Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
April 8, 2015
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of

Video package on the beginning of the Trios Title Tournament last week, highlighting the new issues between Sexy Star & Pentagon Jr., the odd-couple pairing of Son of Havoc, Ivelisse & Angelico for this week, and the recent debut of Hernandez that led to him helping Prince Puma retain the Lucha Underground Title over Cage.

In Dario Cueto’s office, Cueto asks Prince Puma & Konnan for Puma to be a part of the Trios Title Tournament to make the titles just as important as the Lucha Underground Title. Konnan accepts for Puma, then Cueto says he will face King Cuerno tonight in a preview of their First Round Match next week, with Cuerno’s partners accompying him to ringside for the match. Konnan & Puma go to leave, but then Cueto says that the match tonight will also be for the Lucha Underground Title.

Trios Title Tournament First Round Match: Son of Havoc, Ivelisse & Angelico def. Drago, Aerostar & Fenix to advance in the tournament by pinfall when Havoc pinned Drago with the Shooting Star Press.

Ivelisse had walked out on the team towards the end of the match, but problems between Drago & Aerostar led to Havoc getting the win for his team. Afterwards, Ivelisse, at the top of the Temple steps, was upset that Havoc won as now they have to team again, along with Angelico.

Video highlights the Fam defeating Sexy Star, Superfly and Pentagon Jr. last week, as well as the new issues between Sexy Star & Pentagon Jr. Tonight, Sexy Star will face Superfly per orders by Dario Cueto.

Backstage, Konnan walks up to Prince Puma training and says that Hernandez will be Puma’s first of 2 partners. Johnny Mundo then walks in and says he & Puma have agreed for Mundo to be the other partner. Mundo leaves, as Konnan tells Puma again not to trust Mundo, but that he can trust Hernandez, then Konnan leaves.

Sexy Star & Superfly head to the ring for their match, but before the bell rings, Dario Cueto comes out to ringside and says that their match will be a Mask vs. Mask Match, or a Lucha de Apestas Match, which commentary mentions how those matches are built up or take place at the end of big feuds in Mexico and how Cueto is disrespecting Lucha traditions by making this type of match out of nowhere.

Sexy Star def. Superfly by pinfall in a Lucha de Apestas Match with an inside cradle.

Afterwards, they shake hands and Superfly drops to a knee, asking for Star to remove his mask, which commentary brings up is another tradition in this type of match. Star initally refuses, but then adheres to the tradition, unmasking Superfly. They embrace and raise each other’s hands, then all of a sudden, Pentagon Jr. runs in and sends Star outside. Pentagon lays out Superfly with a Package Piledriver. Pentagon does the “3 Up, 3 Down” hand motion, then breaks his arm with the Arm-Trap Wristlock Armbreaker. Pentagon motions to Star that she is next as he leaves while Star checks on the injured Superfly.

Main Event for the Lucha Underground Title: Prince Puma (c) w/Johnny Mundo & Hernandez def. King Cuerno w/Cage & Texano Jr. by pinfall to retain the title with the 630 Senton after Hernandez & Cage got involved, with Puma laying out Cage and Hernandez nailing Cuerno, leading to Puma’s victory.

Afterwards, Hernandez raised Puma’s arm, but Puma shoos Hernandez off, as he is not happy that Hernandez helped him win. Both Trios teams then brawl with one another in a preview of next week’s First Round Match to close the show.