Jeff Jarrett on the Attitude Era, Bullet Club’s popularity

Phil Johnson sent this in.

Owner of Global Force Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett recently took some time to participate in an exclusive interview with Jarrett revealed the changes of the wrestling industry, new opportunities with Global Force Wrestling, his time with the TNA promotion and his experiences competing in WWE. Check out some highlights from the interview below:

The Attitude Era and his time in WWE: “Everybody that was part of that era on both rosters were just stacked full of talent. WCW was stacked top to bottom, the WWE being stacked right to the bottom. Everyone was scratching and clawing and doing their best too. It was drastically different in 97′, 98′, 99′ then it was in 91′, 92′, 93′ and everybody had an edge and some more than others. I had a series of matches with X-Pac and DX which culminated in a hair match and there were some other matchs it was such a unique time and I was fortunate to be a part of both organizations during the Monday Night Wars. From 95-96′ and 96′-97 and 97′-99′. I jumped back and forth so I was there when the nWo was red hot and I was there when Stone Cold and The Rock and DX were red hot. It was a really cool time in the business and the business was red hot.”

The nWo & evolving pro wrestling: “The original core group of the nWo, the original three Scott (Hall), Kevin (Nash) and Hulk (Hogan) are obviously the very best version. They do say though that the most sincere form of flattery is imitation so, as it rolled along there were different versions of the Four Horsemen, there were different versions of nWo and then it split to red and black and then it reunited. That’s a part of this business that has always been around and hopefully it won’t always be around but at Global Force what we are trying to do is to truly evolve the presentation and the production of professional wrestling because the world see’s so much more in 2015 it really does. There are Youtube stars that have never been on TV but they have their own Youtube channel and they are truly pop culture stars. That goes to show you in my opinion in 2015 where the world is heading. You don’t need to be on broadcast network like you had to be 15-20 years ago. The age of the digital technology especially with all the social media platforms it’s just a different era.”

The Bullet Club: ” Those guys, the Young Bucks, Doc and Karl have already been part of our Grand Slam Tour shows the first seven that we’ve had. The in ring ability of the Bullet Club versus the in ring ability of the nWo and I think those guys (nWo) would be the first to tell you is that without question would say the Bullet Club is off the charts bell to bell more talented. They organically came out from Fergal DeVitt and Karl Anderson and those guys came up through the hard way in the New Japan dojo. They worked their butts off, match after match, tour after tour. The timing was right also as it all exploded all at once. It is a completely different set of circumstances then the nWo when it was real life set of circumstances when Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, arguably two of the biggest four or five guys in the WWF at the time defected and went south and were taking over. That was as real as it gets. But when you talk about competitive and Global Force Wrestling, we are going to bring that type of competition to the forefront.”

His Characters: “I have always enjoyed being challenged. The ‘Double J MMA’ was a lot of fun to this day, I am undefeated in MMA bouts and had a lot of fun with that as well. Also the series of matches that I had with Kurt (Angle) at that stage of my career is something that I’m very proud of. I know he pushed me, I hope I pushed him. We turned out some really physically brutal matches but it was rewarding and like any wrestler you have to evolve and evolve with the times and keep challenging yourselves and the audience will latch on to that and realise that the effort is all about that and all about effort and in 2015 the wrestling fan is so acute to what is going on. They do not take a lack of effort ever.”

Jarrett also kills a rumor on Buddy Landel training him, talks more about his time in WWE, Global Force Wrestling, TNA, the nWo and more. You can read the interview in its entirety at this link.