Lucha Underground Results – 8/5/15 (Season 1 Finale)

Lucha Underground Results 7/29/15

Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
August 5, 2015
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Michael Schiveallo
Recap by: Jason Namako of

Show opens with a message dedicating the show to the late Roddy Piper.

We see video highlighting the first season of Lucha Underground and the build-up to the main matches for tonight’s Part 2 of Ultima Lucha.

We go inside the Temple as ring announcer Melissa Santos welcomes us to Ultima Lucha. Commentary welcomes us to the show, including special guest commentator Michael Scheivallo, filling in for Vampiro, who is competing on this season finale.

Grudge Match: “The Wednesday Night Delight” Johnny Mundo vs. Alberto El Patron

Mundo quickly rolls outside, Alberto gives chase. Alberto stops Mundo from going back in, big leg kick. Mundo sent into the wall of Dario Cueto’s office, then into the commentary table! Running stomp by Alberto, Mundo’s arm driven off the commentary table multiple times. Mundo goes underneath the ring to avoid Alberto. Alberto finds Mundo, but Mundo throws a handful of dust from underneath the ring into Alberto’s eyes.

Alberto sent into the barricade, then into the commentary table. Alberto sent into Dario Cueto’s office wall, Mundo stomps away at him, along with unloading with forearms. Back in, Mundo gets 2. Crowd wills on Alberto. Running basement knee by Mundo for 2. Mundo goes for Fin de Mundo, but Alberto crotches him on the turnbuckles. Alberto heads up with Mundo, reverse superplex.

Mundo with a jawbreaker, strike exchange, Alberto gains advantage, but Mundo goes downstairs. Mundo sends Alberto off the turnbuckles, but Alberto avoids a corner charge. Two clotheslines, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Alberto fires up. Backstabber gets 2. Alberto goes for the basement superkick, but Mundo avoids it. Enziguri by Mundo gets a close 2. “Johnny Zero” chants by the crowd. Alberto slips out of a Pedigree, Mundo avoids a corner running boot. Rope-Trap Backstabber by Mundo gets a close 2. Mundo heads up top, but Alberto avoids a 450. Clothesline by Alberto sends Mundo outside. Alberto with a head of steam, but Mundo stops him with an enziguri, sending Alberto outside. Mundo now with a head of steam, TWISTING CORKSCREW PLANCHA WIPES OUT ALBERTO!! “This is awesome” chants by the crowd.

Back in, Mundo with chest kicks in the corner. Alberto catches Mundo’s boots in the corner, Rope-Trap Double Stomp. Alberto sets for the Cross Armbreaker and locks in it on Mundo, but Mundo quickly rolls out of it and gets to the ropes. Alberto places Mundo in the Tree of Woe and hits a series of chest kicks. Mundo avoids an Alberto charge, Alberto goes shoulder-first into the ringpost. Alberto stops Mundo on the turnbuckles and heads back up with him. Mundo knocks Alberto off the turnbuckles, trapping Alberto in the ropes, GHETTO STOMP!!! FIN DE MUNDO!!! 1-2….ALBERTO KICKS OUT!!! MUNDO CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! Crowd chants for Alberto. Codebreaker Divorce Court by Alberto, but Mundo pulls the referee in the path of the basement superkick! Alberto slips out of the Moonlight Drive, Cross Armbreaker applied! Mundo taps, but the referee is out and doesn’t see it! Mundo gets out of the Cross Armbreaker, but Alberto locks him in a Cross Armbreaker while trapped in the ropes. All of a sudden, former WWE Diva Melina Perez runs out and nails Alberto with the AAA Mega Title belt!

FIN DE MUNDO!!! Ref comes to, 1-2-3!

Winner: “The Wednesday Night Delight” Johnny Mundo by pinfall (Fin de Mundo)

Melina & Mundo celebrate his win afterward, embracing and kissing in the ring. Alberto gets back in and throws Mundo outside. Melina flees from the ring, Alberto sends Mundo repeatedly into the barricade. Alberto tells the crowd to scatter and throws Mundo into multiple rows of chairs! Alberto yells that “Payback is a bitch!” and throws him THROUGH THE GLASS DOOR OF DARIO CUETO’s OFFICE!! Melina goes after Alberto, but Alberto grabs her and GIVES MELINA A SPANKING!!! Alberto poses on the turnbuckles with the AAA Mega Title belt as we see that Mundo is COVERED IN BLOOD from going through the glass door. Alberto gives the fallen and bloody Mundo a wink, then leaves as Melina tends to her injured man.

