Lucha Underground Results 7/29/15

Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
July 29, 2015
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of

Show opens with video looking at the rivalries between The Mack and Cage, Drago and Hernandez and the Disciples of Death and The Underdogs. They all do battle in Part 1 of Ultima Lucha tonight.

We go to where Dario Cueto is keeping both his brother, Mantaza and Black Lotus in separate cells. Cueto is dressed to the nines in a tux and a glass of champagne. Cueto walks in as Black Lotus is doing pull-ups.

Cueto says that tonight’s the night, Ultima Lucha is finally here. Cueto offers Lotus champagne, but she flips him off and kicks the swinging light in the cell, keeping it steady. Cueto says that he hopes that spending all this time, so close to my brother, may have given you a change of heart. You still believe he is responsible, don’t you? A pitbull, by nature, is not a dangerous animal. How do they get that reputation? Because people hate pitbulls so badly, that they have no choice but to fight back and let out the beast. That’s what happened to my brother, my father made a lot of money in underground fights, exploiting his little pitbull as “The Monster” Mantaza Cueto. I will admit, he hurt a lot of people, but not your parents, that was a lie fabricated by the real man who killed them, El Dragon Azteca. Your father was the leader of the Black Lotus tribe in Hong Kong, they were at war with El Dragon Azteca and his crew of mercernaies. He killed your parents and blamed my brothers so that he could survive and get the last laugh by having their surviving daughter as his little apprentice. Mantaza may be a pitbull, but El Dragon Azteca is a snake. I have a show to run, so I have to go, I know the truth hurts, but it also may set you free.

Cueto walks off as Lotus does karate shots to a chalk outline against the wall as we hear Cueto’s words replay over and over in Lotus’ head. It seems that Lotus has broken through the wall as we leave the room.

We go inside the Temple has ring announcer Melissa Santos welcomes us to Ultima Lucha. Commentary welcomes us to the show and we go right to the opening match.

Falls Count Anywhere: The Mack vs. “They Call Him” Cage

Cage attacks Mack from behind on the top of the Temple steps and they start brawling right away. Mack sent off the wall, but he fights back. Cage sends Mack over the balcony and slams him on top of Dario Cueto’s office! They go to the bleachers in the crowd, Mack drives Cage into the wall. EXPLODER ONTO THE BLEACHERS!!! Mack only gets 2. Cage comes back with chairshots to the back and ribs, but then Mack SPEARS CAGE THROUGH THE STORAGE ROOM DOOR!! Cage has a fire extingusher and blows in Mack’s face! Cage then grabs a stop sign and DRILLS MACK ACROSS THE HEAD WITH IT, SPIKE DDT ON THE STOP SIGN!!! Cage only gets 2. Mack has a wooden plank and BREAKS IT OVER CAGE’S BACK!! Mack then grabs a cooler and hits Cage in the head, spilling the contents, which was a bunch of Miller Lite beers. Mack grabs 2, takes a swig, spits the beer at Cage, STUNNER!!! 1-2…CAGE KICKS OUT!! Mack has a beer bottle and BREAKS IT OVER CAGE’S HEAD, BUT IT HAS NO EFFECT ON HIM!!! Cage with a clothesline, Mack sent into the ringpost. Cage sets up a table and brings Mack up top with him, but Mack with an enziguri. Mack goes underneath Cage on the apron, SIT-OUT POWERBOMB OFF THE APRON THROUGH THE TABLE!!! 1-2….CAGE KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! Mack has a crutch, nails Cage in the ribs with it. They go up the bleacher steps, Mack hits Cage with a trash can lid, sending him back on top of Dario Cueto’s office. Mack has a trash can, SPINEBUSTER ON THE CAN, CAGE KICKS OUT AGAIN!! Cage slips out of a powerslam, DISCUS CLOTHESLINE SENDS MACK OVER THE RAILING!! Cage stands on top of the railing and deadlifts Mack, F*ING MACHINE SUPERPLEX, MACK KICKS OUT AGAIN!! We see cinder blocks on the top of Cueto’s office, Cage sets them up. CURB STOMP PUTS MACK’S HEAD THROUGH THE CINDER BLOCKS!!!!

1-2-3! HOLY SMOKES!!

Winner: “They Call Him” Cage by pinfall (Curb Stomp through cinder blocks)

Cage celebrates his win afterward as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, commentary runs down the card for next week’s 2-hour season finale of Lucha Underground, part 2 of Ultima Lucha.

We go to the next match.

Lucha Underground Trios Titles: The Disciples of Death w/Katrina vs. Angelico, “The Huntress” Ivelisse & Son of Havoc (c’s)

