The following was taped on Friday from Las Vegas.

7/24 Global Force Wrestling TV tapings:

* NEX* GEN Title Tournament: PJ Black def. Sanada

* Bobby Roode promo. Rips on Jeff Jarrett. Says he will take GFW Global Title back to TNA. Magnus interrupts, rips on Roode. Kongo Kong runs in, attacks Magnus. Roode puts Magnus in the Crossface.

* Phoenix Star, Zokre & Misterioso Jr. def. Bestia 666, Blood Eagle & Steve Pain

* Henry Maxwell promo. The Akbars run in and lay him out, leading to…

* GFW Tag Title Tournament: The Bollywood Boyz def. The Akbars

* NEX* GEN Title Tournament: KUSHIDA def. Virgil Flynn III

* Karen Jarrett promo. Lei’D Tapa & her husband interrupt. Karen rips on the husband, leading to…

* GFW Women’s Title Tournament: Christina Von Eerie def. Mickie James & Lei’D Tapa

* NEX* GEN Title Tournament: Jigsaw def. Sonjay Dutt

* Chael Sonnen promo. Rips on the crowd. Brings out Virgil Flynn III, says he should be back in the title tournament. PJ Black comes out, rips on Virgil, lays him out with a superkick.

* GFW Global Title Tournament: Chris Modertzky def. Brian Myers

* GFW Tag Title Tournament: RENO SCUM def. Zokre & Phoenix Star

* GFW Global Title Tournament: Bobby Roode def. Kevin Kross

* Jeff Jarrett promo. Thanks crowd, announces Shelton Benjamin, Killer Elite Squad and Gallows & Anderson are coming soon to GFW TV. Roode interrupts, rips on Jarrett. Jarrett announces Roode vs. Eric Young for his next match in the Global Title tournament.

* GFW Global Title Tournament: Magnus def. Kongo Kong