Vampiro vs. Pentagon Jr., Cero Miedo Match, is NEXT!!!


We see El Dragon Azteca come into the room where Dario Cueto is holding Black Lotus and Mantaza. Lotus asks if Azteca has come for her. Azteca says he is getting Lotus out of there. Dario Cueto comes in and says are you now? You broke a sacred treaty, entering my Temple, but you never have been a man of honor. Now, what was the punishment for breaking the treaty? Ah, that’s right, death. Cueto removes from his neck a key to release his brother, Mantaza, from his cage. Azteca says not to do it. Cueto says he doesn’t have to, then all of a sudden, Lotus grabs Azteca from inside the cell in a Choke. Cueto asks Azteca if he minds if we share. Azteca says to Lotus that whatever Cueto told her is a lie. Lotus says “this is for my parents” and hits a big palm strike to the spine of Azteca, seemingly killing him. Cueto releases Lotus from her cell and asks her to come with him. Lotus refuses, saying she got what she wanted, no more. Cueto asks Lotus if she realizes what she has just done, she has started a war and the only one you can protect you now is me, come. Lotus takes Cueto’s hand and asks where are we going. Cueto says this place is too dangerous and we will go to a new Temple. Lotus asks about Mantaza and Cueto says that Mantaza is coming with us. Cueto releases Mantaza from his cell, but we don’t see Mantaza.

Cero Miedo Match: Pentagon Jr. vs. Vampiro

Vampiro comes out with his old facepaint, wearing a big Pope-like hat and robe, brandishing an hourglass. Pentagon grabs a chair and nails Vampiro in the back multiple times as the bell sounds. Big leg kick sends Vampiro outside. Commentary talks about the slew of injuries during Vampiro’s career. Another chairshot, then they brawl in the crowd. They head back to ringside, Pentagon Jr. lifts up the ring mats, exposing the concerte. ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT BY PENTAGON ONTO THE CONCRETE FLOOR!! Pentagon throws chairs at the back of Vampiro, then waylays him with more shots. Pentagon shoves down the referee and hits more shots on Vampiro. Referee calls for assistance, but Pentagon begins choking him with a ringside cable. Attendants come out with a stretcher for Vampiro as the match has been stopped while we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as we see Vampiro being carted away on a stretcher, but then all of a sudden, Vampiro fights off the attendants, gets off the stretcher and comes back into the ring. Spinning heel kick by Vampiro! Vampiro has a bag and dumps it on the canvas, revealing THOUSANDS OF THUMBTACKS!! Vampiro calls for the end, PENTAGON SLAMMED ONTO THE THUMBTACKS!! Vampiro heads to the middle rope, but Pentagon avoids a corkscrew senton and VAMPIRO GOES INTO THE THUMBTACKS!! Pentagon grabs a LIGHT TUBE from underneath the ring, SMASHES IT OVER VAMPIRO’S HEAD!!! Pentagon rakes at the open wound of Vampiro, causing him to bleed more from the side of his head. Big head kick by Pentagon, then he grabs ANOTHER light tube. Vampiro gets to his feet, big kicks by Pentagon, but it has little effect on Vampiro. Strike exchange, Pentagon grabs the light tube and places it against the turnbuckles. Vampiro avoids them, then HIPTOSSES PENTAGON INTO THE LIGHT TUBE!!! Vampiro RIPS AT THE MASK of Pentagon, then grabs another light tube and TASTES HIS OWN BLOOD!!! LIGHT TUBE SMASHES ACROSS THE HEAD OF PENTAGON!!! “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Pentagon with a low kick, sending Vampiro back onto the thumbtacks!! Vampiro fires back up and stops Pentagon on the turnbuckles. Vampiro points to Matt Striker on commentary, saying “this is for you.” SUPER BELLY-TO-BELLY ONTO THE THUMBTACKS!!! Vampiro goes underneath the ring and throws a table into the ring, along with LIGHTER FLUID AND A LIGHTER!!! Vampiro sets up the table, DOUSES THE TABLE WITH LIGHTER FLUID, and SETS THE TABLE ABLAZE!!! Pentagon nails Vampiro from behind.