Disciples of Death have new masks, allowing us to tell them apart. One has a gold mask, one has a purple mask and one has a silver mask. Ivelisse comes out, still on crutches from her broken ankle. Disciples of Death attack the champions as the bell sounds. Silver & Purple work over Angelico & Havoc, while Gold takes care of Ivelisse. Ivelisse rolls outside, leaving it a 3-2 match. Gold with a Swinging Argentine Bomb to Angelico, then a big boot to Ivelisse outside and then nails her in the ribs with her own crutch. Havoc with a crucifix to Purple for 2. Havoc with a head of steam, tope suicidas wipe out Gold and Silver! Angelico with a head of steam, flip dive wipes out Silver! They fight outside, Ivelisse now nails Gold in the ribs with her crutch. Back in, leaping knee by Angelico, standing shooting star press by Havoc to Gold, Purple breaks it up. Purple goozles Ivelisse, Ivelisse fights back, but Purple locks her in a Stretch Muffler on the bad leg. Havoc breaks up the submission. Double handspring back elbow by Havoc to Gold & Silver! Purple & Angelico fight up the Temple steps, Gold sends Havoc outside. Purple with a BACK BODY DROP TO ANGELICO ON THE BLEACHERS!! Gold & Silver crotch Havoc against the railing! Havoc comes back by backdropping Gold into Silver! Angelico climbs up Dario Cueto’s office,  RUNNING CROSSBODY OFF THE OFFICE WIPES OUT GOLD & SILVER!!! Katrina looks on as Angelico is bleeding from the mouth. Katrina begins to stalk Ivelisse, who is still down on the outside. Katrina gets in the ring with the Rock of Death and lifts it up to re-summon the Disciples of Death back to their feet. Ivelisse comes in with her crutches, staring down Katrina. Ivelisse throws the crutches down, but Katrina goozles her. Ivelisse takes Katrina down and begins UNLOADING WITH SHOTS TO HER!! Katrina regains the advantage, grabs the Rock of Death and NAILS IVELISSE WITH IT!!

Gold gets back in, while Purple & Silver hold back Havoc & Angelico and pins Ivelisse to win the titles.

Winners and NEW Lucha Underground Trios Champions: The Disciples of Death by pinfall

Katrina gives Ivelisse the Lick of Death afterwards, then celebrates the Disciples of Death’s title win as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, commentary does a toast of Miller Lite beer cans, then the chosen Believers come down to ringside for the main event “Believers Backlash” match.

Main Event in a Believers Backlash Match (Lumberjack Match with fans surrounding ringside brandishing leather straps): “Super-Mex” Hernandez vs. “The Dragon” Drago

Hernandez yells at the believers around ringside before the bell as we see he has some read war paint on his chest. Drago makes his entrance with the Dragon wings. Hernandez attacks Drago from behind as the bell sounds. Drago avoids a corner charge, but Hernandez crotches him on the ropes, missile dropkick sends Drago outside. The believers do not hit Drago with the straps and help him off, making Hernandez irate. Hernandez goes outside, but it allows the believers to begin WAILING AWAY at Hernandez with the leather straps, sending him up the Temple steps and wanting a timeout. Back in, Hernandez misses a clothesline, but hits a front kick. Drago avoids another charge, twisting corkscrew press off the top. Series of leg kicks, followed by a basement head kick and a jawbreaker. Cactus Clothesline sends them both outside, where again, Hernandez receives all the punishment by the believers with the straps. Hernandez snatches a strap from one of the believers, sending that guy scurrying. Hernandez gets back in and hits the slingshot shoulder tackle. Hernandez catches Drago off the middle rope, Super-Mex Bomb! Hernandez taunts the crowd, not going for the pin. Hernandez heads up top for the Super-Mex Splash, but Drago gets the knees up! Tornado DDT by Drago, followed by a leg sweep. Hernandez blocks a Sunset Flip, but Drago with another enziguri. Hernandez blocks an Exploder, but Drago counters the Border Toss. Drago with the Dragon’s Gate pin predicament, but only gets 2 because he couldn’t hook Hernandez’s leg due to Hernandez being too big. Hernandez lifts up Drago, BORDER TOSS ONTO THE BELIEVERS OUTSIDE!!! Hernandez again taunts the crowd, then gets a head of steam and goes for the Air Super-Mex dive, but Drago HITS HIM IN MID-AIR WITH THE GREEN MIST!!! Believers with more strap shots to Hernandez as Drago sets up a table outside. Hernandez hides underneath the ring, but when he comes back out, the believers are right there with more strap shots. Hernandez backs up, but doesn’t see Drago brandishing a set of nunchuks. Drago practices his katas, as Hernandez tries to fend off the believers. Hernandez turns around and Drago DRILLS HIM MULTIPLE TIMES IN THE HEAD WITH THE NUNCHUKS!! Drago places Hernandez on the table, heads up top, TOP ROPE SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE OUTSIDE!!!

Back in, Drago heads up with Hernandez laying right on the Aztec emblem in the middle of the ring, another top rope splash! 1-2-3!

Winner: “The Dragon” Drago by pinfall (Top Rope Splash)

Drago celebrates his win afterward.

We run down the card one more time for Part 2 of Ultima Lucha next week.

We go outside the Temple as El Dragon Azteca walks up to the Temple doors, but a hooded masked man stops him from passing through. They go into a karate stalemate.

The hooded masked man says to El Dragon Azteca that he knows what the prophecy says, you cannot enter the Temple.

El Dragon Azteca yells to let him in, Black Lotus is a prisoner because I failed her.

The hooded masked man says for himself to let Puma know that Azteca is here, he brought Lotus to you once, he can do it again.

Azteca says that Puma has a different path this time, I will not put him in any more danger.

The hooded masked man says that he will go in and get Lotus.

Azteca says no, you are not ready yet, this is my fight, revealing that the hooded masked man is another protege of El Dragon Azteca.

The hooded masked man says that the prophecy says that Azteca will die.

Azteca says that he may die, but El Dragon Azteca lives on forever!

The hooded masked man lets El Dragon Azteca go inside the Temple, then all of a sudden, the hooded masked man disappears, the Temple doors magically close shut and we see a big “KEEP OUT” sign as the show closes.