Lucha Underground has taken issue with TNA recently over their use of Hernandez, who is currently still under contract with the company per multiple wrestling media reports. Hernandez, who had been part of Lucha Underground tapings back in March and April leading to their first season finale on August 5th, showed up on TNA TV a few weeks back as part of MVP’s BDC faction. TNA had decided to use Hernandez based on his insisting that he had asked for and was granted a release from his Lucha Underground contract, but Lucha Underground had recently stated to TNA that Hernandez is still under contract with them.

Lucha Underground also sent out a cease-and-desist letter to TNA, asking them to remove any and all footage of Hernandez from the Impact Wrestling TV show that was filmed a few weeks back in Orlando for episodes heading into the month of August. With all Lucha Underground contracts having a non-compete clause featured in them, even if a talent was released from the contract, this means that Hernandez was not legally able to wrestle for TNA. Lucha Underground has also denied reports that TNA sent word to them, asking if they could pay Lucha Underground to show the footage of Hernandez on Impact Wrestling as a way to put an end to these issues.

TNA will now have to remove Hernandez, as well as all other wrestlers involved in segments he was featured in, from upcoming Impact Wrestling episodes that were already taped and re-edit the Impact Wrestling show with new and pre-existing footage to fill the missing time. Hernandez has also since been released from his TNA contract due to this situation with Lucha Underground. Neither TNA, Lucha Underground, nor Hernandez, have publicly commented on this situation as of this writing.

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