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The Third Edition Of “Noonan Speaks” On Monday Night Mayhem: Former WWE Head Of Security, Jimmy Noonan, Shoots On Why He Has Never Gone Public On His True Feelings For Vince McMahon, Goes In-Depth On The Night When McMahon Tore His Quads @ The 2005 Royal Rumble PPV, & Discusses Why He Believes Jeff Hardy’s Career Is Over


Former WWE Head Of Security & one of the stars of the blockbuster motion picture, turned DVD cult-classic, “Super Troopers,” Jimmy Noonan, was one of the special guests on this past week’s live edition (09/14/09) of Monday Night Mayhem (presented by, hosted by The Big Mosh, Blade, & “The Chairman Of The Board” Todd Vincent. You can feel The Mayhem live & in streaming audio every Monday night (at 8PM ET/7PM CT), exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,,,, &

Mayhem Nation: Get ready for the continuation in the evolution of The Mayhem. Nearly two months ago, we promised that the wrestling world was going to change & that people would take notice. Well, he’s back! Monday Night Mayhem is proud to present the third edition of “Noonan Speaks.” Jimmy’s return to The Mayhem (as part of the “MNM Fall Tour ’09”) is now available for free in Windows Streaming Media, or via The Mayhem’s official Podcast On ITunes:

The return of “Noonan Speaks” (MNM Streaming Audio):

The return of “Noonan Speaks” (MNM Podcast On ITunes):

Here are some of the highlights of the third installment of “Noonan Speaks,” provided by The Mayhem’s official correspondent, Paterson From New Jersey:

Jimmy Noonan returned to “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio” for the latest installment of the controversial “Noonan Speaks.” He began his return MNM appearance in the way that only Jimmy can begin: “There are three things in life I will never understand as long as I live: One, The scene in the movie ‘Wall Street,’ with the traders in the NYSE screaming at each other & doing hand signals…I will never understand. The other thing I will never understand is The Grateful Dead. And the third thing that I will never understand is WrestleMania XXV. What was up with WrestleMania XXV…the silver anniversary of WrestleMania? Wouldn’t you think that Vince & the company would do anything they could to have the greatest show in the history of wrestling? Shouldn’t have been in the main event Vince against The Ultimate Warrior. And then before that, (Hulk) Hogan tagging up with (“Stone Cold” Steve) Austin against (“The Nature Boy” Ric) Flair & another superstar. There was two ways they could have gone. They could have gone the way they did or just have the greatest show in history. Either way they were going to make money, and I thought it was such an disappointment.”

Throughout Jimmy’s early run as part of The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network, many in The Mayhem nation have written to the show asking why has not Jimmy ever said anything publicly about Vince McMahon. Well, in this edition of “Noonan Speaks,” Noonan opened up about the man behind World Wrestling Entertainment. “I got to see the world on Vince McMahon’s dime. I mean thank God for Vince McMahon. And he paid me well enough to drive a sports car & have another car, and live in a nice house on the lake in Northern New Jersey & a apartment in New York City.” He added, “If there was a “Mount Rushmore Of Wrestling,’ of course there would Vince Jr. & Vince Sr. and then of course it would be Hulk Hogan, and now that Ric Flair has somewhat tarnished his image a little bit, who’s the fourth one? But if we were talking the ‘Mount Rushmore Of Wrestling,’ Vince McMahon Jr. would definitely be the first face carved in the mountain.”

Former World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Hardy, was recently arrested (on Friday, September 11th) near his home in Cameron, NC on charges of trafficking in prescription pills & possession of anabolic steroids. The Mayhem Crew (Mosh, Blade, & “The Chairman Of The Board”) asked Jimmy if he believes that Jeff Hardy would be back in a WWE ring again, especially after this current situation he is going through. “What are we talking about, we are so surprised. Two weeks later (Noonan’s last Mayhem appearance included his comments about Rey Mysterio’s WWE suspension), what are we talking about again? We’re talking about a WWE wrestler & drugs. Whatever kind it is, who cares they’re drugs. Just as I said the last time, are we surprised? Of course we are not surprised. I proposed one time to a top guy at the WWE I said ‘Listen we got a lot of problems here maybe one thing we can do is have a 12-step like a 12-step meeting everyday. And it was nixed right away. Paul London offered one time to Stephanie McMahon that he would do PSA’s about drunk driving, because I think his brother was killed by a drunken driver. Stephanie liked the idea, but it was shot down by the WWE.” Noonan also mentioned how as part of Britney Spears’s current “Circus” tour that everyone is drug tested, and that it is a sober tour, and maybe it’s time for the WWE to do that. “There’s gotta be an answer here. Will Jeff serve time? I hope not…but is his career over, absolutely.”

In the third edition of “Noonan Speaks,” you will hear Jimmy speak candidly on several other subjects, including what it was like being backstage the night Vince tore his quads at the 2005 WWE Royal Rumble PPV, the time he met the late Patrick Swayze & his wife (Lisa), & so much more. Mark your calendars Mayhem Nation…as Jimmy returns to the program on Monday night, September 28th to make some more noise, as The Mayhem’s “Fall Tour ’09” continues! In the meanwhile, be sure to submit your questions & comments for Jimmy to the MNM/Sizzlin’ Sauces inbox (located at, in addition to The Mayhem’s official MySpace & Facebook pages ( & Jimmy would love to hear some suggestions for future editions of “Noonan Speaks,” including which of your favorite WWE superstars & divas you would like for him to discuss his fondest memories of, as well as his best stories working with throughout his career in World Wrestling Entertainment. Log on to Jimmy’s official Facebook & MySpace pages (located respectively at &, and interact with the newest member of “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio.”

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