Lucha Underground Results – 5/6/15 (Patron vs. Mundo)

Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
May 6, 2015
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We see video highlighting the recent problems between Johnny Mundo & Alberto El Patron, last week’s #1 Contenders Match between Hernandez, King Cuerno & Cage and the Crew failing Dario Cueto and his threat to him of his brother, Montaza.

We go inside Dario Cueto’s office where Mundo & Alberto walk in.

Cueto: “Johnny Mundo and Alberto El Patron, do what do I owe this honor?”

Mundo: “Alberto & I can’t agree on something. You see, I think I deserve to face Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Championship.”

Alberto: “Come on, Johnny, eh, with all due respect, you had your opportunity already. Now its time for El Patron to have a shot for the title.”

Cueto: “You guys are probably the best in the business and in due time, you will each be given your opportunity, but…..”

Mundo: “You see, there is something we do agree on and that’s that either one of us is more deserving of that opportunity than Fernandez.”

Cueto: “Well, HERNANDEZ, he did beat King Cuerno & Cage to earn the match against Puma.”

Alberto: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, but he never beat either one of us and you said it yourself, we ARE the best in the business.”

Cueto: “You know, you guys are right. Hernandez should have to beat one of you if he wants to face Prince Puma. So tonight, it will be you, Alberto, versus Johnny Mundo, the winner gets Hernandez next week in a new #1 Contenders Match. That is something we can all agree on. I look forward to truly finding out which one of you is the best.”

Mundo & Alberto stare each other down as we leave Cueto’s office.

We go inside the Temple as commentary welcomes us to the show. The participants are already in the ring for our opening match.

Tag Team Grudge Match: Trios Champions Angelico & Son of Havoc w/”The Huntress” Ivelisse vs. The Crew (Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco) w/Bael

We see Ivelisse at ringside on crutches from her ankle injury suffered a few weeks ago. Castro & Havoc start. Crowd chants for Havoc. Castro with a shoulder tackle. Havoc goes up & over, series of Japanese armdrags, followed by a kip-up. Handspring elbow by Havoc in the corner for 2. Havoc calls for Angelico to tag in, Angelico reluctantly does so. Castro with a big forearm, but Angelico comes back with a Bicycle Knee. Cisco in, big chop to Angelico. Angelico with a Tiger Flip over Cisco, then hits a kick from underneath for 2. Havoc in, leg sweep to Cisco, but Cisco gets the knees up off a standing moonsault as Ivelisse is barking orders from ringside. Havoc fights back, Angelico tags in. Castro in as well, Angelico with 2 clotheslines to Castro. Cisco in, another Bicycle Knee by Angelico. Running Bicycle Knee by Angelico to Castro in the corner, spinning back kick and a spinning leaping knee by Angelico to Cisco. Angelico goes for Fall of the Angels on Castro, but Castro slips out. Castro with a spinning back kick, but Angelico blocks a Sunset Flip and hits a double stomp for 2. Big right hand by Cisco to Angelico, but Angelico pulls down the top rope, sending Cisco outside. Havoc then wipes out the Crew with an Arabian Press! Angelico with a head of steam, flip dive wipes out the Crew! Back in, Angelico runs back in and hits another Bicycle Knee to Castro for a close 2. Ivelisse continues to bark orders as Angelico with chest kicks to Castro. Cisco blind tags in, running neckbreaker to Angelico. Angelico slips out of a double back suplex by the Crew and falls backward into a tag by Havoc, who opens up the ropes, sending Angelico outside. Havoc with a springboard crossbody to the Crew, followed by a clothesline to Castro. Bael hops up on the apron, but Havoc wipes him out with a Superman Punch.

However, the distraction allows the Crew to hit Havoc with their 3D-style Codebreaker combo, now called the Psycho Realm, for the win.

Winners: The Crew by pinfall (The Psycho Realm)

The Crew celebrates their win afterwards, motioning that they want the Trios Titles, while Ivelisse is disgusted about the loss at ringside as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go back inside Cueto’s office as he is with the newest signee to Lucha Underground, the former Shawn Daivari, now known as Delavar Daivari.

Cueto: “I have to admit, it takes a lot of huevos to come back to my Temple after being called out by a man like Texano.

We see Daivari texting on his cell phone and holding a glass of whiskey, wearing a gold suit.

Cueto: “Hmmm, so you wanna compete in my Temple? That surprises me, I know who you are, you are a very wealthy man. Your family owns half the real estate in Boyle Heights and many more neighborhoods in LA, so why risk your body here?”

Daivari: “If you like to watch violence, I like to inflict it.”

Cueto: “Well then, you can have your first match, next. And we’ll just see how much violence you can inflict against Texano.”

Daivari sips from his glass of whiskey and leaves Cueto’s office.

