John Corrigan passed along an interview with Tommy Dreamer discussing showing up at a recent NXT live event in Philadelphia and running House of Hardcore.

Showing up at NXT in Philadelphia:

“About two days before, I got the call. At the time, NXT was the hottest promotion out there so I was pretty excited. I got to face that kid Baron Corbin—I think the world of him. He’s very talented. And that surprise factor of me being there, it’s something I take pride in with my own company. You know, I don’t get nervous before walking out there, it’s just that two seconds of doubt where I pray, please let them remember me. And then I walk out there, and everybody’s screaming, it takes me back to being that 28-year-old kid with a full head of hair.”

On running House of Hardcore to produce a profit:

“I’m not a publicly traded company and my parents don’t own an energy company. My father was a school teacher. I’m investing my life savings into these shows. For example, the Philly and Queens shows coming up will cost probably close to $40,000 altogether. We’ve been making progress so I’m very happy. After eight shows, we got a 13-episode deal with the Fight Network in Canada that was great, and we’re hoping for another season. Let’s see what 2016 brings.”

You can check out the full interview at the link below.