Confirmed dates for GFW ballpark tour this summer

The following is the current schedule of Global Force Wrestling live events over the course of the summer into the fall of 2015, including their recently announced “Grand Slam” tour of minor-league ballparks and TV tapings:

* 6/12 live event in Jackson, Tennessee.

* 6/13 live event in Knoxville, Tennessee.

* 6/20 live event in Jackson, Mississippi.

* 6/21 live event in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

* 7/11 live event in Lake County, Ohio.

* 7/24 TV taping in Las Vegas, Nevada.

* 8/21 TV taping in Las Vegas, Nevada.

* 8/29 live event in Richmond, Virginia.

* 9/3 live event in Waterloo, Iowa.

* 9/4 live event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

* 9/5 live event in Clinton, Iowa.

* 10/23 TV taping in Las Vegas, Nevada.