We go to the locker room where Konnan walks in on Hernandez & Prince Puma.

Konnan: “Relax. Hernandez, I don’t think it was cool the way you got involved in Puma’s match last week.”

Hernandez: “You mean the way I saved his title?”

Puma starts to go after Hernandez, but Konnan stops him.

Konnan: “Actually, it seems to me like you were trying to cost him the title. Since you & me go back a LONG time, I better not even think…..”

Hernandez: “You better not think, cuz when I win the title, I’m sure as hell gonna make sure that its his ass I beat it for.”

Puma starts to go after Hernandez again, but Konnan stops them from fighting again. Then, Dario Cueto walks in.

Cueto: “That, I love to watch. But unfortunately, Hernandez, there has been a slight change of plans. Now, in order for you to become #1 Contender, you will have to beat the winner of Johnny & Alberto’s match.”

Hernandez: “You jokin’?”

Cueto: “No, don’t worry. As far as getting your hands on Puma, I hope you can put differences aside for one night, because I have booked you two in a tag-team against Cage & Cuerno. If anyone can get you two on the same page, I know its you (pointing at Konnan. Good luck.”

Cueto leaves as Hernandez & Puma are not happy about having to team together.

“The Golden Warrior” Delavar Daivari vs. Texano Jr.

Daivari is in the ring, sipping some more on his glass of whiskey. Ring announcer Melissa Santos can’t even finish Texano’s ring introduction, letting out an “Oh S**t” as Texano runs in and goes right after Daivari as the bell sounds. They brawl in the corner, with Texano getting the advantage. Referee tries to get in-between them, but Texano shoves the ref down.

Referee instantly calls for the bell.

Winner: “The Golden Warrior” Delavar Daivari by DQ

Daivari & Texano continue to brawl afterwards, then Daivari nails Texano in the head with the mic and leaves. Daivari spits at Texano and they stare each other down as we go to commercial.


Back in the ring, the participants are already inside the ring for our next match.

Lucha Underground Champion “The Future of Flight” Prince Puma w/Konnan & “Super-Mex” Hernandez vs. King Cuerno & “They Call Him” Cage

Hernandez & Cage start. Cage with a knee to the ribs, but no one goes down off shoulder tackle attempts. Cage with another knee to the ribs, Hernandez goes onto the apron, slingshot shoulder tackle to Cage. Puma in, Cage misses a clothesline, but catches Puma off a springboard crossbody. Puma counters it with a rana, followed by a dropkick that sends Cage outside. Cuerno in, Puma with a knee to the ribs, followed by a backflip headscissors and another dropkick. Puma goes for a Standing Shooting Star Press, but Cuerno gets the knees up. Standing dropkick by Cuerno, Cage tags in. Cuerno with a TKO, then Cage with a 619. Cage with a delayed Jackhammer to Puma, while doing squats, for 2. Cuerno in, Puma avoids a double team, kicks to both men. Spinning wheel kick to Cage, Blue Thunder Bomb to Cuerno. Hernandez in, flying shoulder tackle to Cage, clothesline to Cuerno. Hernandez gorilla presses Cuerno, Puma dropkicks Cage off the apron. Hernandez then throws Cuerno on top of Cage on the outside! Hernandez with a head of steam, No-Hands Plancha wipes out Cuerno & Cage! Puma with a head of steam, but Hernandez blocks his path, showboating on the apron. Hernandez & Puma argue, then Hernandez sends Cuerno back in and gets a close 2. Puma in, but Hernandez blocks a corner charge and hits an avalanche. Hernandez then sends Puma in to hit a corner running dropkick to Cuerno. Hernandez with a Belly-to-Belly to Cuerno, Puma gets 2. Hernandez & Konnan have words on the apron as Cuerno avoids the Benadryller and hits Puma with an enziguri. Cage in, knocks Hernandez off the apron. Puma slips out of a Pumphandle attempt, windmill kick to Cage. Cuerno with another dropkick to Puma, Get Off Of Me by Hernandez to Cuerno, Discus Clothesline by Cage to Hernandez, everyone down! Cuerno with a head of steam, going for the Hell Arrow on Hernandez, but Hernandez shoves Puma into the path and Cuerno wipes out Puma with the Hell Arrow dive! Cage & Konnan argue, while at ringside, Hernandez tries to get Puma back in, but Puma shoos him off. Hernandez then turns on Puma, nailing him with a big boot! Hernandez lifts up Puma, BORDER TOSS INTO THE APRON!! Konnan sees this happen and backs up Hernandez with his cane. Cuerno gets Puma back in for Cage to capitalize as Hernandez leaves ringside.

WEAPON X!! 1-2-3!

Winners: King Cuerno & “They Call Him” Cage by pinfall (Weapon X)

Cuerno & Cage celebrate their win afterwards as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to another vignette on the Black Lotus. It appears Lotus is looking to leave the tuleage of the Lucha Libre legend to go get revenge on Montaza for killing her parents.

