Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
July 8, 2015
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of

Show opens with video highlighting Mil Muertes’ quest to become Lucha Underground Champion, Cage beating up The Mack backstage a few weeks back and Alberto El Patron’s rivalry with Johnny Mundo.

We go to an unknown dojo with Pentagon Jr. talking out loud to his Master, saying that “he” refuses to face him. We then for the first time hear the Master, saying to Pentagon Jr. that he must destroy the man “he” has become. Pentagon says he wants to destroy “him” at Ultima Lucha. Pentagon says he will give his Master, “Ian Hodgkinson” (Vampiro’s real name), as the sacrifice instead of Vampiro.

The Mack def. Cage by pinfall with the 120% Roll-Up.

Backstage, Catrina walks up to Son of Havoc and says that the Disciples of Death are gonna take Havoc and his team’s Trios Titles soon. Ivelisse walks in and yells at Catrina to back off. Ivelisse goes after her, but Catrina sends Havoc into Ivelisse, then vanishes, leaving them in a compromising situation as Angelico walks in and asks if they are back together, to which both Havoc & Ivelisse tell him to shut up.

We go to Vampiro’s interview with Pentagon Jr. earlier today. Vampiro apologizes to Pentagon Jr. for their last confrontation, then asks about who Pentagon’s Master is, but Pentagon does not answer. Vampiro brings up Pentagon’s destruction over the last several months, saying Pentagon reminds him of himself. Pentagon says at one time, they are, but now, Vampiro is a coward. Vampiro snaps and threatens to kick Pentagon’s ass. Pentagon tries to goad Vampiro into accepting his challenge for Ultima Lucha, but Vampiro declines. Pentagon calls Vampiro weak and pathetic and he would show the world who the real Vampiro because he had zero fear. Pentagon leaves as Vampiro angrily stares him down.

Mil Muertes w/Catrina def. Trios Champion Son of Havoc w/Angelico & Ivelisse by pinfall with Straight to Hell after Catrina had the Disciples of Death lay out Angelico, while she laid out Ivelisse with the magic rock of death.

Afterwards, Catrina gave Havoc the Lick of Death.

In-ring promo by Texano, who says that while he does not like some of the Lucha Underground babyfaces, he hates Chavo Guerrero Jr. Texano calls out Chavo, wanting to face him at Ultima Lucha. The Crew run in and attack Texano from behind with the kendo sticks until Blue Demon Jr. runs out to make the save. However, all of a sudden, one of the Crew throws Demon a chair and Demon WAYLAYS TEXANO WITH IT!! Texano is busted open as Demon grabs a mic and says that Texano isn’t Mexico, he is and challenges him for Ultima Lucha. Demon continues the attack on Texano, then leaves the bloodied Texano lying.

Main Event in an Atomicos Match: Johnny Mundo, Hernandez, Super Fly & Jack Evans def. Alberto El Patron, Drago, Sexy Star and Aerostar by pinfall when Mundo pinned Sexy Star after rolling through a Top Rope Crossbody.

Afterwards, commentary goes to sign off the show for this week, when all of a sudden, Pentagon Jr. attacks Vampiro from behind. Pentagon nails Vampiro in the back multiple times with a steel chair. Pentagon says he is dedicating his next sacrifice to his Master and destroy a shell of man. Pentagon grabs a gasoline canister and pours the gasoline all over Vampiro. Pentagon has a lighter and says if Vampiro does not accept his challenge for Ultima Lucha by next week, then he will go up in flames. Pentagon says he is ready to send a new sacrifice to his master and blows out the flame on the lighter as the show closes.