Aaron Oster of Rolling Stone is featuring an interview with Global Force Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett where he talks about the GFW product being different from others.

“It is going to be different from the norm. A lot of people are having trouble understanding our mindset. It’s exciting to me though. One big thing is that we’re not really going to write stories, although that goes into professional wrestling. Instead, we’re going to document stories. Like I said, every wrestler has a story. Why does he want to be in this business? What makes him tick as a human being? What is he competing for? The short answer is that he’s competing to get the best bookings, he’s competing to get the best matches. Maybe he’s competing to sell the most T-shirts. There’s a real competition in this business and we want to bring that to the forefront.”

You can check out the full interview at the link below.

Rolling Stone: Jeff Jarrett’s Grand Plan for Global Force Wrestling