Lucha Underground Results – 6/17/15 (All Night Long Match)

Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
June 17, 2015
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of

Show opens with video highlighting the Johnny Mundo-Alberto El Patron rivalry, Mundo taking out Alberto a few weeks ago and the set-up to the first ever All Night Long match between Mundo and Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Title on this week’s show.

We go inside the Temple, where commentary welcomes us to the show. Both Puma & Mundo are already in the ring for the lone match on this week’s show.

Main Event in the First-Ever All Night Long match for the Lucha Underground Title (Most pins and submissions during the course of the show wins the match): “The Future of Flight” Prince Puma (c) vs. “The Wednesday Night Delight” Johnny Mundo

Pre-match intros before the bell. They shake hands as the bell sounds, then go nose-to-nose. Chain wrestling early, Mundo takes down Puma for a 1 count. Puma with a toe hold, but Mundo kicks him off. Side headlock takeover by Mundo, Puma counters with a pinning predicament for 2. Mundo with a shoulder tackle, but Puma quickly kips up. Series of evasions, Puma with a backflip into a headscissors. Puma goes onto the apron, but Mundo knocks him off with a roundhouse kick. Puma avoids a twisting plancha by Mundo, gets back in, gets a head of steam and wipes out Mundo with a Tornillo!


Back from commercial as Puma gets 2 on Mundo. Mundo then counters with a crucifix for 2. Mundo avoids the Benadryller, Puma blocks the Moonlight Drive, wheelbarrow victory roll gets Puma on the board.

Prince Puma goes up 1-0 by pinfall (Wheelbarrow Victory Roll)

Mundo with a neckbreaker for a 1 count. Mundo unloads with right hands from the mount as Puma covers up. Keylock applied, then Mundo takes down Puma and gets 2. Puma comes back with a dropkick for 2. Standing Moonsault gets Puma another 2. Big chop by Puma in the corner, then catches Mundo coming in with a boot. Puma leaps off the middle rope, but Mundo catches him in mid-air with a dropkick for another 2. Mundo drives Puma’s arm down into the mat for another 2. Mundo with kicks to Puma’s arm, but Puma fights back. Puma goes off Mundo’s blind side, hits a Cutter. Submarine Attack by Puma in the corner, but Mundo avoids a Springboard Crossbody. Puma avoids Fin de Mundo, but Mundo with a Leg Clutch Roll-Up and hooks the ropes for leverage to tie things up.

Johnny Mundo ties things up at 1 fall apiece by pinfall (Leg Clutch Roll-Up with Rope Leverage)

Mundo goes outside and says to the camera that its all tied up, while Puma argues with the ref as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Mundo gets back in the ring. Puma with a roll-up for 2. Mundo with shots in the corner, followed by an Urnangi Backbreaker/Russian Leg Sweep combo for 2. Running basement knee strike by Mundo gets another 2. They head up top, Puma blocks a superplex by Mundo. They fight on the turnbuckles, both knock each other down to the apron with headbutts. Puma then swings onto Mundo’s shoulders, rana takes them down to the outside! Mundo goes under the ring as Puma brings him back out. Mundo comes back out, holding a wooden tool box and a chair. They fight outside, Puma slips out of a powerbomb by Mundo, DEATH VALLEY BOMB THROUGH THE WOODEN TOOL BOX!! Mundo grabs a crowbar that was in the toolbox and nails Puma in the ribs, then WAYLAYS HIM IN THE FACE WITH THE CROWBAR!!! “Holy S**t” chants by the crowd. Back in, Mundo pins Puma to take the lead.

Johnny Mundo goes up 2-1 by pinfall (Crowbar Shot to the Head)

Mundo lifts up Puma, Moonlight Drive and Mundo takes a 2 fall lead.

Johnny Mundo goes up 3-1 by pinfall (Moonlight Drive)

Mundo springs off the ropes, Flying Chuck to Puma! Mundo goes to the turnbuckles, FIN DE MUNDO!!! 1-2-3! Mundo takes a commanding lead!

Johnny Mundo goes up 4-1 by pinfall (Fin de Mundo)

Mundo asks for a water bottle to take a water break as the referee checks on Puma, who is still down and feeling the effects of the crowbar shot by Mundo. Mundo throws the water bottle at Puma, crowd boos this. Puma gets to his feet, Mundo runs into a back elbow and a boot by Puma in the corner. Roll-Through into a DDT by Puma spikes Mundo! Crowd wills on Puma. Mundo goes onto the apron, catches Puma with a kneelift. Mundo grabs Puma through the ropes, NECKBREAKER ONTO THE APRON!!! Puma bounces outside from the neckbreaker as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Mundo grabs a ladder from underneath the ring. Mundo lifts up the ladder and drives it into the face of Puma! Mundo brings the ladder over to the balcony and sets it up against it. Mundo then grabs two tables and sets them up by the balcony as Puma is still down by ringside. Mundo with a soccer kick to the ribs of Puma, then sends him into the balcony wall. Mundo sets up Puma on the tables and climbs up the ladder onto the top of balcony, but Puma climbs up there to stop Mundo. They fight in the crowd, SUPLEX BY PUMA ONTO THE BALCONY STAIRS!!! Puma heads back to ringside and grabs another table from underneath the ring. Puma sets up the table on top of the other two tables. Mundo is still down on the balcony stairs as Puma grabs a FOURTH table and sets it up on top of the other two tables, making it a table pyramid. Puma goes back on top of the balcony with Mundo and goes to superplex him off the balcony through the table, but Mundo blocks it. Mundo sends Puma off the balcony railing, then SUPERKICKS HIM, SENDING PUMA ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FLOOR!! However, Puma avoids the table pyramid. Mundo grabs the ladder and uses his parkour skills to take himself to the other side of the balcony, where they have the musical band set-up. Mundo grabs a mic.