Lotus: “You can’t stop me.”

Legend: “I will not let you suffer the same fate as your parents.”

Lotus: “I won’t.”

Legend: “If you can take me down, you can leave.”

They go into battle, but the Lucha Libre legend again gets the advantage on Lotus.

Legend: “Your parents were defenseless, but you will never be, if you stay.”

Lotus begins unpacking her bag as we leave the vignette.


Main Event where the winner will face Hernandez next week to determine the #1 Contender to the Lucha Underground Title: AAA Mega Champion Alberto El Patron vs. “The Wednesday Night Delight” Johnny Mundo

Chain wrestling early. Alberto with a shoulder tackle. More chain wrestling, then Alberto with a chest kick in the corner. Snapmare, dropkick to the back of Mundo by Alberto for 2. Mundo takes down Alberto and hits a series of forearms. Clothesline sends Alberto outside. Mundo goes for a slingshot plancha, but Alberto traps him in the ring skirt on the way down and hits a step-up enziguri! Crowd chants for Alberto. Back in, Alberto gets 2. Chinlock applied. Dueling chants now by the crowd. Mundo fights back, but Alberto drives him back down. Soccer kick to the ribs by Alberto, then he chokes Mundo with his knee. Back suplex by Alberto, then he goes to the middle rope. Alberto goes for a Second Rope Moonsault, but Mundo moves out of the way, with Alberto landing on his feet. Mundo with two clotheslines, a running leg lariat, then fires up. Mundo sends Alberto sternum-first into the corner, then hits the Flying Chuck for 2. Cobra Clutch applied by Mundo, Alberto fights out with headbutts. Alberto backdrops Mundo over the ropes and to the outside, then gets a head of steam and wipes out Mundo with a tope suicida, sending both men crashing into the barricade! We see that when Mundo slipped on the ring steps, crashing outside, it broke the ring steps. Both men are down as the referee begins his 10 count. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Both men roll back in before the count of 10. Strike exchange, Mundo gains advantage. Alberto comes back with two clotheslines, Mundo misses a forearm, Alberto with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and fires up. Mundo blocks a German, but Alberto with forearms to the kidneys. Mundo sends Alberto outside, then gets a head of steam and wipes out Alberto with a twisting corkscrew plancha! Mundo fires up, then drives Alberto back-first into the apron, followed by into the barricade. Back in, Mundo goes for Fin de Mundo, but Alberto crotches him on the ropes. Alberto heads up with Mundo, with Mundo facing the crowd. Reverse Superplex by Alberto, Mundo kicks out! Alberto can’t believe it! Alberto calls for the Rolling Cross Armbreaker, removing his t-shirt. “Si” chants for Alberto as he measures Mundo, but Mundo slips out and goes onto the apron. Mundo slides under Alberto’s legs, Sunset Flip gets 2. Mundo avoids a running basement kick by Alberto, roll-up gets another 2. Running Basement Knee by Mundo, then he goes up top. FIN DE MUNDO!!! 1-2….ALBERTO GETS HIS HAND ON THE BOTTOM ROPE BEFORE THE COUNT OF 3!! Mundo can’t believe it! Mundo goes after Alberto, but Alberto grabs him from underneath, CROSS ARMBREAKER APPLIED!! Mundo tries to reach the ropes, then is able to scoot over and get his feet on the rope to force a break! Alberto can’t believe it, getting in the referee’s face! Alberto with kicks to Mundo in the corner, then places him in the Tree of Woe! More kicks by Alberto in the corner, then the referee pulls him back. Alberto has words with the ref, then charges, but Mundo gets out of the Tree of Woe and onto the turnbuckles, with Alberto going shoulder-first into the ringpost! Mundo heads up top, Mushroom Stomp to Alberto for a close 2. Alberto comes back with a Divorce Court to his own knees, but Mundo avoids a running boot.

Alberto avoids another Flying Chuck, basement superkick! 1-2-3!

Winner: AAA Mega Champion Alberto El Patron by pinfall (Basement Superkick)

Both men are still down afterwards, exhausted from the battle they just fought in. Alberto finally gets to his feet and celebrates his win.

We go to a vignette on Catrina, who has the sacred stone and is going to the casket that Mil Muertes was put in over a month ago by Fenix in their Casket Match.

“Death is defined as the permanent end of something. But for you, death is the beginning of a new life. The time for sleep is over, Pasqual Mendoza. A thousand deaths are coming for them and now, there is nothing dead or alive that can stop you. You will rise again as Mil Muertes.”

Catrina puts the stone on top of Muertes’ chest, then all of a sudden, his eyes open up, resurrected from the dead, as the show closes.