Winner: Pentagon Jr. by pinfall (Chokeslam through a Flaming Table)

Pentagon goes to cut a promo afterwards to his Master, but Vampiro yells at him to break his arm. Pentagon goes over, DOUBLE WRISTLOCK ARMBREAKER, BREAKING VAMPIRO’s ARM!! Pentagon goes back to calling out for his master, saying he finished what he had promised. Where are you, master? All of a sudden, Vampiro grabs a mic, yelling at Pentagon. Vampiro says Pentagon is looking for his teacher. Well, let me tell you something, as your TEACHER, I tell you, you are ready, MY SON!!!

Pentagon bows down to Vampiro and they embrace as the crowd chants “holy shit.” Vampiro & Pentagon do the “3 Up, 3 Down” hand signal as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, all seven participants are in the ring for our next match.

Gift of the Gods Title: Fenix vs. King Cuerno vs. Sexy Star vs. Big Ryck vs. Bengala vs. Aerostar vs. Jack Evans

Ryck throws Evans, Fenix and Bengala outside early. Star goes after Ryck, she’s sent outside. Aerostar grabs Ryck, he’s sent outside. Ryck with a head of steam, but all other 6 stop him and gang up on Ryck. Double clothesline by Ryck to Cuerno and Bengala! Everyone sent back outside, double dropkick by Aerostar & Fenix send Ryck outside! Multiple revolution spinning headscissors by Aerostar sends Fenix outside. Aerostar with a head of steam, flip dive wipes out Fenix! Aerostar leaps off the apron, Fenix catches him in mid-air with a powerslam. Windmill Kick by Evans sends Cuerno outside. Evans with a head of steam, Cuerno avoids the Sasuke Special, hits a head kick. Bengala with a Draping Butterfly Backbreaker to Cuerno. Bengala counters Star off the middle rope with an inverted atomic drop, Ryck breaks up the pin. Standing Belly-to-Back Facebuster on Bengala, everyone breaks up the pin. Ryck gorilla presses Star outside onto Evans! Ryck waylays on everyone, sending them outside. Aerostar goes up on the balcony, CROSSBODY OFF THE BALCONY WIPES OUT EVERYONE!!! Star with a head of steam, but Marty Martinez comes in and goes after her. Star fights back, La Mistica to Martinez, then a dropkick sending him outside. Star heads up top, CROSSBODY WIPES OUT EVERYONE!!! Ryck lifts Star onto the apron and back in by the hair, Star avoids a charge, heads up top, top rope rana. Cuerno stomps away at Star, chokes her. Thrill of the Hunt, Cuerno doesn’t go for the cover, sending Star outside. Cuerno & Fenix exchange strikes, springboard dropkick by Bengala wipes them out! Corner clotheslines to both, monkey flip sends Cuerno into Fenix! Kitchen Sink to Cuerno gets 2. Bengala runs up the ropes, HECTOR GARZA DIVE WIPES OUT EVERYONE!! Cuerno with a head of steam, FLAMING ARROW WIPES OUT BENGALA!! Bridging backslide by Evans to Aerostar for 2. Front Gulliotine Choke applied, Aerostar counters out with a Cradle DDT! Springboard Vader Bomb, Star breaks up the pin. Roll-Through Cradle by Star, Ryck breaks up the pin. Book of Ryck to Star, but Daivari rushes out and nails Ryck in the leg with a chair! Daivari gets in the ring, chairshot to the head! Evans with a springboard 450 to Ryck, Cuerno breaks up the pin. Cuerno turns Evans INSIDE OUT with a clothesline! Crossbow applied, FENIX BREAKS IT UP WITH A SPRINGBOARD LEG DROP!! Fenix avoids an Evans enziguri, head kick to Cuerno by Evans. Fenix grabs Evans, but Evans with a Leg Clutch roll-up for a close 2. Superkick by Fenix, Octopus Stretch applied by Evans! Fenix slips out, hits a series of knee strikes.

