a overhand chop, followed by a knucklelock, into a double springboard monkey flip. Big right hand by Superfly, Star tags in. Leg kick by Star, then she drives Killshot’s head into her knee. Big chops by Star, but Killshot comes back with a spinning back elbow.

Big overhand chop by Killshot, but Star avoids him with a Matrix move, followed by a spinning back elbow of her own. Satelitte headscissors by Star, Ryck breaks it up, then knocks Pentagon & Superfly off the apron. Ryck goozles Star, then gorilla presses her over the ropes and onto her partners on the outside! Ryck directs traffic and Mack & Killshot with heads of steam, STEREO FLIP DIVES WIPE OUT PENTAGON & SUPERFLY!!

Ryck orders Killshot & Mack to lift them up so he can dive onto them, but he doesn’t see Star heading up top behind him. Ryck goes for a head of steam, but Star catches him with a Top Rope Crossbody for 1. Big leg kick by Pentagon to Ryck, but Ryck with a big right hand and a back club. Ryck mows over Pentagon with a shoulder tackle, then hits a big overhand chop of his own. Pentagon comes back with a superkick, followed by a dropkick that sends Ryck outside. Killshot comes in and has a staredown with Pentagon. Pentagon blocks head kicks by Killshot, but Killshot with a Windmill Kick. Tenchi Crash by Killshot gets a close 2. Pentagon catches a clothesline by Killshot, Pumphandle Michinoku Driver gets another 2. Another superkick by Pentagon, then he places Killshot up top and hits another big overhand chop. Star comes in and has Pentagon alley-oop her into hitting Killshot with a SUPER RANA!! TOP ROPE SPLASH BY SUPERFLY!! 1-2….Ryck breaks up the pin!! Chokebuster by Ryck to Superfly, Pentagon breaks up the pin with a head kick to Ryck! Series of leg kicks by Pentagon, followed by a spinning back kick. Pentagon does a headstand on the top turnbuckle, but Ryck knocks him off with a big boot! Ryck goes outside and mows over Pentagon with a big clothesline. Star leaps off the apron, but Ryck shoos her off, sending Star crashing down to the floor! Superfly, in the ring, gets a head of steam, but Killshot springs in and hits a roll-through into a Cutter! Mack in, running brainbuster to Superfly!

Killshot heads up top, Top Rope Double Stomp gets the win for the Fam.

Winners and advancing on in the Trios Title Tournament: The Fam by pinfall (Top Rope Double Stomp)

The Fam celebrate their win and leave, then Pentagon comes back in, upset at Superfly for losing. Pentagon grabs Superfly and goes for the Leg-Trap Wristlock Armbreaker, but Star runs in and kicks Pentagon off! Star & Superfly go outside as Pentagon motions to her that he is coming to snap her arm next as the show closes.


THOUGHTS: Very good main event. Mack & Killshot impressed in their outings, but the shining star in this light is the ascension of Pentagon Jr. as one of the most interesting and entertaining performers on this show, week in and week out. Him coming across as the Lucha version of Brock Lesnar, from snapping people’s arms to having an “Oh Crap” edge to him whenever he comes out, has gotten the crowd behind him, even though he is portrayed as a heel on this show. Become a big fan of Pentagon’s work and not backing down from Ryck and his team here enhanced his overall aura to a great degree. Star & Superfly were fine in their roles, as well as Ryck. It appears that we are beginning build to an eventual Pentagon/Star match, which if done right, will be a big-time deal with a big-time babyface in Star against Pentagon. Yeah, some people are not fans of inter-gender wrestling, but those people just need to accept the fact that if done right, it can be just as good as any other type and style of wrestling out there. Good stuff from the main event.

Overall, Lucha Underground was a very fun, enjoyable show, continuing to set themselves apart from any other weekly pro wrestling show out there currently. Lucha Underground as made me, who was not a fan of Lucha Libre prior to the debut of the show, now a fan of it and interested in checking out more of it, from AAA and CMLL down in Mexico. So to me, that makes what this show as done so far very effective. If you are someone looking to try watching a new style of wrestling, Lucha Underground is where its at. Go check out the show this week.

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