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With Linda McMahon announcing her candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut this week, one of the biggest stars in the company’s history is making a bold prediction. Former WWE superstar Jake The Snake Roberts believes his former boss is going to be successful with her run and that the members of the Senate are in for all they can handle telling Chris Yandek of, ?The truth is that Linda’s going to win. Should she follow through with what she’s saying, it’s a damn good thing. I just feel sorry for t he rest of the Senate members because she will take no slack. She will stand up and throw a punch just like I would. She won?t back off.?

Jake’s reflections on his former boss show a woman who kept focus while her husband Vince McMahon was more radical. ?She was always the steady ore in the water. Or as Vince might go up and down and bounce you around and deal with you, she was the steady one. I have nothing but respect for that woman. Anybody that can put up with all the wrestlers and stuff ? anybody that can deal with that and still be steady, solid and positive and not wavier has certainly got their head screwed on right.?

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