FIRE DRIVER!!! 1-2-3!

Winner and the FIRST Gift of the Gods Champion: Fenix by pinfall (Fire Driver)

Fenix celebrates his title win as we go to commercial.


Grudge Match: Texano Jr. vs. Blue Demon Jr. w/The Crew

Before the bell, Mr. Cisco hands ring announcer Melissa Santos an envelope which states that per Dario Cueto, this will be a No DQ match. Texano with clotheslines early, followed by a superkick. Crew comes in, Texano fends them off. Slam by Texano to Demon, followed by a back senton for 2. Suplex, elbow drop gets 2. Series of chops, Demon with an overhand chop, Texano with a Tilt-a-Whirl backbreaker. Spinebuster, Sit-Out Powerbomb, Crew breaks up the pin and put the boots to Texano. Demon grabs a kendo stick as the Crew holds Texano. All of a sudden, we see Chavo Guerrero come in with a chair, the same chair he used on Demon many months ago. Demon and Chavo look to square off, but then, Chavo nails Texano across the back with the chair, then hands the chair to Demon and yells at him to use it on Texano. Chairshot across the head by Demon to Texano.

Demon puts his foot on Texano’s chest for the pin.

Winner: Blue Demon Jr. by pinfall

Demon, Chavo and the Crew celebrate their win afterward, standing tall over the fallen Texano. Chavo & Demon embrace and raise each other’s arms as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we see Prince Puma and Mil Muertes walking to the ring for the main event.

Main Event for the Lucha Underground Title: “The Man of a Thousand Deaths” Mil Muertes w/Katrina vs. “The Future of Flight” Prince Puma (c)

They slug it out early. Muertes gains advantage, but misses a clothesline, backflip headscissors by Puma. Dropkick, Muertes does not go down. Clothesline sends Puma outside. They fight into the crowd, Puma fights back. Muertes with a big right hand sending Puma onto the Temple steps. Puma comes back again and they go back into the crowd. Muertes sent off the balcony steps, but comes back with more right hands. Puma grabs Katrina and sends her legs into Muertes multiple times. Uppercut by Puma, Muertes sends him into the barricade. Muertes tells the ringside crowd to move, sends Puma into rows of chairs! Puma WALKS UP AND BACKFLIPS OFF THE BALCONY WALL, WINDMILL KICK TO MUERTES!! Puma pulls out a table from underneath the ring and sets it up at ringside. Muertes sends Puma back-first multiple times into the apron, then head-first off the table. Puma sends Muertes into the barricade, followed by a head kick. Muertes sends Puma off the steel steps, then lifts up the stairs and sets them up. Muertes lifts up Puma, POWERBOMB ONTO THE STEEL STEPS!! Muertes grabs a chair from underneath the ring, but Puma baseball slide kicks the chair back into Muertes’ face! Puma with a head of steam and goes for a tope suicida, but Muertes DRILLS HIM IN MID-AIR WITH THE CHAIR!!! Back in, Muertes has the chair and wedges it in-between the top and middle turnbuckles. Puma puts on the brakes before going into the chair, leaping knee to Muertes. Muertes with back clubs, Puma slips out of a release German, double stomp. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Running uppercut by Puma, but Muertes with a big right hand. Puma avoids a corner charge, Muertes goes head-first into the chair! Detonation Kick by Puma for a close 2. Puma sets up Muertes and heads up top, but Muertes avoids a Phoenix Splash! Muertes blocks a kick, snap slam for a close 2. Dueling chants by the crowd. Clothesline shots by Muertes in the corner, then avoids an enziguri, but Puma slips out of a slam. PELE!! Puma hits the Northern Lights/Deadlift Suplex combo for a close 2. Katrina lifts up the Rock of Death, firing up Muertes. Muertes with a big right hand to Puma on the apron, Puma comes back with an enziguri. Muertes with a shot to Puma, SPEAR THROUGH THE ROPES, OFF THE APRON, THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Muertes lifts up Puma, POWERBOMB THROUGH THE REMANTS OF THE BROKEN TABLE!! Back in, Muertes covers Puma, PUMA KICKS OUT!!! Muertes blocks a Puma right hand, SPINNING URNANGI!! Muertes measures Puma, but Puma avoids a spear. Superkick, whip kick, windmill kick knocks down Muertes. Puma heads up top, 630!!! 1-2….MUERTES KICKS OUT!!! PUMA CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! Katrina holds the Rock of Death up with a smile on his face. Puma goes for another 630, but Muertes moves out of the way! SPEAR TURNS PUMA INSIDE OUT!!! Muertes goozles Puma, SPIKE STRAIGHT TO HELL!!! 1-2….NOW ITS PUMA WHO KICKS OUT!!! MUERTES CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Big right hand by Muertes, underneath kick by Puma. Pump Kick by Puma, then he heads up top again, but Muertes stops him. Muertes heads up with Puma, Puma knocks him off with headbutts.

