Hermie Sadler on ending TNA relationship, GFW role

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Today the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling finds out just how to start our engines as we welcome one of the driving forces behind the launching Global Force Wrestling, NASCAR Legend, Hermie Sadler. As a lifelong wrestling fan, Hermie has continually worked with his close friend Jeff Jarrett on multiple wrestling projects including teaming up with TNA Wrestling to promote house show dates prior to TNA ever going on tour. Now as we gear up for a huge promotional time for GFW, Hermie (who is on the GFW Board of Directors) gives us a preview of some of the great things we can expect from Global Force Wrestling.

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Nascar Legend Hermie Sadler on Global Force Wrestling:


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Ending his relationship with TNA promoting house shows and his relationship with Dixie Carter:

What ended it was when I started to pass certain duties off to other people that didn’t make me comfortable. Additionally, TNA shortly after that needed to do their own live events so it was a mutual thing and even though I am connected with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling I am still dear friends with Dixie Carter and her family and I appreciate what she does for the industry and for my friends that work there (TNA). Sometimes things just run their course and they had just outgrown me and I had outgrown what I was doing and it was time to do something else.

Staying with TNA as an announcer and host of the YouTube show, Hermie’s Hotseat:

We were still trying to capitalize on my relationships and my involvement in Nascar and other demographics and trying to cross over into more mainstream media to follow the TNA product, so that is why we continued the relationship. I really enjoyed Hermie’s Hotseat, I got a chance to get to know some of the people in TNA in different settings and the people who watched those shows online got to learn things about the wrestlers that maybe they didn’t know or a different side of their personality. It really helped build up some of the performers in TNA at that time.

His association with Global Force Wrestling and the dedication of the GFW team:

I’ve been trying to be helpful with my contacts as far as setting up interest in venues for live events. What we should try to do with Global Force Wrestling is build the brand and create as much brand awareness as we can by the in ring product that we build and the kind of entertainment that we do. There are a lot of talented people that have been working on this project 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the last 18 months and there are so many passionate people on Jeff’s (Jarrett) team that are trying to do these things right so when these announcements do come out and things do start to roll that they are done the right way. Doing that will give Global Force Wrestling the best chance to have long term success.

Upcoming GFW talent announcements by Jeff Jarrett:

There are two classifications that we have in terms of in ring talent that will be second to none. Some that you know of and some that you don’t know of yet but that Jeff has scouted. There is just some unbelievable talent and also some legends involved as well and when I say legends I mean really, really big names in the wrestling industry that want to be a part of this as well and I think some of these names will surprise people. But I will leave all of the talent announcements to Jeff, he has done such a tremendous job of being patient and putting all the parts and pieces together for this company and I am excited to see it take off and how the fans react to it.