“Look at the scoreboard, Mundo 4, Puma 1. Last I heard, most falls over the course of this show leaves Lucha Underground Champion. Play a song right now (speaking to a member of the band)!”

The band begins playing a song as Mundo takes another water break. Puma climbs up the ladder and goes after Mundo, who again, throws his water bottle at Puma. Puma blocks a 2×4 shot by Mundo and WAYLAYS HIM ACROSS THE HEAD WITH IT!! Puma gets on top of the bandstand and grabs a guitar. GUITAR SHOT OVER THE HEAD OF MUNDO, BUSTING THE GUITAR!!! They are dangerously close to the head, Puma charges at Mundo, SPEAR OFF THE BANDSTAND THROUGH THE FOUR TABLES ON THE FLOOR!!! MY GOODNESS!!!


Back from commercial as we see replay of the INSANE Spear off the bandstand through the four tables! Both men are still down, then Puma finally gets to his feet. With all his muster, Puma somehow drags the lifeless body of Mundo all the way back to the ring. Back in, Puma covers Mundo and begins to cut at Mundo’s commanding lead.

Prince Puma makes it 4-2 by pinfall (Spear over the Bandstand through 4 Tables)

Strike exchange from their knees as we see that Mundo is busted open from the 2×4 and guitar shots by Puma earlier. They exchange strikes when back on their feet, then slug it out. Both nail each other at the same time, Puma avoids another Flying Chuck, hits a Windmill Kick, followed by a Go 2 Sleepy Hollow! Curtain Call into a Spinning Michinoku Driver gets Puma down by 1.

Prince Puma makes it 4-3 by pinfall (Curtain Call into a Spinning Michinoku Driver)

Mundo avoids a roundhouse kick by Puma and ducks outside. Puma yells at Mundo to get back in, but Mundo realizes he can run the clock out and starts running away from Puma, playing cat-and-mouse with him around ringside. Puma grabs him, but Mundo avoids a shot and runs away again. Mundo uses Vampiro as a shield by commentary to keep away from Puma, but when they get back in, Puma catches him with an enziguri. Puma heads up top and goes for a 450, but Mundo moves out of the way! Mundo runs all the way up to the top of the Temple steps, but then all of a sudden, we see someone nail Mundo from behind at the top of the steps! When the camera pans around, its the returning ALBERTO EL PATRON!! Alberto unloads on Mundo with right hands, then hits him with a boot that sends Mundo tumbling down the Temple steps! Alberto sends Mundo into the boarded up office of Dario Cueto that Mundo put him through the window of, then into the commentary table, moving it off its perch! Alberto SPIKES Mundo with a DDT on the floor! Alberto throws Mundo back in and goes up the Temple steps. Springboard 450 by Puma ties things up!

Prince Puma ties things up at 4-4 by pinfall (Springboard 450)

Alberto has a mic.

“Los Angeles, El Patron is in the house! Hey Johnny, looks like this match is even, but you & I, perro, we are far from even! If you happen to win the title tonight, just be ready, because I am going to kick your ass and take it from you! And you, Puma, if you win, just be ready, I’m coming for you and the Lucha Underground Title. But of course, you already knew that!”

“Si” chants by the crowd as Alberto leaves to the back. Puma & Mundo get to their feet and stare each other as there are 3 minutes left in the show. Mundo drives Puma into the corner and unloads with shots in the corner. Puma with an inside cradle for 2. Backslide by Mundo for 2. Sunset Flip by Puma for 2. Jackknife Pin by Mundo for 2. Another running basement knee strike by Mundo gets a close 2. Puma goes for the Benadryller again, but Mundo slips out with 2 minutes left. Puma with a savate kick to the ribs, then goes off the ropes, but Mundo catches him with a Standing Spanish Fly for a close 2. Crowd chants for Puma. 90 seconds left as they head back up top again. Mundo goes for leaping Super Rana, but Puma moves and Mundo BOUNCES OFF THE TURNBUCKLES, CRASHING DOWN TO THE MAT WITH 1 MINUTE REMAINING!! They get to their feet with 40 seconds left, Puma with a Shotgun Dropkick with 30 seconds left. Puma heads up top with 20 seconds left, leaps off with 15 seconds left, 630 SENTON SQUISHES MUNDO WITH 10 SECONDS LEFT!!! 1-2-3! PUMA TAKES THE LEAD WITH SIX SECONDS LEFT!!

Prince Puma goes up 5-4 by pinfall (The 630 Senton)

Both Puma & Mundo are down on the mat as time expires, PUMA WINS!!! WOW!!

Winner and STILL Lucha Underground Champion: Prince Puma, winning All Night Long 5-4

Puma gets to his feet and celebrates his title retention afterwards as the show closes.