Muertes runs up the ropes, SUPER STRAIGHT TO HELL!!! 1-2-3!! NEW CHAMPION!!! WOW!!!

Winner and NEW Lucha Underground Champion: “The Man of a Thousand Deaths” Mil Muertes by pinfall (Super Straight to Hell)

Muertes & Katrina celebrate his title win afterwards, then Katrina gives Puma the customary Lick of Death. New Trios Champions The Disciples of Death come in and Katrina’s men stand tall with their newly won titles as we leave the Temple.

We go back to Dario Cueto’s office, where Black Lotus is rushing to all of Cueto’s money inside a bag as they are fleeing the Temple. Cueto looks outside the window in fear and says that dark times are ahead. Cueto asks if Lotus got all the money and grabs a few things, saying that we have to leave now. They leave his office, then Cueto comes back and grabs his bull figurine that was given to him in Spain by his mentor, always telling him to grab the bull by the balls. We go outside the Temple as Cueto and Lotus get inside a car that has a trailer hitched to the back of it, inside the trailer, we FINALLY see the eyes and part of the face of his brother, MANTAZA, looking like the animalistic creature that he is. Cueto & Lotus drive off, leaving the Temple behind.

We see Fenix leave the Temple in his car with his newly Gift of the Gods title, but then we see a car drive after Fenix, that has King Cuerno inside, looking to hunt some new prey.

We go to a dark room with a swinging light with Marty Martinez. Marty says to someone else inside that they think that I’m some kind of joke. Its revealed to be Sexy Star, all tied up from neck to toe in ropes. Marty says Star won’t be laughing when you meet my sister and laughs maniacally as Star screams in agony.

We go to the parking lot with the former Trios Champs Son of Havoc, Angelico and Ivelisse. Havoc says to Angelico that they are going to get those titles back, see you out on the open road. Angelico drives off on his BMX bike. Havoc goes over to Ivelisse on her motorcycle as she is about to leave and says “what do you say, babe, one last ride?” Ivelisse tells him to shut up and get on the bike. Havoc gets on and he & Ivelisse drive off on the motorcycle.

We go back to the exit of the Temple as Drago and Aerostar say their goodbyes to one another. Drago says “’til we meet again, my friend.” Drago walks off, lifts up his dragon wings and burst into flames. Aerostar then walks off and ROCKETS UP TO THE SKY, back to the Cosmos where he came from.

We go to Pentagon’s Dojo where he asks his master, Vampiro, where are we going now? Vampiro appears in his evil Sith-like get-up and facepaint and says to his student, Pentagon, to a dark place.

We go to outside the Temple where the hooded masked protege of El Dragon Azteca, puts on his mask, then spraypaints a question mark, the signature question mark of a known Lucha legend,  onto the overhead Lucha Underground sign on top of the Temple.

Finally, we go to Dario Cueto back inside the Temple where he is seemingly FLOATING inside of it. The lights in the Temple, one-by-one, go out as Cueto stares into the camera, with an sinister smile on his face until there is one dark, red light shining only on Cueto. The lights go out and we get a “To Be Continued” message as Season 1 of Lucha Underground closes.