Steven Muehlhausen passed this along.

I talked to Bill Goldberg recently and he discussed what would be the greater likelihood: Fighting or going back to having a wrestling match.

“Combat sports, for sure,” Goldberg, 48, said. “Like I said, it’s all dependent upon me and I kind of got lost in the shuffle with these movies. I shot another movie, ‘Enter the Fist’ after ‘Check Point,’ and then we are really working on this TV show now. The good thing about it is it doesn’t have a time limit on it. Whether it happens next week or next year, it’s really not limited by time because I’m not going to say I’ve stopped Father Time, but I’m in tremendous shape comparatively. It’s pretty amazing that I’m still able to do some of things that I’m able to do. Bram (TNA wrestler Thomas Latimer) will tell you, ask him with our little fight scene. It’s a good way to test yourself. I still think it’s a plausible situation.”

Goldberg also discusses his discontent with GLORY kickboxing.
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